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    Ovo Fertility - Making Parenthood a Reality

    Ovo Fertility is the largest and fastest growing Fertility Healthcare Facilitator platform in India having partnered with more than 450 Hospitals, Clinics and Doctors across India to provide patients with quality fertility services.

    Your Treatment With Ovo Fertility


    Ovo Fertility is dedicated towards finding the best fertility solution for couples/users. With Ovo Fertility, you get the benefit of having a personal health assistant, to help you at each and every step in your goal of completing the family. Ovo Fertility is an end-to-end medical technology platform that helps users through all of the following aspects

    We want to be your most independent, reliable and trusted friend in your pursuit of completing your family.

    How much you want to be a mother and how much you want to have a baby – Ovo Fertility understands that, which is why we’re committed to making your dream of having a baby a reality. You can always take Ovo Fertility as the most dependable source for verified listing of clinics & doctors and believe in our team to serve you in the best most independent way. We aim to serve you with quality healthcare facilities. Ovo Fertility understands the fact that completing family is a dream that you may be pursuing for years. Every member of Ovo Fertility believes and practices that trust and reliability goes hand in hand. Over thousands of users across the world have trusted us to achieve their healthy lifestyle. You are at the right place if you are searching for some fertility related information or want to know more about a clinic or specialist. You will find useful fertility content as well as support of Ovo Team who caters to requirements of the patients from finding the best doctor in their nearby location to the best treatment options available.

    Ovo Fertility Insider

    As a valuable user of Ovo Fertility, you may want to know about different happenings, news and social work at Ovo Fertility. Below you will find the information and latest news about Ovo Fertility in terms of healthcare facility seekers to expert medical professionals in the field of fertility healthcare.

    Here's how IVF Market is growing in India

    IVF staggering success rate is also one of the reasons for its growing market and even rural India is opting for it

    • By Entrepreneur
    • Mar 11, 2019, 06:10 PM IST
    After four decades of IVF, what’s the future of fertility treatment?

    Professor Simon Fishel has been called a “mad scientist” more times than he cares to remember. In the four decades he’s worked in fertility – a career that started in the team behind the first IVF baby in 1978 – he has been insulted by strangers

    • By ET Bureau
    • Oct 11, 2018, 04:54 PM IST
    IVF won't cause birth complications, researchers say

    Researchers say that, after analysis, the increased risk of siblings conceived through ART having a higher risk of premature birth and low birth weight became negligible or vanished.

    • By Health24
    • Feb 12, 2019
    Long Overlooked By Science, Pregnancy Is Finally Getting the Attention It Deserves

    The basic science of pregnancy is getting a closer look, as National Institutes of Health has so far funded $76 million in research projects to study the human placenta, the temporary organ that provides oxygen and nutrients to the fetus.

    • By NDTV
    • March 08, 2019 18:07 IST

    Ovo Fertility believes in Transparency

    With increasing fertility problems worldwide and escalating need of awareness, Ovo Fertility was born as a one-stop solution portal to all fertility needs and treatments specializing in fertility healthcare. Our mission is to facilitate patients with a transparent and robust system into Fertility Health across the globe - a system, which provides unbiased transparent information across Doctor Data, Treatment Pricing, Clinical Success rates and past patient reviews. Ovo Fertility is a platform where you can find not only the best fertility specialist for your treatment but also get end-to-end assistance through your entire journey of treatment in the most transparent and independent way. Ovo Fertility never charges its patients and users; so all our services are completely FREE. We do this to make sure that our mission is achieved without any hindrance to our users and the quality of service is the same throughout. We further aim to provide an open platform where people can discuss, consult and educate each other through an all-round health Ecosystem.

    Why OVO Fertility as your Treatment Facilitator


    Best Discovery Tool:

    We provide information of over 450 Hospitals & Doctors for fertility Treatment and Surgery. With this, Ovo Fertility is the most resourceful platform into Fertility Healthcare in India. By using our technology infrastructure, our patients are able to manage their treatment end to end with no friction points all along the way.


    Clear Pricing with no hidden costs:

    Our Service is completely FREE to its patients and users. Moreover, we make sure that centres and doctors are committed to providing a transparent pricing structure for all treatments. We tend to keep our technology platform free and open to all its patients. OVO Fertility guarantees lowest treatment cost for all fertility Needs.


    Transparent Practices:

    Our Business team is dedicated towards finding you the best Fertility specialists, Doctors and Centres with a multilevel verification system in terms of Success Rate, previous Patient Feedback and Doctor Qualifications. We have a completely independent and unbiased system in place to do this.


    Fair Treatment Value:

    Ovo Fertility has built an AI driven platform, which curates the treatment costs of over 650 doctors and Hospitals across the globe. We provide you the estimation of the most reliable fair treatment value for your treatment - you should be paying.


    Loans and Legal Assistance:

    Ovo Fertility assists you to get loans for all your medical treatments. Most of these Medical loans start at Low interest rate. We also provide legal assistance through our network of lawyers and law firms for any legal support you might need as part of your journey - Donor, FET, ICSI, or IVF.


    Creating awareness:

    Every day we generate new articles and health news for you through our Ovo Fertility blog section - providing a vault of knowledge related to health, fertility and availability of advanced fertility treatment options.

    Services Offered

    Domestic Patients

    We work with you for your Health management, by providing the following services:

    • As a Fertility Healthcare Facilitator we ensure to understand your fertility issues, concerns, problems and suggest you the best possible treatment plan. We study your fertility issue and history and suggest customized fertility solutions.
    • We take care of you during your entire treatment journey.
    • We offer a comprehensive Technology solution via a single-point-of-access, to address all pain points including Discovery of best treatment possible, Connect platform, Second opinion assistance, Digital Health records, Community Access and a Fertility Friend.
    • We provide you with the most up-to-date, accurate, and unbiased information results from peer-reviewed sources of the top medical experts into Fertility, IVF.
    • We make it convenient for you by arranging Doctor Appointments, Treatment Facilitation and possible choices. Being the largest Fertility healthcare Facilitator in India, feel free to book Free Appointments with us to choose your right treatment provider.
    • We discuss the course of medical intervention with you and coordinate all your medical interventions.
    • We monitor you for any complications and coach you through follow-up.
    • We organize camps, talks, and empower your personalized feeds on fertility issues and ART treatments.

    International Patients

    We research, recommend, plan and implement your entire experience.

    • Before you travel to India: 
    • We share the relevant medical information with you and help you understand it.
    • We connect you with the doctors and hospitals best suited for your fertility needs
    • We help you plan and finalize your travel and logistics
    • Ovo Fertility always takes into consideration whether the hospital is NABH / JCI accredited, to ensure hygiene and quality of services.
    • When you are in India: 
    • We assign a personal relationship manager to handhold you from the moment you arrive in India until you depart from India.
    • We assist you with requirements such as boarding, lodging, transportation, currency exchange, and language translations.
    • We discuss the course of fertility treatment with you and coordinate all your medical needs inside and outside the centre.
    • We monitor you for any complications and coach you through follow-up.
    • When you return home:
    • We follow up with you and with your doctor and keep you completely updated.

    Corporate Patients

    Ovo Fertility has created an entirely new approach to manage health of women employees of your company. We use an approach to create a health status report for all alike and a special report for women Employees of your company. Moreover, we create a 360-degree corporate health report and an annual plan for the organization as a whole in terms of being Stress free and full of energy.

    • We use the corporate health report to plan specific health drives for the Organization. We implement targeted health drives, such as sessions to prevent stress at work and directed at seasonal illnesses.
    • We help create health awareness amongst your employees through seminars and targeted notifications.
    • We include medical attention areas like stress, lifestyle illnesses such as obesity, Menstrual Cycle, etc to improve the fertility health.

    Technology Platform

    Ovo Fertility has exclusive access to several deep technologies developed especially for healthcare and several platforms in-house to serve extremely important functions in fertility healthcare.

    For the Patient- Ovo Fertility Connect

    A highly automated technology platform, accessible directly by the Patient, provides:

    • Set of questions they should ask their Fertility Specialist based on their specific type of fertility problem.
    • Pre list of suggested fertility Doctors and Hospitals based on their Specific Problem, Budget and Specialists experience and success Rate.
    • Appointment Calendar of upcoming visits with Doctors with easy re-scheduling and cancellation option.
    • Section containing all relevant information including Brochures and estimated treatment cost details.
    • Medical consent forms to protect from medico-legal cases.
    • Option to connect with other specialists for Second Opinions
    • Option to avail Treatment related Legal Support.
    • Patient Profile and Medical history including Digital Reports and Prescriptions.
    • Option of easy payments by Customer & records of all receipts.
    • Option to avail Loan for Medical treatments.
    • Portal to ask follow-up queries if needed.

    For the Doctor -Ovo Fertility Radar

    An all in one portal to help Doctors maintain the practice management software with optimal treatment for each individual patient including:

    • Practice Management Software Solution with integrated Patient feedback System.
    • Easy Payment System including Digitalized Bills and Invoices.
    • Patient Self-Registration with Digitalized Medical Consent Forms.
    • Portal to Consult with Patients Remotely using latest video & tele conferencing tools
    • One touch reference to patient’s history to allow personalized care.
    • All Round Support from Treatment to completion

    What Our Patients are saying

    Contact Us

    1. Is content available on OVO Fertility verified?
      A.Ovo Fertility collects information about various doctors and clinics from open source platforms. If you have any concerns with the profile of any listed doctor or clinic, please mail at [email protected] Ovo Fertility is a Fertility services facilitator platform and we do not provide any medical advice to our users. Please check out our Terms of Service for more details.
    2. How can I know more about OVO Fertility?
      A.Please visit our About us page and contact us page to know more about Ovo Fertility.
    3. Do you want to join our team?
      A.We always look out for young and dynamic employees. If you think you are a perfect fit for any job profile, then mail your resume at [email protected] Our HR team will contact you shortly if we have an opening profile for which you have applied.
    4. Do you want to share your fertility experiences with OVO Fertility?
      A.You are most welcome to share your fertility journey with our users. Kindly drop a mail at [email protected] briefing your journey details.
    5. What are the chances of my successful treatment?
      A.OVO fertility’s mission is to connect you with the best doctors and clinics based on your medical condition. Centres do all the medical procedures and we do not have any role in the process of fertility treatment.
    Address :
    Ovo Fertility | a unit of OVO Health
    Registered Name: Treemark Solutions PVT. LTD.
    Registered Address: A2/3, Second Floor, Stirring Minds, Kundan Mansion, Asaf Ali Road, Turkman Gate, New Delhi - 110002