Correction Policy

OVO Health is dedicated to making required changes to the original content, which is done as per the rise of the necessity. Editorial team at OVO makes sure that even minor grammatical or editorial corrections are made at the earliest. Majorly our corrections involve correcting grammar and spelling errors in the content.

Once the errors in the content present on the website or app are identified, then we correct the erroneous content generally in a time frame of 5 working days. However, the actual time to reflect the changes on the website may take more time due to caching issue. You need to note this correction policy does not apply to news articles or featured content, if any displayed on the website. It applies to only original content of OVO. If a third party content needs to be corrected, then it is the responsibility of the publisher.

If you as a reader or visitor feel that certain corrections need to be made on the website or app, then you can let our correction team know by quickly dropping an email to the email address: [email protected]