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    Best MESA Centres in Abu dhabi

    Top MESA Centres in Abu dhabi with options to book your first appointment FREE. Check Reviews, Fees, Cost, Success rates, Contact Number and Address for all MESA Treatments.

    Fakih IVF Fertility centre  clinic
    Gynecology Hospital

    Hazza Bin Zayed Street, Abu Dhabi

    Patients Recommended
    62% (1 reviews)
      • Fee: - AED150
      • Microepididymal Sperm Aspiration (MESA) Cost: - AED 2,300
    • Services -
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      • IVF Failure Treatment
      • In Vitro Fertilization …
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    3.5/ 5

    Male Infertility Treatment in MESA Centres Abu dhabi

    Modern reproductive technology has developed hugely to help infertile men who were previously considered incapable of fathering a child. With advancement in medical equipment, infertility specialists can perform procedures, which involved the extraction of sperms from the various male reproductive glands.

    Doctors perform this technique when a man has no or extremely low number of sperms in the semen during ejaculation. This condition is called Azoospermia and it can result from blockage of the ejaculatory system (obstructive azoospermia) or from the failure of sperm production in the testicle (non-obstructive azoospermia). Azoospermia can interrupt the production of normal sperms within the testicle but even in these cases, there are areas in the reproductive organs where normal sperms are stored.

    Sperm retrieval procedures are necessary for situations where a man cannot ejaculate healthy motile sperms. The most common cause of obstructive azoospermia is a prior vasectomy but other causes may also include prior infection, prior hernia repair with mesh or other prior surgery on the testicles. Non-obstructive azoospermia is caused due to genetic conditions, past testicle infections or hormone abnormalities. All these conditions can interrupt the production of normal sperms, which lead to male infertility.

    In MESA centres in Abu dhabi perform these procedures through various techniques but the most common method is by Microscopic Epididymal Sperm Aspiration (MESA). This technique uses either surgical approach or a needle aspiration through microsurgery to the epididymis or testes in order to retrieve sperms. It is a relatively painless and less invasive procedure performed in MESA centres in Abu dhabi under local anesthesia.MESA centres in Abu dhabi take a diligent approach with a team of experienced infertility specialists for a seamless retrieval and preservation process. Male partner's recovery is also kept in mind during treatment.

    MESA (Microscopic Epididymal Sperm Extraction)

    MESA is a technique for extracting healthy sperms using a surgical microscope to open the small tubes within the epididymis. For a condition where sperm production is adequate yet an obstruction does not allow sperm to travel from the testicle to ejaculate, doctors recommend MESA. This is a commonly favored approach when harvesting sperms after a vasectomy.

    An operating microscope and doctors with special skills are necessary to identify the tubes, which are most likely to contain sperms. Immediate examination follows sample retrieval to look for sperms. Sperm harvested from the epididymis generally are of better quality than the sperm harvested directly from the testicle because they get more time to mature.

    This procedure begins with a general or spinal anesthetic and involves an incision in the scrotum to gain access to the epididymis. They use harvested sperm immediately or keep them frozen for future use. In cases where no sperms are found, it is necessary to look inside the testicle for viable sperm through a procedure called TESE or Testicular Sperm Extraction.

    Tests before MESA Procedure

    If a man is ready to proceed for MESA treatment, both the couples require going through several procedures. During the first consultation at MESA centres in Abu dhabi, perform various laboratory and clinical tests on both partners in order to find out the possible causes of infertility. Semen analysis is one of the laboratory tests carried out to assess the infertility reports of the male partner. This test will determine whether sperm cells are present or not in the ejaculate. A doctor can conduct a repeat test if no sperm cells are found in order to confirm the results. The concerned specialist at MESA centres in Abu dhabi reviews the reports and proceeds with the medical treatment. Doctors perform MESA treatment to correct male infertility condition called azoospermia when there are no sperm cells in the ejaculate.

    Andrologists carry out the Physical examination in MESA centres in Abu dhabi to determine the condition of each testis, epididymis and vas deferens. Small soft testes suggest impaired sperm production, while hard epididymitis or absence of palpable vasa deferentia(with normal volume testes) suggests obstruction. Doctors perform Digital rectal examination of the prostate to look for seminal vesicle dilation and palpable midline prostate abnormalities, which suggest ejaculatory duct obstruction.

    To get the best semen sample and accurate results, the doctors at MESA centres in Abu dhabi may recommend the following instructions:

    The doctor also conducts a physical examination including:

    MESA centres in Abu dhabi perform the following tests:

    Below factors can negatively affect the test:

    Right Candidate for MESA Treatment

    As with any surgical procedure, the condition of the patient is crucial to successful sperm retrieval. For men with obstructive azoospermia (OA) showing obstruction in vas deferens, blockage of the seminal vesicles, cystic fibrosis, and immotile cilia syndrome, Microsurgical Epididymal Sperm Aspiration (MESA) is the most effective procedure for sperm extraction.

    A man with Non obstructive azoospermia (NOA) is not fit for epididymal sperm retrieval as the chances of finding sperm in the epididymis and not in the ejaculate is exceedingly rare. MESA centres in Abu dhabi first categorize the patient into OA or NOA. They look into his past record of treatments for determining the etiology of his OA. Some men also have endocrine disorders and they can benefit from hormone modulation before sperm extraction. Doctors examine post-vasectomy and testosterone reports before going for the procedure.

    The reproductive goals of the couple play an important role in the selection of the optimal surgical treatment for azoospermia; therefore, they discuss them specifically. Doctors ask each couple about their opinion and beliefs about the use of assisted reproduction. Couples with objections to assisted reproduction a may also go for microsurgical reconstruction to remove an obstruction in vas deferens.

    MESA Treatment Procedure

    Doctors perform MESA in the operating room with general anesthesia under the operating microscope. MESA centres in Abu dhabi generally recommend MESA treatments on conditions like obstructive azoospermia, which involves dissection of the epididymis under the operating microscope and insertion of the tube. The expert extracts semen through the epididymal tubule and collects it in the Epididymal bed. If the connection between epididymis and blood vessels is quite rich, the sperms may be contamination by blood cells that may affect sperm fertilizing capacity. They check removed sperms immediately under a microscope to examine health and motility. If they lack in quality, the doctor may remove sperm fluid directly from the testicle through the same small incision.

    MESA centres in Abu dhabi take an effective approach so that the retrieval, examination, and preservation of the sperms go seamlessly without any complications.

    Harvesting the Sperms

    An open surgical approach and a needle aspiration are two ways to get sperms. Each approach has certain risks and benefits, therefore, may not be appropriate for everyone. Although it is sometimes possible to harvest enough sperm for intrauterine insemination (IUI), it is more common to use harvested sperm for In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) after MESA procedure. If the couple agrees to fertilize eggs by directly injecting sperm into an egg by means of ICSI, the required amount of sperms is relatively low.The doctors use sperms immediately after examining them to fertilize an egg or cryopreserved them for a later time. The ideal technique for harvesting sperm depends on a variety of factors such as a cause of infertility, disorders in the epididymis or the type of fertility treatment.

    Procedures after MESA

    In MESA centres in Abu dhabi, use a tube containing a buffered medium to mix and store the retrieved sperms. Later, they examine a drop of the mixture to assess the quality of the spermatozoa. They remove Motile sperm with good morphology directly from this dish, examine, wash and inject into the oocyte through IVF/ ICSI process. ICSI treatment is more successful than conventional IVF, both in terms of fertilization and pregnancy rates; therefore, it is common after MESA procedure. In most cases, the remaining sperms are frozen and successfully used in subsequent IVF and ICSI cycles.

    An operating microscope and special skills are necessary to identify the tubes most likely to contain sperm. They examine the retrieved samples immediately to look for sperms.

    Here are a few guidelines provided by MESA centres in Abu dhabi to assist you to recover from scrotal surgery:

    Cost of MESA Treatment

    MESA centres in Abu dhabi believe in improving fertility rates and helping couples conceive through various treatment procedures, therefore, a large number of hospitals in Abu dhabi provide complete treatment at fair costs. which is very affordable. Patients are required to pay additional charges to perform additional infertility treatments like IVF and ICSI.

    Success Rates after MESA Treatment                        

    MESA followed by ICSI, has reported fertilization and pregnancy rates from 45 percent to 52 percent. This is one of the most successful combinations for male infertility cases as the successful fertilization rates involved with testicular and epididymal sperms are essentially equivalent to those achieved with ejaculated sperms. This state-of-the-art procedure gives couples with male factor infertility, another option besides sperm donation or vasectomy reversal.

    Why Choose MESA Centres in Abu dhabi?

    MESA Centres in Abu dhabi are highly valued for their excellent services and treatment facilities. The doctors, as well as the support staff, are experienced in performing these procedures with safety and precision. Infertility specialists or andrologists make sure that the patient is comfortable during treatment procedures. MESA Centres in Abu dhabi are also equipped with the latest medical devices and equipment, which allow them to perform the treatments with optimum results.

    If you have any queries on MESA treatment or MESA centres in Abu dhabi. OVO Health has a list of highly reliable doctors and hospitals all around UAE to offer its patients the best treatment and care. Ovo Health also provides financial assistance for fertility treatments at zero charges. We have helped thousands of infertile couples achieve their dream of having a child. With Ovo Health, infertility patients have the best chance of conceiving at a reasonably low cost.