Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

OVO Health cookie policy explains about why certain technologies are utilized for tracking cookies of sessions on the website and mobile optimized versions of OVO Health.


Cookies are certain data files which the hard drive of the computer stores when you visit a website. Each of the computers which access OVO Health website is allotted with a unique cookie. There are different types of cookies which serve their own purpose on the website.

  1. Session cookies These are the cookies which are unique to each of the visits on OVO Health website. Session cookies are such that they expire as the session of the visitor on the website ends. The time period of a session is usually a short one.

  2. Persistent cookies Persistent cookies help in remembering preferences of the visitors. Persistent cookies stay on the devices especially mobile devices and expire only after a certain time period. These cookies delete themselves, after some time.

  3. Third party cookies These are the cookies, which are monitored by third party sites associated with OVO. They are similar to persistent cookies but are under the control of the third party sites. These cookies get expired as per the settings of the third party site.

Web Beacon

“Web Beacons” are certain graphic files, which are present on a website’s page. These files are used to monitor the activity of the visitor on the website and then are sent back to the website’s home server. Information sent to the home server includes IP address of the visitor, location of the web beacon on the respective page of the website, and cookie’s ID number.

Application SDKs

“Application SDKs” are associated with third parties. These are certain software, which are used, in the mobile applications. The function of these SDKs is to collect information from the mobile of the user and activity of the user on the app with complete transparency to User Privacy.

Cookies on Ovo Fertility Website

The cookies present on OVO website are primarily utilized for one of the following purposes:

  1. Essential Functionality: The cookies on the website are used to monitor the visitor’s content search and usage on the website. However complete privacy and security is maintained at all levels.

  2. Crucial Functionality: These are the important cookies which help us keep a note of your preferences while browsing on the website. These cookies also help us in offering the right services which a visitor is looking for while browsing or reading through the website.

  3. Performance with Analysis: These cookies help us to monitor and determine visitor’s browsing pattern on OVO Health website. This helps us improve the experience of the visitors and brings in required changes to boost user experience on the website.

  4. Advertising:OVO Health website does not display ads and therefore such cookies are not used.

We use cookies for multiple purposes. Tracking technologies are used on the website to know and keep a track when a visitor visits the website along with the pattern search and time spent across different sections of the website. The functioning of the services and trends are also monitored to offer visitors with the required service quality. When you access content of our site, then we automatically collect your IP address, cookies on the website, preferences of the search and associated settings as well as time to time search engagement and queries. You are free to disable with the same via settings as displayed when you visit the website.

Third Party Cookies

The analytics applications, marketing and advertising tools including any third party application on the website have got their own cookies which are not monitored or managed by OVO Health.) So, you need to visit these third party websites as per your own responsibility.

Visitor’s Choice

As a valuable visitor of OVO Health, you have the right to modify the settings associated with cookies on the website. You can easily find the option to modify the same in the “Settings” or “Preferences” section of the browser you are using.


You need to be aware of the fact that we (OVO Health) hold the right to introduce certain changes in the cookie policy of the website from time to time. Therefore, you need to keep a check on this page of Cookie Policy to stay updated with the changes brought in the policy of the website. For more details, please refer to OVO Health Privacy Policy.