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How to Use Male Condom - Know the 10 Right Steps to Use Condom

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You can learn how to use male condom steps with pictures to make sure that you prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancies. Male condom is one of the most effective family planning methods. Couples can utilize 10 right steps to use male condom at the time of sex. Male condoms are one of the most affordable options for contraception.

Well, we all know what condom is. And many of us must be using the condom since very long as it is the first form of contraceptive that strikes every mind. While some are well versed in how to wear this contraceptive while some missed out on reading instructions and did blunder with it. This article helps in understanding how to use a condom for avoiding unwanted pregnancy. But before that, let us go through some quick facts about the condom. (1) (2)

What is a male condom?

A male condom is a thin rubber material, which fits over man’s penis during intercourse. It acts as a barrier and protects from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, which includes HIV, genital herpes, chlamydia, etc. (3)

If you are having difficulty in identifying the best brand, Please feel free to read our curated article on Best Condom Brands.

Why use a condom?

1- A condom protects both man and woman during anal, oral and vaginal sex. It is advised to use a new condom if you are switching from one type of sex position to another for avoiding cross infections. (4)

2- It minimizes the risk for both man and woman before making any contact between the penis and partner’s genital areas.

3- One condom is enough as doubling it up can lead to breakage.

4- To wear condom comfortably and enjoy sex more, you can also use lubricants. Avoid using any oil-based lubricants with latex condoms as condoms can either break or weaken.

5- It is though very rare for condoms to break, but if it does then don’t worry. There are other things, which can minimize the STI’s and pregnancy risks. You can use emergency contraceptive pills in such a situation. Don’t take emergency pills regularly; it can have some serious side effects on fertility. To know more about, read our in-depth researched article on Side Effects of i-pill.

Steps for wearing a male condom:

1- Store condom in a cool dry place

Make sure to store a condom in a cool and dry place. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight. You have to tear the condom wrapper as condoms always come in wrappers. You can easily make out the tear edges on the wrapper. Avoid carrying condoms in the boxes or back pockets. Tear the wrapper only while using. (5)

2- Do check the expiry date

Before buying a condom, always make sure to check the expiry date. An expired condom doesn’t guarantee any protection, so no use of buying expired stuff. It can tear in between thus, ruining all the purpose. Also, check for discoloration, brittleness or any previous tears. Get new ones after dumping the old or expired condoms. (6)

3- Tear condom’s wrapper

Push the condom away from the torn edge if you feel it is near to it. Tear the wrapper where zigzag edges or patterns are made. Well, a man who uses it regularly tears the condom right before the act, as it is convenient. Avoid using scissors or teeth for tearing the wrapper. As with these, there are chances of tearing or cutting the condom. (7)

4- Look for the condom rim

In the few initial attempts, this can be a bit tricky. It is important to know on which way the condom rolls. And do not roll the condom too much. Roll it a bit and then pinch the condom tip. You will see a rim if you have rolled it in the right direction.

5- Can also lube on the condom

You can also apply lube inside the condom. This portion of the condom will touch your penis. Just apply a small amount of lube so that rolling condom on your penis will be easy. You can also buy condoms, which already has lubricants if you don’t want to use lube. (8)

6- You can easily wear a condom if the penis is fully erect.

It should fit on penis else there are chances of it falling off are quite high. The condom should roll from the wrapper to penis quickly and smoothly. Do not reuse the condom if you have already tried and it doesn’t fit you.

7- Pinch the top tip of the condom once you wear it

Once you have put the condom on, you have to pinch the penis tip. It will give some space for the semen to accumulate as it creates an air pocket.

8- After ejaculation, withdraw the penis from condom immediately

Your penis will slowly lose its erection once you have ejaculated. And condom may fall off. So, immediately withdraw your penis after ejaculating and take out the condom. (9)

9- Disposing of condom in the right way

Once you are done with your act, dispose of the condom after wrapping it in the used paper. It won’t let cum from falling. Never try to flush the condoms as it can clog the toilet.

10- Use a condom every time you indulge in sex

It is always good to practice safe sex to avoid STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). Always wear a condom during sex only. (10)

Even after using the condom, if the woman misses the period by one week then take a pregnancy test to check for pregnancy. It may happen if a condom is not used properly or gets torn during intercourse. Read our article on How to use Home Pregnancy Kit

What are the precautions to be taken while using a male condom?

  • Certain precautions need to be taken to ensure that it does not fail and does not cause unwanted pregnancy.
  • Always choose the correct size.
  • Check whether the condom has torn during the opening of the package.
  • Always apply the right lubricant to ensure it does not react with the material of the male condom.
  • Use the condom with the superior quality of the material. Some women are allergic to latex, which is commonly used the material for the latex.
  • Never reuse condoms.
  • If you forgot to use any contraceptive to avoid pregnancy, follow these tips after unprotected sex.

Advantages of using a male condom

  • The cheapest form of contraception.
  • Easily available.
  • Reliable form of contraception if used correctly.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Saves you from unwanted pregnancy and STDs.

Disadvantages of using a male condom

  • Some women are allergic to the condom material i.e. latex.
  • Usage of male condoms reduces the libido in some couples.
  • It can tear during sexual intercourse.
  • Men with erectile dysfunction face more problems with condoms. (11)

If you think a condom is coming it between you and your partner, you can explore other contraceptive methods. You can also use female condoms to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Please feel free to read our article on How to use Female Condoms.



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I have used condoms many a times but did not know that they have an expiry date too.

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