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What are the services provided by the Ovo Health?

  • Ovo Health provides a range of services in the field of cosmetic, fertility and cancer treatments. We ensure that our patients receive the best quality treatment at fair treatment value with higher success rates.
  • We provide the best discovery tool for searching the best cosmetic, fertility and cancer doctors and centres across India.
  • We also provide legal and financial assistance for the couples who are seeking fertility treatments.
  • We arrange appointment for domestic, international and corporate patients with the cosmetic, fertility and cancer centres after understanding their problems.
  • For international patients, Ovo Health helps to plan their travel to India along with cosmetic, fertility and cancer treatment.

How can Ovo Health help me in finding the best solution to my problem?

  • Ovo Health specialist will call and talk to you regarding your medical issues and your plans with the same. Accordingly, your appointment will be scheduled with the respective doctor and clinic.
  • You will also receive assistance from us even between your treatments at our partnered clinics.

Can I get my eggs freezed with the help of Ovo Health?

Yes. Our partner fertility centres provide advanced fertility related procedures like cryopreservation, which helps couples or individuals to freeze their eggs and utilize them at a later stage. The best part is that with the help of egg freezing procedure, you will be able to control your biological cycle.

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What is the success rate of fertility treatments with Ovo Health?

The success rates of fertility treatments with Ovo Health are worth appreciating. It’s 69.41% for IVF procedure, 73.92% for ICSI treatment and 41.62% for IUI as well as 39.26% for Frozen Embryo Transfer procedures. The success rates are the appreciating ones in the field of fertility treatments.

I have visited many centres for my fertility problem but not convinced. Can you suggest me the best?

Absolutely! Ovo Health is always ready to help individuals like you. We ensure that every couple or individual receives the right fertility treatment solutions and ultimately become parents of healthy babies.

What are the advantages of going with Ovo Health?

Here are the advantages of going with Ovo Health.

  • You will receive the best prices of treatments at affordable prices.
  • You will receive timely assistance in the legal and financial aspects.
  • The best part is that we provide you transparent information related to various aspects of fertility treatments including the costs.

Do I need to pay fees to Ovo Health?

No. You need not pay any fees to Ovo Health. This is one of the best features of going with Ovo Health for consulting and getting treated via fertility doctors and clinics in India and across globe.

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