Advertising policy

OvoHealth- Advertising Policy

OVO Health presently only accepts advertising on its platform - including OVO Website and App through verified advertisers like Google, Facebook, et al. The guidelines of OVO Health advertising policy mentioned below, is to guide readers and visitors about OVO Health advertising policy. OVO Health refers to OVO website and app as “OVO Web Properties”. The website and app of OVO are guided by technical professionals who are referred as “OVO Professional Properties”.

  • OVO accepts advertising proposals only from verified, genuine and credible advertisers.

  • OVO makes sure that no user is misled on visiting the website for gaining knowledge or information about their respective treatments needs.

  • OVO agrees that there is a difference between advertising and editorial content and strives constantly to maintain a margin between both as per requirement. OVO never engages itself to any commercial tie-up regarding such content.

Advertising Policy Complaints

If you have any queries or complaints about any of Ovo Fertility policies, then you can contact our team at [email protected] .