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Ovo Cancer is the largest and fastest growing Cancer Healthcare Facilitator platform having partnered with more than 50 Hospitals, Clinics and Doctors across India to provide patients with quality yet affordable cancer treatments and surgeries.

Your Treatment With Ovo Cancer


Ovo Cancer is dedicated towards finding the best cancer treatment and surgery for patients/ users. With Ovo Cancer, you get the benefit of having a personal health assistant, to help you at each and every step in your goal of having a healthy and long life. Ovo Cancer is an end-to-end medical technology platform that helps users through all of the following aspects

We want to be your most independent, reliable and trusted friend in your pursuit of living a healthy and long life.

How much you want to be free from cancer and how much you want to live a healthy life – Ovo Cancer understands that, which is why we’re committed to making your dream of living a healthy and long life. You can always take Ovo Cancer as the most dependable source for verified listing of clinics & doctors and believe in our team to serve you in the best most independent way. We aim to serve you with quality healthcare facilities. Ovo Cancer understands the fact that health is a dream you might be pursuing for years. Every member of Ovo Cancer believes and practices that trust and reliability goes hand in hand. Over thousands of users across the world have trusted us to achieve their healthy lifestyle. You are at the right place if you are searching for some cancer related information or want to know more about a clinic or specialist. You will find useful medical content as well as support of Ovo Team who caters to requirements of the patients from finding the best doctor in their nearby location to the best treatment options available.

Ovo Cancer Insider

As a valuable user of Ovo Cancer, you may want to know about different happenings, news and social work at Ovo Cancer. Below you will find the information and latest news about Ovo Cancer in terms of healthcare facility seekers to expert medical professionals in the field cancer healthcare.

AI 'outperforms' doctors diagnosing breast cancer

Artificial Intelligence is better than doctors in diagnosing breast cancer from mammograms. This technology can really help in detecting breast cancer in early stages.

  • By BBC
  • Jan 2, 2020, 06:30 AM IST
Regular Exercise Cuts Odds for 7 Major Cancers

Exercise may reduce the odds you'll develop any of seven types of cancer and a new study suggests the more you exercise, the lower your risk

  • By Webmd
  • Dec 26, 2019, 09:45 PM IST

Ovo Cancer believes in Transparency

With increasing number of cancer cases worldwide and escalating need of finding better treatment alternatives, Ovo Cancer was born as a one-stop solution portal to all cancer needs and treatment. Our mission is to facilitate patients with a transparent and robust system into Cancer across the globe - a system, which provides unbiased transparent information across Doctor Data, Treatment Pricing, Clinical Success rates and past patient reviews. Ovo Cancer is a platform where you can find not only the best specialist for your treatment but also get end-to-end assistance through your entire journey of treatment in the most transparent and independent way. Ovo Cancer never charges its patients and users; so all our services are completely FREE. We do this to make sure that our mission is achieved without any hindrance to our users and the quality of service is the same throughout. We further aim to provide an open platform where people can discuss, consult and educate each other through an all-round health Ecosystem.

Why OVO Cancer as your Treatment Facilitator


Clear Pricing with no hidden costs:

Our Service is completely FREE to its patients and users. Moreover, we make sure that centres and doctors are committed to providing a transparent pricing structure for all treatments. We tend to keep our technology platform free and open to all its patients. OVO Cancer guarantees lowest treatment cost for all treatments and surgeries.


Best Discovery Tool:

We provide information of over 50 Hospitals & Doctors for Cancer Treatments & Surgery. With this, Ovo Cancer is the most resourceful platform into Cancer Healthcare in India. By using our technology infrastructure, our patients are able to manage their treatment end to end with no friction points all along the way.


Transparent Practices:

Our Business team is dedicated towards finding you the best Oncologists, Surgeons, Doctors and Centres with a multilevel verification system in terms of Success Rate, previous Patient Feedback and Doctor Qualifications. We have a completely independent and unbiased system in place to do this.



Ovo Cancer assists you to get loans for all your cancer treatments. Most of these Medical loans start at Low interest rate.


Fair Treatment Value:

Ovo Cancer has built an AI driven platform, which curates the treatment costs of over 100 doctors and Hospitals across the globe. We provide you the estimation of the most reliable fair treatment value for your treatment - you should be paying.


Creating awareness:

Every day we generate new articles and health news for you through our Ovo Cancer blog section - providing a vault of knowledge related to health, cancer and availability of advanced cancer treatment options.

Services Offered

Domestic Patients

We work with you for your Health management, by providing the following services:

  • As a Healthcare Facilitator we ensure to understand your medical issues, concerns, problems and suggest you the best possible treatment plan. We study your medical issue and history and suggest customized cosmetic solutions.
  • We take care of you during your entire treatment journey.
  • We offer a comprehensive Technology solution via a single-point-of-access, to address all pain points including Discovery of best treatment possible, Connect platform, Second opinion assistance, Digital Health records and a Friend.
  • We provide you with the most up-to-date, accurate, and unbiased information results from peer-reviewed sources of the top medical experts into cosmetics.
  • We make it convenient for you by arranging Doctor Appointments, Treatment Facilitation and possible choices. Being the largest cancer healthcare Facilitator in India, feel free to book Free Appointments with us to choose your right treatment provider.
  • We discuss the course of medical intervention with you and coordinate all your medical interventions.
  • We monitor you for any complications and coach you through follow-up.
  • We organize camps, talks, and empower your personalized feeds on cancer issues and available treatments.

International Patients

We research, recommend, plan and implement your entire experience.

  • Before you travel to India: 
  • We share the relevant medical information with you and help you understand it.
  • We connect you with the doctors and hospitals best suited for your health needs
  • We help you plan and finalize your travel and logistics
  • Ovo Cancer always takes into consideration whether the hospital is NABH / JCI accredited, to ensure hygiene and quality of services.
  • When you are in India: 
  • We assign a personal relationship manager to handhold you from the moment you arrive in India until you depart from India.
  • We assist you with requirements such as boarding, lodging, transportation, currency exchange, and language translations.
  • We discuss the course of cancer treatment with you and coordinate all your cancer needs inside and outside the centre.
  • We monitor you for any complications and coach you through follow-up.
  • When you return home:
  • We follow up with you and with your doctor and keep you completely updated.

Technology Platform

Ovo Cancer has exclusive access to several deep technologies developed especially for healthcare and several platforms in-house to
serve extremely important functions in healthcare.

For the Patient -Ovo Cancer Connect

A highly automated technology platform, accessible directly by the Patient, provides:

  • Set of questions they should ask their Specialist based on their specific type of Problem.
  • Pre list of suggested cancer Doctors and Hospitals based on their Specific Problem, Budget and Specialists experience and success Rate.
  • Appointment Calendar of upcoming visits with Doctors with easy re-scheduling and cancellation option.
  • Section containing all relevant information including Brochures and estimated treatment cost details.
  • Medical consent forms to protect from medico-legal cases.
  • Option to connect with other specialists for Second Opinions
  • Option to avail Treatment related Legal Support.
  • Patient Profile and Medical history including Digital Reports and Prescriptions.
  • Option of easy payments by Customer & records of all receipts.
  • Option to avail Loan for Medical treatments.
  • Portal to ask follow-up queries if needed.

For the Doctor - Ovo Cancer Radar

An all in one portal to help Doctors maintain the practice management software with optimal treatment for each individual patient including:

  • Practice Management Software Solution with integrated Patient feedback System.
  • Easy Payment System including Digitalized Bills and Invoices.
  • Patient Self-Registration with Digitalized Medical Consent Forms.
  • Portal to Consult with Patients Remotely using latest video & tele conferencing tools
  • One touch reference to patient’s history to allow personalized care.
  • All Round Support from Treatment to completion

What Our Patients are saying

Contact Us

  1. Do you offer medical advice?
    A.Please note that Ovo Cancer and its other units do not offer any kind of medical advice to any user. We are a technology platform who provides facilitation services to our users during their treatment. If any representative of Ovo or any other person in the name of Ovo is giving you any medical advice or guidance, please report it immediately at [email protected] Strict actions will be taken against the person violating the guidelines of Ovo Health.
  2. How can Ovo Cancer help me?
    A.Ovo Cancer was started with the mission of providing technology platform to the users where they can connect with the best doctors for their treatment. Ovo team follows the same principle and dedicatedly works towards achieving its mission.
  3. Who can be the part of OVO Cancer team?
    A.Anyone with desired skills for opening job profiles can mail at [email protected] with their CV and a short description on ‘why do you want to join ‘Ovo Cancer’.
  4. How can I share my story on Ovo Cancer to inspire other cancer patients?
    A.We always want to help everyone in the best possible manner. If you have an inspiring story, then please share your story at [email protected] Our editorial team will connect with you to publish your story on our platform.
  5. Can I advertise with Ovo Cancer?
    A.Ovo Cancer is an independent and unbiased platform and we do not allow any advertisements and marketing on our platform.
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