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    Best Egg Donation Centres in Allahabad

    Find Best Egg Donation Centres in Allahabad. Get first appointment FREE and know about Egg Donation Treatments, Egg Donation Cost and Success rates and Clinic Reviews.

    Srijan Hospital  clinic
    IVF Centre

    Civil Lines, Allahabad

    Patients Recommended
    62% (4 reviews)
      • Fee: - Rs.300
      • Oocyte Donation Cost: - Rs. 50,000
    • Success Rates-  IVF: 32%,  IUI: 18%, 
    • Services -
      • Laparoscopy Surgery
      • Hysteroscopic Surgery
      • Microsurgical Epididyma…
      • In Vitro Fertilization …
      • Testicular Biopsy Sperm…
      • DNA Fragmentation Test
      • Donor Sperm / Egg Progr…
      • Semen Freezing
      • Egg Freezing
      • Cryopreservation and Vi…
      View All Less All
    3.6/ 5

    In Vitro Fertilization Oocyte Donation Centres in Allahabad

    Oocyte Donation Meaning and Process

    An oocyte donation is a medical procedure, where a woman donates her eggs to an infertile woman or a same-sex couple to help them achieve conception with the help of assisted reproductive technology (ART). Donor eggs are used in conditions where a woman can carry a pregnancy but she is unable to produce viable eggs to achieve it. Oocyte donation is an ART method with the highest pregnancy rates. No hormonal ovarian stimulation medications or injections are needed in this procedure. Oocyte donation has a much lower risk of miscarriage and failed implantation as compared to an IVF cycle done using self-eggs. When a patient decides to trust a health care facilitator like ovohealth, for her oocyte donation procedure, the entire team of makes sure they get a comfortable access to everything they need including suitable doctors and centres at once. OVO Health helps a patient to get the best oocyte donation centre in Allahabad. The oocyte donation department searches a bank of a large number of donors, most similar to the recipient in terms of eye and skin color, hair and body type, height, weight and blood type. The oocyte donation can be anonymous and voluntary. Before beginning with the procedure, the multidisciplinary team at Ovo Health thoroughly studies and discusses the donor’s ability and previous medical history. The initial selection is made on evaluation by a clinical psychologist. A complete medical study is later performed on the oocyte donor consisting of a blood analysis in order to check and ascertain any type of blood infection or diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis B, C or syphilis. A genetic study is performed to check for any diseases that could be transmitted to the baby after conception and a study are conducted by Gynecologists to check the reproductive and gynecological health. At the same time, a biologist at the oocyte donation centres in Allahabad prepares and capacitates the semen to increase its fertilizing abilities. The Gynecologists always prefer this process to be as natural as possible. In classic IVF, millions of spermatozoa are released around the egg, so that the strongest among them naturally fertilizes the egg. However, if the quality of sperms is poor, ICSI technique is applied which involves putting a single pre-selected sperm inside the egg for fertilization. This time period of the procedure lasts between three to five days and the Gynecologists make sure that only the best embryos are transferred. The natural selection of the best embryos is done as the weaker ones do not survive the days following fertilization and the survivors are most likely to succeed. It also allows a further possibility of freezing suitable embryos for future transfer using an advanced technique, called Vitrification. After eighteen hours, a number of eggs start showing first signs of fertilization. 48 hours later, on day 3, the embryos have between 7 and 9 cells and depending on their quality and quantity, their time of transfer is decided. From the fifth day, the embryos are called blastocysts. These cells are already compacted and can even be seen moving. The fifth day is the maximum amount of time when the embryos can be outside the womb. Now the most awaited and desired event takes place, the ‘transfer’. Generally, no sedation is needed in the procedure. It is a painless procedure where Gynecologist transfers the resulting embryo(s) into the womb using a thin ultrasound-guided catheter which allows him or her to see the uterus and the best sight to deposit the embryo(s). After around two weeks time period, a pregnancy blood test is performed to confirm the success of the procedure. It looks at the presence of beta HCG level in the blood. This is the hormone produced in the placenta. Its value helps the Gynecologist to evaluate the pregnancy as well as the chances of having twins.

    Indications for Oocyte Donation

    Oocyte or egg donation is a part of ART with the highest success rates. It is generally performed for women dealing with primary ovarian insufficiency or other genetic disorders, so the diseases may not get transferred to their offspring. Women with reproductive diseases usually opt for donated oocytes. Here are some other conditions in which women schedule visits at an oocyte donation centre in Allahabad:  

    1. Premature Ovarian Failure:In the condition of premature ovarian failure or primary ovarian insufficiency, women are unable to produce enough amount of estrogen hormone which disrupts the normal functioning of ovaries. Women with such conditions notice symptoms like night sweats, decreased sexual desire, difficulty in conceiving and irregular periods.
    2. Diminished Ovarian Reserve:It refers to a physiological decrease in the number of eggs which happens mostly due to the aging of ovaries. It is caused due to the reduced reproductive potential of the ovaries. In simple language, the decreasing quality and quantity of a woman's eggs is called as a diminished ovarian reserve.
    3. Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy:Women, who have recently undergone chemotherapy and radiotherapy, are more prone to opt for oocyte donation. Anticancer treatment such as chemotherapy can leave an irreversible damage to the ovaries, resulting in premature ovarian failure.
    4. IVF Cycle Failure:The couples who have seen a failed IVF cycle procedure opt for oocyte donation. IVF cycle depends on numerous factors for high success rates and thus IVF process does not come with a guarantee of achieving pregnancy. Therefore, oocyte donation is offered to women who have previously experienced one or more failed IVF cycle.
    5. Genetic Disorders:Women with genetically transmitted diseases can have candidature for oocyte donation. The straightforward indications like single gene mutations and balanced translocations are major indications of heritable disorders. In these cases, oocyte donation remains an excellent procedure for a successful pregnancy.
    6. Inaccessible ovaries:Most commonly, patients with previous pelvic surgery, adhesion or endometriosis, fibroids, and congenital vaginal abnormalities can find the procedure difficult. Women whose ovaries are not safely accessible to either laparoscopic retrieval or ultrasound-directed catheter can opt for oocyte donation.

    Selecting an Oocyte Donor

    Oocyte donation is done anonymously and non-anonymously. At the basic level of oocyte donation, the donor undergoes a screening process for physical and mental health, unique medical history, genetics and much more. It is the choice of recipient couples that whether they want a known donor oocyte or an unknown one, to carry the procedure. A known donor can have access to the status of the child and in some cases, the donor can visit the child. OVO Health offers its patients a donor-recipient application form which carries the necessary details related to donor's future relationship with the child. Here are criteria for choosing an oocyte donor:

    After going through the above factors that show the eligibility of being an oocyte donor, if you think that you are a candidate for oocyte donation, then you can visit for any assistance needed in this matter. OVO Health can help you by providing and locating the best oocyte donation centre in Allahabad and can help you in answering queries related to oocyte donation and other fertility problems.

    In Vitro Fertilization Oocyte Donation Process

    Here’s the list of steps to be followed before getting started with oocyte donation IVF process. The steps are as follows:

    Oocyte Donation Cost in Allahabad

    If you need any support or assistance to carry oocyte donation procedure, you can book an appointment at to get the best cost of oocyte donation in Allahabad and the best oocyte donation centres in Allahabad. Oocyte donation cost in Allahabad depends on the success rates of the IVF doctor and IVF centre in Allahabad and also on the medical health and qualifications of the donor. However, the oocyte donation cost for IVF treatments is higher and can range between {{currency}}{{min_rate}} and {{currency}}{{max_rate}}.

    Post Retrieval Tests for an Oocyte Donor and Recipient

    The donor is scheduled to return to the oocyte donation center in Allahabad to undergo a post-retrieval checkup so that it can be ascertained that she is recovering and healing quickly from both the ovarian stimulation and retrieval. In most cases, donors are advised to resume their routine activities in a day or two after oocyte retrieval. In other cases, the clinical assistance team at Ovo Fertility closely monitors and maintains the donor's progress and stays in touch until the donor fully recovers. From the start of the injectable medications to oocyte retrieval, oocyte donation lasts for a time period of three to five weeks. Recipients are scheduled for a pregnancy blood test after two weeks of the embryo to measure the hCG level in blood. In normal cases, if the hCG levels appear high in two pregnancy tests, then the recipients are advised to undergo prenatal or antenatal care by their obstetricians.

    Oocyte Donation Success Rates

    Oocyte donation conducted along with IVF treatment has a higher success rate. Oocyte donation success rates are also affected by other factors, including the unique medical history of the recipient as well as of the donor, donor’s age and history of medical treatments. The fertility doctors at oocyte donation centres in Allahabad suggest the course of treatment which is best suitable for you with highest success rates. Oocyte donation cost in Allahabad also contributes to the success rates of a donor oocyte.

    Facilities at Oocyte Donation Centres in Allahabad

    The oocyte donation centres in Allahabad provides the best services by understanding the plight of their infertile patients. The oocyte donation centres in Allahabad have advanced and latest medical technologies and expert personnel of doctors and paramedical staff. The expert fertility team of doctors at the oocyte donation centres in Allahabad has deep knowledge in all spheres of fertility treatments. The pregnancy success rates at the oocyte donation centres in Allahabad are comparatively higher than other fertility centres worldwide. For fertility treatments, in particular, the oocyte donation centres in Allahabad make sure that superior quality services are provided to their patients under hygienic and secure ambiance.

    Oocyte Donation Risks

    Oocyte donation possesses chance of discomfort and pain accompanied by mood swings and allergic reactions to the antibiotics given during the procedure. There are chances of conception post retrieval process because of the fertility enhancement medicines used in the procedure.

    Why Ovo Health?

    OVO Health has been engaged in providing IVF, IUI services to its patients from a long time. The fertility experts at Ovo Health provide their patients emotional, compassionate and moral support. If you have any difficulty in locating the best oocyte donation centre in Allahabad and oocyte donation cost in Allahabad, Ovo Health can help you in providing the best treatment nearby you at affordable prices. In case of any doubt, you can visit .