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How To Boost Fertility Naturally In Women

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To boost fertility in women, it's crucial to know about various common issues around fertility. On must be aware about the ways to regain fertility and understand proper diet to boost it. Apart from avoiding junk food, alcohol and smoking must also be avoided. Vitamin supplements, exercises, ample sleep, and Yoga are some other factors that can boost female fertility.

Hectic schedule, stress and other aging factors like environmental pollution, unhealthy eating habits, unregulated sleep patterns, incomplete rest, etc. reproductive tract diseases or infections, injuries can lead to early infertility in women. Infertility is a precondition that affects 1 in every 6 couples. If a couple is unsuccessful in efforts to conceive over the period of one full year, it can be stated as infertility. (1) Answering to the certain questions that follow, one can make sure that the goal to have a baby is achieved. One can work with their partners to achieve the desired results because support from your partner is crucial in this journey.

In this article, we will learn about:

There are a number of factors that may lead to infertility in Women as well as in men. Some of these factors are discussed as under:

1. Factors Causing Infertility in Women and Remedies

The common reasons in female infertility compile the problems with ovulation, damage to fallopian tubes or uterus, or problems with the cervix. Also, The age can add to infertility because as female ages, her fertility by nature tends to decrease. Our hormones play a very crucial role in our body and get easily affected by the environment, stress, and diet we take. Imbalance of these few things can leave a long and depressing effect on people today, but if correct measures and treatments are taken in time to avoid infertility.

2. 7 Ways to Regain Fertility Naturally in Women

There are certain ways in which fertility can be restored in women. Following are the tips that may help a woman conceive if followed carefully: 

  1. Become more frequent with intercourse to increase the chances of conceiving.
  2. Have a Healthy Diet with a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Be more focused on vitamin diet (multivitamins, antioxidants, etc).
  4. Lighten your mood and be positive to balance thyroid levels.
  5. Avoid bad drinking habits and chose fresh juice.
  6. Drop smoking and have fresh oxygen and clean air.
  7. Do not over exercise and relax your body because it needs some pampering.

Understanding the menstrual cycle is not easy but keeping the track of the same and having sex within a day of ovulation can increase the chances of fertility.

3. Diet to Boost Fertility 

A diet may include several nutritional elements that are missing from our regular meals. To avoid the deficiencies in our body, One must intake all sufficient vitamins, fibers, Protein, and antioxidants. Our body consumes many nutrients from our daily meals like protein, Fats, carbohydrates, etc. Therefore, every human in this lively world must choose vegetable, non-veggies, fruits, and oils wisely so that their health never face any malnutrition. (5)
To get enough vitamins and minerals in daily meals, one must include vegetables in the day-to-day diet in order to enhance fertility: 

1. Folate and zinc Antioxidants may improve fertility in human beings. (2) It can diffuse free moving radicals in the body, which can damage the eggs and sperms.

2. Vegetables rich in folic acid and iron can work as a superfood for the women seeking pregnancy. In improving the development of a strong endometrial lining (the internal lining of the uterus), iron plays an important role in attaching the zygote to the endometrium.

Broccoli-It contains folic acid, iron and very high amounts of vitamin C required by the ovaries for the development of the egg and ovulation procedure. 
Cabbage - It has Di-indole methane, a chemical that improves estrogen metabolism thereby preventing the establishment of endometriosis and fibroids in the body aiding hormonal fluids.
Potatoes: Baked potatoes have a high capacity vitamin B and E; It increases the cell division giving a healthy egg.
Avocado: High in folate, fiber, vitamin E, minerals, and essential fats. Vitamin E helps in balancing the uterine lining
Berries: Raspberries and blueberries are rich in folate and vitamin C boost fertility in both males and females.

3. Adding fruits to Diet for Detoxifying plays an important role in our digestion system, it helps in easy digestion and detoxifies our body to get rid of unwanted germs and toxins.
In fact, vitamin C enrich fruits can help in releasing of eggs from the ovaries easily. Pomegranates, banana and apple consumption on daily basis can boost libido in both sexes, getting high content of b6 improves fertility and manganese helps in the production of various reproductive hormones in the body because low levels of manganese in the body are one of the major issues in infertility.

Healthy Non-Vegetarian Food is Good

Many have misconceptions about Non-Vegetarian like it increases weight, has more unsaturated fat, etc but the truth is Nonvegetarian food is quite healthy as fleshes are very rich in iron, protein and Omega 3, one of the must-haves in a woman's diet for better fertility. Certain non-veg foods are complete in terms of daily nutrient requirement of our body. Here are the few most important foods that we can consider including in our regular diet:
Eggs -These are the best sources of vitamin-B, choline vitamin d, folic and omega 3 fatty acid proving complete package one cannot miss on. Being inexpensive, eggs can also be added to the daily diet and nourish good nutrients in the body. It successfully helps in building tissues and regaining the missing elements from our diet.
Salmon- is another best super-food enriched with omega-3 fatty acids - that can help men to promote fertility. It is suggested in the studies that sperms contain long chained DHA fatty acids that are essential for viability, maturity and playing functional characteristics of the cells. However, Omega 3s improves morphology and motility in sperms improvement.
Shellfish- due to a high amount of vitamin b12, it improves the sperm count and strengthens the endometrium lining in women.
Oysters - being rich in Zinc and Vitamin B can increase the chances of fertility in women. (4)
Chicken /beef -is rich in fatty acids and iron which are also beneficial for overall health.

Spices and Herbs Beneficial for Fertility

Adding little of spice into the diet can truly instigate our blood flow and alert our body to re-energize by spreading oxygen to each and every organ for smooth functioning. In fact, some of the spices also aid our internal broken tissue and repair our body’s defense mechanism.

  • Turmeric: Turmeric is the richest in antioxidants that can improve the overall menstruation problem fighting the bacteria in our body and dissolving all the unwanted blood clotting or swelling causing delays in menses. Turmeric (Haldi) has all the recovery agents and in old times it used to be considered as one remedy to every problem.
  • Chili: It is the most significant spice to add taste and health both in a balanced way. It also balances the blood flow in our whole body resulting in a healthy reproductive tract. Eating chilies can improve our blood flow and even supply it to our reproductive system. Chilies also boost the aid of distress hormone endorphin’s, which will relax the body and unnecessary cravings.
  • Garlic: This is the key to a healthy pregnancy, avoiding risks to the pregnant woman and maintaining regular menses in women. Garlic can add up to every dish enhancing the taste and health of the consumer. It contains the selenium mineral content decreasing the chances of early miscarriages and enhancing the probabilities of getting pregnant soon.
  • Maca: A great source of glycosides and amino acids, which increases the libido in both the partners.
  • Ginger: topping list ginger can increase the blood off to the reproductive part clearing the toxins from the body. It also nourishes the human body with the nutrients and important antioxidants to avoid period cramps and nausea in pregnancy. By adding it to daily food and drinks it can release the stress and relax the body proving protection to the ovaries and eggs from oxidative damage.
  • Cayenne Pepper: Adding spice to your sex life you can consider putting this to your dishes that will maximize your sexual desire as it will give heat to your libido, having an aphrodisiac as its major part. It has also shown a positive impact in energizing the metabolism, regulating the hormones and the reproductive system makes it worth a try. (6)
  • Cinnamon: What if we say that we have found a way to balance your sugar, then we can make sure that body the hormonal level will also be balanced. Yes, Cinnamon is the key ingredient adding to the kitchen will help you fighting PCOS and fertility issues.
  • Nettles: The most ignored but one of the best health benefits in our food place. It is fully non-heme iron, plant-based micronutrient which can simultaneously reduce the effect of infertility in women.

Oilseeds and Oils are Essential for Improving Fertility

Oils are extracted from the seeds and plants having the capability to change the liquid into gas instantly, and from this one can estimate its powerful properties. Our ancient health caretakers significantly used oils; they could possibly cure anything with different oils. Oil and oil-seeds can also be used for releasing stress and pain. Apart from this, we can look at a few multi-purpose and mufti-beneficial oil-seeds and oils mentioned below for maintaining healthy reproductive functionality.

  • Pumpkin seeds -Containing a high amount of zinc available in the seeds can help play a crucial role in the division of the cells while processing under the embryonic stage. Pumpkins seeds allow women to conceive as it contains many nutrients good for reproduction.
  • Flax seeds - It is essential to have as it produces lignin and omega 3 fatty acids enriching the body for fertilization. Fibroids size can be reduced with the help of lignin.
  • Olive oil - The complications can be avoided with olive oil because it has the elements of reducing the inflammation in the body with the help of monounsaturated fats. It has the properties in maintaining a healthy heart and digestive system.
  • Sandalwood oil - The oil increases the libido in women relieving the stress and strengthening uterine muscles. It also helps in losing weight easily.
  • Eucalyptus Oil - To enhance the production of cervical mucus one can massage it over the fertility points and below feet. The cervical mucus helps sperms to reach eggs on time for the further process. Also, it maintains the level of PCOS and increases the chances of fertility in women.
  • Calendula Oil -Having anti-inflammatory elements reduces the uterine congestion and cysts in ovaries. It also helps in avoiding the chances of miscarriages. Massaging the oil over the abdominal area will show the best results.

4. Vitamins to Boost Fertility    

Following are the vitamins that are helpful in boosting fertility in both men and women:

  • Zinc - The Office of Dietary Supplements at the National Institutes of Health mentions daily intake of 11 mg of zinc by men and 8 mg by women aids in developing ovulation and fertility in women, semen and testosterone production in men. It should also be kept in mind that zinc deficiency can lead to impaired semen production in men.
  • Folic Acid - Folate and zinc supplements can benefit some male infertility, as both folate and zinc are important in the synthesis of RNA and DNA. The American Pregnancy Association suggests that all women of childbearing age must consume approx. 400 micrograms of folic acid a day. A B-complex vitamin helps the body to create red blood cells and extra blood during pregnancy to decrease the chance of neural tube defects.
  • Multivitamins - Studies have shown 18,000 women were correlated to multivitamin supplement consumption in order to reduce infertility in them to conceive early.
  • Omega 3 Free Fatty Acid - Omega 3 is not made by the body hence we have to be dependent on outsourcing the supplements, therefore, looking at the factors we have discussed already start taking it now to improve the quality of eggs as suggested in IVF studies also.
  • Iron - A healthy woman requires 18 Mg of iron daily and a pregnant woman requires 27 Mg to fulfill the demand of two lives. You can easily get iron from tofu, red meat, and dark leafy green vegetable as it makes hemoglobin, which helps in the smooth functioning of organs nourishing them with red blood cells.
  • Calcium -Both men and women must consider having dairy products and green vegetables to fulfill the daily need of calcium. One must consume about 1000 mg per day as per experts to stay fit and avoid deficiencies. (3)
  • Vitamin B6 - It is said that consuming 10 Mg of vitamin B6 before conceiving a baby, can help women in avoiding morning sickness as compared to those who do not take vitamin B6 on a regular basis.

Couples who are trying to conceive can also take the following nutrients to boost their fertility:

  • Antioxidants - referring to citrus fruits antioxidants can improve the quality of semen, hence it should be taken care of by men. (7)
  • L-carnitine - It also energizes the sperm and plays an important role in sperm maturation and good metabolism. Carnitines (quaternary ammonium compound) present in L-carnitine relates to one of the distinct types of nutrients called ‘conditionally-essential’ ‘quasi-vitamins’ or ‘quasi-vitamins’ nutrients. (9)

5. Exercise For Fertility and Strength to Carry Pregnancy

People might be thinking that there will be a magical exercise which can turn around your problems automatically after following the regime for a few days, but the fact is that there is 'no' proved research that shows any specific exercise work for boosting fertility in men and women. Yet to make things work even the costly treatment like IVF has a requirement of a fit body for it to work fast and effortlessly. A maintained body adapts to new treatments and changes in the environment rapidly, but it should be kept in mind that vigorous exercises can cause damage to the body. Giving a quick tip for the problem like infertility ‘acupuncture ‘can do wonders as per researchers.
Acupuncture helps in achieving successes along with treatments like IVF. One of the important elements of the body, endometrial blood flow gets encouraged with acupuncture, helping in creating the lining needed for an embryo to be placed in the womb. It helps in balancing hypothalamus giving healthy hormone production by also releasing endorphins to make the body relax and stress-free. Therefore, one can definitely try to increase the chances of getting pregnant with a fit body, regular exercise, and a little dose of acupuncture along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. (8)

Both dietary habits and acupuncture can help men and women to become parents soon as it helps in regular periods in women and reduces the inflammation. In fact, acupuncture helps in recovering of the organs and other parts of the body to reproduce.

6. Yoga to Increase Strength During Pregnancy

Yoga is one of the best ways for every problem as it directly affects our internal organs. It releases stress and brings clarity to our mindset. Yoga helps in giving strength and body control, one can simply put a full stop to their uncontrollable mood swings and temperament which directly gets affected by hormones. Balancing hormones can cure several menstruation problems. Also, maintaining a yoga routine can enhance health and fertility:

  • Foot, Staff Pose, and Ankle Warm-Up- Practicing this pose can align your pelvis which gets disturbed by the heels and helps in regaining strength to carry a baby inside the womb 
  • Half Ankle to the Knee - This pose can align the uterus and flex your hip for making conception effective, this yoga posture maintains the flexibility in the body to increase the stamina and metabolism.
  • Alternate Knee to Chest - The posture is very helpful for the office workers whose hip flexor is tight, the asana will release the tension and align your back and tail bone.
  • Bridge Pose- This asana helps in instigating your immune and endocrine systems by stretching your pelvis, lower back, and hips, It also releases the stress in the spine and brings strong blood flow throughout the spinal cord is then attached to every nerve in our body.
  • High Lunge by Side Stretch - This asana gives stretches your hips muscle, pelvis to give you the strength to resist the baby weight once you will conceive, It also brings toned and strong legs giving movement in joints to relax.
  • Yogini Squat- Giving a boost to your sex life this asana can build your pelvic strong.
  • Goddess Posture - Opening pelvis and hips can restore and flex your muscles to make the baby. 

Apart from diet, exercises, and yoga another most prominent way to get conceived is to know your body and maintain a tracker of your periods.

Women facing infertility must observe changes in their body. This way they can make sure that what type of diet and environmental change their body is responding to. This will also help the doctor to provide the patient will correct treatment and medication when required. When the woman's best time occurs for ovulating in the middle of the months, it is considered as the best time to have sexual intercourse so that the probability of conceiving becomes possible. (10)

7. What are the 5 Healthy Habits to Boost Fertility?

  • Clomiphene: It hampers ovulation in women who have irregular periods or who do not ovulate at all.
  • Tamoxifen: It is a supplement to clomiphene. It is also given in case of ovulation problems.
  • Metformin: It is recommended to women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).
  • Gonadotrophins: It is the most popular drug to instigate ovulation in women, and can also aid fertility in men
  • Gonadotrophin Releasing Hormone And Dopamine Agonists: This is also another type of medication provided to encourage ovulation.

Today, women are very strong and to make them believe in their powers they must do meditation and bring clarity in their life and confidence on new developments in order to bring positivity about their fertility potential. We must never lose hope of trying once again as there are successful treatments and genuine testimonials available sharing their unimaginable experiences with us. Avoiding or changing habits like having processed food, liquor, and unwanted harmful drugs can help in taking one-step forward to conception and to live a long and stress-free life. However, following healthy diets and regular work out taking correct treatment or medication by visiting a doctor. The would-be mother and father can achieve the goal to have an offspring sooner. Coming to the conclusion, infertility is an extremely complex condition for both men and women that can happen at any stage of life but with the help of correct lifestyle and doctor, it can be successfully dealt with.

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