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India is the New Hub of Fertility Treatment

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India is the new hub of fertility treatment among different countries across the world. Hospitals and doctors are specialized in treating every type of infertility problems. Infertility treatments in India like IVF, IUI, ICSI, IMSI, GIFT, and ZIFT are performed by highly experienced doctors using advanced technology to ensure a high success rate.

Fertility treatments in India are comparatively more affordable and have high chances of success when compared to most of the other countries across the world. Most of the patients from all over the world visit India in the hope of successful treatment at a cost that they can afford. Becoming parents is like a blessing, but not everyone is in the state to spend a large amount on that. These days it has become much easier for the patients to get access to top quality infertility treatments. This is all because of the developing advancements in the field of infertility medicine. Yet, couples must research well with the help of trustworthy healthcare platforms which serve patients in the best possible manner. (1) The research should include the benefits and the success rate of the treatment that they are opting. This will help in the successful execution and completion of the chosen treatment. 
In this article, we will look at:

1. What is infertility and how does it affect someone?

Infertility affects someone both emotionally and physically. It has very adverse effects and brings devastating life crisis that has a significant impact on family relationships, overall health, job performance, and social interactions. In today's lifestyle, there are many factors that contribute to increasing infertility cases like stress, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, changes in eating habits, pollution, and several others. As per the estimates are given by the World Health Organization (WHO), 48.5 million couples worldwide experience infertility. (2)

Infertility is basically the condition of the male or female reproductive system that stops the couple from getting pregnant naturally. In some cases, the extended family of the person suffering from infertility also get affected. With advanced technology, infertility can now be successfully treated irrespective of the case type. India serves as a fertility tourism hub for the patients around the world and provides an affordable, world-class and professional medical care. Apart from other qualitative treatments of infertility, India is also the most preferred destination for Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). (3)

India has made its position as one of the most promising infertility treatment destinations for a wide range of international tourists. Fertility treatments in India are in their budget and also available with high international class surgical facilities which can be booked with quick medical appointments. They also provide medical care and service operations at the hands of experienced fertility experts that attracts many patients and infertile couples from different parts of the world including USA, South Africa, Europe, Canada, and East Asia. India has some of the most modern and advanced centers for infertility evaluation. They establish reproductive health and assisted fertilization services in the country today where patients are the priority. Fertility treatment in India is provided in a caring, relaxed and supportive environment. They understand well regarding the sensitive emotions involved in the fertility treatment and ensure complete privacy during and after the treatment.

Today, India is the home to world-class doctors and international standard hospitals. The success rate of fertility treatments in India is also comparatively high. All kinds of fertility treatments are completely legal in India. The patients from outside the country will not have to deal with any legal complications afterward. One can easily find the best fertility doctors and centers in India. The role of good fertility experts is very important to make treatment successful.

2. What are the major infertility problems treated in India?

India is known for providing the best fertility treatments to couples who are struggling to have their own babies in a natural manner. They ensure that the patient gets a successful treatment that too without wasting their hard earned money. It is good news for childless couples that fertility clinics situated in India are specialized for treating every type of infertility problem. They ensure to provide the best facilities for a wide range of fertility treatments to help childless couples receive top quality complete treatment under one roof. Some of the infertility issues resolved in India are women with blocked or damaged fallopian tubes, ovulation problems, issues related to sperm count, quality, endometriosis or men with low sperm motility. (4)

Fertility Treatments Offered in India:

A wide range of factors makes an environment that contributes to positive outcomes, making India one of the largest fertility tourism hubs in the world. Fertility doctors in India contribute the most part in making any treatment possible and successful. However, one question that most people have about fertility treatment in India is exactly what the country offers, that makes it a hotspot for fertility treatments. Let’s have a look at some of the fertility treatments, which India has to offer:

3. IVF or In Vitro Fertilization Treatment in India:

IVF treatment in India has gained a lot of popularity around the globe for the high success rate with respect to the occurrence of pregnancy. IVF treatment in India is performed by infertility specialists who have qualified in the field of embryo culture and genetics. Advanced tools and modern laboratory equipment is used to perform the treatment. The embryos are developed in contamination-free medical labs with extreme care under the expertise of an experienced embryologist. After the embryos reach a suitable stage, they are transferred to the uterus at the exact time of ovulation. The further process takes place inside the uterus of the woman. In Vitro Fertilization in India has become a blessing in the life of infertile couples to have their own baby. Most of the fertility doctors in India are famous worldwide for their success rates. (5)

Benefits of IVF treatment:

IVF treatment in India has given hope and opportunity to many infertile couples looking for infertility treatments. Here are some of the reasons why infertile patients from all around the world prefer IVF treatment in India:

  • IVF treatment in India is affordable and has a high success rate
  • Women suffering from PCOS, endometriosisor blocked fallopian tube can go for IVF
  • Intended parents with unexplained infertility can choose IVF treatment in India
  • IVF is also helpful in cases of ectopic pregnancy or miscarriages

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Success Rate in India

IVF has a high success rate as compared with other fertility solutions. However, this success rate depends on many other factors as well. The success rate of IVF treatment is inversely proportional to the age of the female partner. With the increase in age the IVF success rate decreases. For example, the women who aged more than 35 years have 40.7 % success rate and it is only 3.9 % for women who are more than 42 years old. Apart from this, the success rate also depends on other factors such as reproductive history, cause of infertility, and lifestyle factors. (6)

4. Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) Treatment in India:

IUI treatment in India is done with extreme care and precision. It is generally performed when the sperms of the male partner are not sufficient enough or have low motility to conceive naturally. Both the partners go through multiple tests to determine the exact cause of treatment. (7) Once the cause is diagnosed, the doctor provides stimulating drugs to the woman to stimulate ovulation. Highest quality sperm samples are taken from the male partner and inserted into the uterus using a catheter tube. IUI procedure is performed by highly experienced fertility doctors in India.

Benefits of IUI procedure: 

  • The procedure of IUI is basic infertility treatment. Here the sperm is inseminated into the woman’s body and left fuse with the egg in a natural way
  • IUI is less complicated than other infertility treatments
  • IUI is also a very cheap process. It costs much lesser and almost one fourth the price of an IVF cycle
  • In cases of male fertility, IUI can work with a good success rate

IUI Success Rate in India:

Age affects fertility and in the same way, it affects success rates of IUI procedure. As with most fertility procedures, IUI success rate is higher for younger women. The chances of successful conception after one IUI cycle are 10 - 20 percent for women under the age of 35. For women between 35- 40 years of age, chances are only 10% and for women above 40, the chances are only 2 - 5 percent. The good news is that most people that try IUI will have a good chance of receiving the news of pregnancy over time. However, they might have to undergo repeated IUI procedure multiple times. It may take between 3 to 6 IUI cycles before pregnancy occurs in regular cases. If one has tried IUI for 3 to 6 cycles and have not got pregnant yet, it is time to discuss other options with the best fertility doctors in India. 

5. Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer (GIFT) Treatment in India:

GIFT it is the modified version of In Vitro Fertilization in India. Sometimes when the cause of infertility is minor, GIFT treatment is performed. The procedure is done by just sperm and eggs together before being inserted. The fertilization takes place inside the fallopian tube. Fertility doctors in India perform this procedure with careful actions to achieve a successful pregnancy on the first try. IVF treatment is a long and time-consuming procedure but GIFT procedure is fast and performed quickly. (8)

Benefits of GIFT procedure:

  • In the GIFT procedure, delivering a baby is as natural as possible. Women prefer GIFT to IVF treatment because fertilization occurs in their bodies rather than the medical laboratory.
  • GIFT does not increase a woman's chances of developing ovarian cancer, as was believed until recently.
  • GIFT is also an affordable fertility treatment in India as compared with other expensive infertility treatments.
  • It is a convenient method as it does not require hospitalization or any extensive fertility treatment related workout.

GIFT Success Rate in India:

The success rate of the GIFT procedure is dependent on age and health conditions. On average, 25 - 30 % of the couples succeed in conceiving using this method. Women who are young and in good health, stand a better chance of achieving success. Even if the procedure is not successful the first time, the process can be repeated with some of the improvements, and the chances of success would not diminish. It is to be noted that if an older woman manages to produce a satisfactory amount of eggs, she stands the same chance to conceive successfully like that of a younger woman.

6. Zygote Intrafallopian Transfer (ZIFT) Treatment in India

Zygote Intrafallopian Transfer (ZIFT) is one of the advanced types of infertility treatments in India. In this procedure, the fertilized eggs are transferred directly into the fallopian tube instead of the uterus. In India, the treatment is performed with laparoscopic surgery that allows doctors to reach up to the fallopian tubes of the women. Sometimes, stimulating drugs are given to the patients to induce ovulation so that the procedure can be effectively progressed. (9) It is performed in special medical laboratories to prevent any kind of infections and bring in the desired results with respect to the success of the respective treatment.

Benefits of ZIFT:

  • The various benefits of ZIFT infertility treatment in India are:
  • Those couples who have extreme infertility issues can think of this strategy as a help to have their baby.
  • The best aspect about this technique is that the specialist can affirm the treatment of egg before inserting it in the fallopian tube.
  • In this way, the specialist will just choose the best and splendidly created zygote.
  • This strategy functions admirably on those couples who have attempted no less than one year to conceive normally and have 5 to 6 fizzled cycles of IUI.

ZIFT Success Rate in India:

The success rate of ZIFT varies as per the age and fertility problem of the couple. Younger women have healthier eggs and high success rates. With the help of ZIFT procedure, women have a 22 % chance of delivering a baby. It is almost similar to the IVF success rate.

7. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) Treatment in India:

ICSI in India is performed following an advanced procedure under the guidance of an ICSI expert. First, the eggs from the woman and sperms from the man are retrieved and kept in separate lab dishes. Donor eggs and sperms are also used in some cases. Each egg is inseminated with sperms to achieve fertilization. Only the most viable and healthy embryos are transferred to a woman’s uterus to improve the chances of success. The success rate of ICSI in India goes as high as 80 percent as the fertility doctors in India are truly dedicated and medically skilled in helping infertile couples have a baby. The doctors also provide counseling services on prevention and treatment of infertility. (10)

Benefits of ICSI:

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) offers the intended parents a chance to have a baby, even with severe male infertility issues. ICSI benefits include helping one get pregnant even if they are dealing with one or more of the following conditions:

  • Low sperm count
  • Physical blockage
  • Poor sperm motility or morphology
  • Having tried IVF without success
  • The desire for pregnancy post-vasectomy

ICSI Success Rate in India:

The success rate of ICSI is related to IVF procedure as well. ICSI is used with conventional IVF to increase the success rate. The success rate of ICSI also depends on age. The younger you are, there are more chances of your ICSI treatment to be successful. The success rate is 44 % if you age between 18 to 35 years. It goes on decreasing and be just 11 % if you are between 43 to 45 years old.

8. Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection (IMSI) Treatment in India

Fertility centers in India perform IMSI treatment in a well-equipped laboratory. During the procedure, eggs of a woman are retrieved followed by retrieval of sperms from the male partner. It is mainly performed in cases when the sperm shape and quality of sperms are not ideal for fertilizing the eggs or when the sperms have the possibility to cause abnormalities in babies. In India, the specialized embryologists examine each and every sperm under a powerful microscope to sort high-quality sperms which are to be injected into the eggs. (11) The chances of miscarriage are low when the treatment is performed by fertility doctors in India.

Benefits of IMSI:

The various benefits of IMSI include:

  • Men with sperm demonstrating a high degree of DNA fragmentation or teratozoospermia, conditions that often accompany oligoasthenospermia can go for this treatment
  • Patients with previous failed cycles of IVF or ICSI
  • Couples dealing with unexplained infertility can be benefitted from IMSI. It has been noticed that IMSI results in better egg fertilization rates, better rate of blastocyst formation, better quality embryos, and therefore better pregnancy rates
  • Couples experiencing recurrent IVF failures or recurrent biochemical pregnancies and miscarriage can go for IMSI 

IMSI Success Rate in India:

IMSI is considered to be a successful treatment in India. The overall pregnancy rate in the IMSI group was 34%. Implantation rate after IMSI was 30%. Live birth rate after IMSI was 29.6%. This success rate also depends on the age of the intended parents and the quality of eggs and sperms.

9. Reasons to Choose India for Fertility Treatments:

India is the best preference for fertility treatments and the reasons for this are so many. Every year, patients from different parts of the world visit India for treatments. Here are the main reasons why India is the hub for fertility treatments:

  • Affordable Treatments: The cost of fertility treatment in India is almost one-third of the cost of fertility treatment in other countries especially the developed ones. The reason for this being the efficiency of doctors conducting procedures. By efficiently using equipment they minimize cost and reduce treatment and recovery durations, fertility clinics in India cater to a wide range of patients from all over the world. (12)
  • High-Quality Equipment: India has access to advanced equipment that is both, efficient and accurate. This allows for better success with treatments, owing to stellar technical expertise. India currently has the best access to the latest equipment in the industry than equipment to treat infertility in other western countries
  • Certified Experts: The top fertility clinics in India have specialists who are renowned experts in their respective fields of medicine. They use their years of experience to ensure that each patient gets the best chance of success with fertility treatments in India
  • Exclusive Services for International Patients: Fertility clinics in India specifically work towards catering to patients from across the globe. Marketing of fertility tourism is done, with clinics advertising their international cuisines and foreign translators. This greatly helps attract more patients opting for fertility treatment in India.
  • Tourist Destination: India has a rich heritage and a colorful local culture, which is explored by tourists every year. Fertility tourism works like killing two birds with one stone, as patients get affordable high-quality treatments, and can also tick off exploring one more country off their bucket list.
  • Patient-oriented Treatments: Treatments that cater specifically to patients, and put the needs of the patients first, rather than bureaucratic paperwork and legal measures are sure to be more attractive to patients opting for fertility tourism. India’s IVF treatment methods work towards being more advantageous than the healthcare system in Australia.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: India has access to the most advanced medical technology and the latest equipment. The hospitals are also equipped with modern devices and tools to perform fertility treatment in India with precision. These advanced treatment methods allow clinics to achieve a high success rate in IVF treatments and promote safe and ethical treatments.
  • Non-Restrictive Laws: The fertility guidelines in India do not restrict egg or sperm donation, fertility preservation, assisted techniques or genetic testing. There are no legal documents required by fertility clinics in India to perform the treatment. This makes it ideal for couples suffering from severe infertility, who need a boost in the right direction. Most of the international patients choose to visit India for treatment for this same reason.
  • No Language Barrier: The fertility specialists and consultants in India speak English, which allows patients to understand each aspect of their infertility treatment. The fertility doctors in India give their best to explain the cause, diagnosis, and treatment to every patient.

The fertility tourism sector is increasing every day, with a catered range of treatments that focus on putting the needs of the patient first and delivering success rates that are the best in the industry. With the revenue from the field of infertility treatments, tourism is expected to get triple by 2020, there is no doubt, this industry is proving to be a boon to India’s economy, as well as patients across the world.

India has a lot to offer to medical tourists coming from across the world for fertility treatments. Over the years, India has emerged as one of the fastest growing countries for fertility tourism giving infertile couples a chance to become parents with the highest standard of treatments. With so many benefits for patients, India is the new hub of fertility treatment. Reproductive healthcare facilitators like OVO Fertility can help you get the best treatment in India without facing any difficulty. From finding an ideal hospital to providing medical loans, OVO Fertility stays by your side throughout your treatment. You can contact OVO Fertility at +918268260808 for any assistance for your treatment or to book a FREE appointment with one of the best infertility treatments.



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