Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Ovo Health ?

Ovo Health is the world’s best cosmetic, fertility and cancer treatment facilitator. Ovo Health through its digital technology helps users understand their medical problem, learn about their treatment, improve their health, find best suitable alternative for their medical issue and find nearby doctor with high success rates within user’s budget. Ovo Health has patents to its name helping women conceive naturally. What makes Ovo Health a perfect App ovulation tracker is its ability to enable users to record their period history, BMI, BBT and other important fertility health vitals such as cervical position, cervical mucous, mood and medications.

2.Can I use Ovo Health for free ?

Ovo Health is a completely free health technology platform to help users in finding best medical services/ experts in their location. All our features are completely free for the users. OVO Health is the largest community for the couples who are either trying to conceive or trying to avoid pregnancy. Unmarried women and teenage girls are also utilizing our app to monitor their monthly cycles, thus helping them in taking care of their menstrual health. Ovo Fertility assists reproductive couples undergoing fertility treatments like IVF, IUI . Ovo Young helps users in finding the best cosmetic services according to their needs. Ovo Cancer assists users in finding best cancer doctors and hospitals for the particular type of cancer. Our complete focus is to help our users in finding the best medical services at affordable price.

3. What is Ovo Health Community ?

Ovo Health community is a discussion group where users can share and discuss their experiences with like-minded people globally. As for now, OVO Health community focuses on fertility and reproduction topics, right from getting tips on 'How to Get pregnant’ to ‘Infertility Treatments - IVF / IUI’. We will soon be launching community for Ovo Young and Ovo Cancer users. Ovo Health community gears you with the most important tools to connect, share and learn from real time life experiences. In a way the community provides you complete support from the largest portal of women and couples who are trying to control their reproductivity.

4. How does Ovo Health help international users?

Steps are as follows:
  1. International User looking for medical treatment including cosmetic, fertility and cancer comes on to the Ovo Health website and leave an enquiry.
  2. Ovo Health Telecaller reaches out to them and tries to arrange an appointment for the desired center with the data available on the website.
  3. Once the user talks to the Clinic team & Doctor and finalizes the treatment option, OVO Health also helps the user in their visa, travel and accommodation plan.
  4. Once the user reaches India, Ovo Health Coordinator receives them at airport and assists them further in visiting centre and language translation.

5. Why are Ovo services completely free?

Ovo has been incepted with a vision to provide affordable and high quality medical services to the users in their nearby location. Hence, Ovo does not charge the users. Ovo earns revenue from the centres or hospitals by providing technological services to them.

6. Does Ovo Health provide with PGD treatments?

PGD for baby discrimination/ gender selection is not allowed. Ovo Health doesn't support gender selection in anyway.

7. Some of the information about a particular doctor or centre on website is wrong, what shall I do?

Ovo provides publicly available information of the doctors and centres on its website. But Ovo makes sure to provide correct information to the users. If you think that any of the information presented on our website is incorrect, please drop an email at [email protected] Our representative will call the doctor or clinic within 48 hours to re-verify it.

8. Do I get any advantage of booking appointment from Ovo Health?

Ovo Health helps users in getting appointment with the desired doctor on desired date and time. First appointment with the selected doctor will be absolutely free through Ovo Health.

9. Some doctors and clinics are missing from your website. How to add those?

You can mail us the clinic and associated doctor details at [email protected] Our representative will contact the centre and after verification, we will list the clinic on our website.