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    in vitro fertilisation (ivf)

    IVF Procedure - Cost of IVF Treatment and Test tube Baby in India

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    IVF procedure is one of the assisted reproductive technology helps couples conceive a baby. The cost of ivf treatment and cost of test tube baby in India is around Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 2,00,000 at best test tube baby centers in india. IVF success rates fall between 50% to 60% depending on age and additional treatment with IVF.

    A test tube baby is a baby that is conceived through In vitro Fertilization (IVF) procedure. In this process, the egg is fertilized outside the fallopian tube in a controlled environment then implanted to the woman’s uterus. India has always been a hub for people seeking medical treatments, especially for infertility treatments. With huge number of highly qualified doctors and dedicated hospitals spread across the nation, many reproductively challenged medical tourists prefer to come to India.

    IVF and associated treatments in India are extremely affordable when compared to the rates in western countries. (1) The convenience of hospitals, highly experienced IVF doctors and excellent patient care services also draw the attention of medical tourists. 

    In this article we will look at:

    Following is the list of reasons to get IVF treatment in India:

    1. What are the advantages if IVF treatment in India?

    1. Low-cost treatment options

    Compared to Western countries, medical charges in India are much cheaper. (2) Although it depends on the standards of the hospital, the cost of IVF treatment is still affordable than developed countries. The cost of medication and prescription drugs used in the treatment is also much less than other countries. 

    2. State-of-the-art technology

    Reputed hospital and clinics in India are equipped with high-tech medical technologies. (3)They follow complex medical procedures which cost much more in advanced countries like the US and UK.

    3. Advanced procedures to treat infertility

    Experienced IVF specialists take patients through advanced treatments to ensure complete medical treatment. The doctors in India are just as skilled as the doctors in first world countries. 

    4. Extensive facilities

    Advanced facilities like a routine checkup, patient care, hospital room amenities, and cleanliness are all maintained for the comfort of the patients. 

    5. English speaking medical staff

    Doctors, attendants, and other medical staff are all trained or educated in English to make communication much easier. 

    6. Medical consultants

    Medical tour consultants like OVO Fertility, help international patients find the best medical centers and most reputed gynecologists in the country.

    Growth of Infertility Hospitals in India

    • Currently, 22 to 33 million couples in the reproductive age are suffering from lifetime infertility.
    • Females alone account for 40 percent to 50 percent of infertility problems, while male infertility rate accounts for 30 percent to 40 percent. 
    • High-risk factors like STDs and other reproductive disorders are key drivers for the high burden of infertility. 

    First Test Tube Baby in India

    Dr. Subhash Mukhopadhyay was the first physician in India to perform the In vitro fertilization resulting in a successful test tube baby named “Durga” (Kanupriya Agarwal) on October 3, 1978.

    Prevalence of IVF or Test Tube Baby Technique

    IVF treatments are growing in India due to the rise of infertility cases. (4) Many couples go for medications and IUI treatments if these treatments are not successful 50 percent of infertile couples further approach the IVF method. (5) 

    Infertility Disorders that are Treated in India

    In India, all categories of infertile patients are treated with modern treatment methods and advanced procedures to increase the chance of success. Some of the infertility disorders treated in India can be listed as:

    2. How is IVF done step by step?

    Treatment for test tube baby in India is performed with extreme care and precision to ensure a high success rate of pregnancy. (6)

    1. Suppressing Natural Menstrual Cycle

    In female infertility, a woman receives a drug, usually in the form of a daily injection for about two weeks, to suppress her natural menstrual cycle.

    2. Super Ovulation

    Fertility drugs containing the fertility hormone Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) are given to a woman, to assist production of more eggs in the ovaries. Vaginal ultrasound scans are used to monitor the growth of eggs.

    3. Eggs Retrieval

    Eggs are collected from ovaries through a minor surgical procedure known as “follicular aspiration.” A thin needle is inserted through vagina and then into an ovary. The eggs are sucked out using an advanced suction device. The doctors collect about 15 eggs in one cycle, which is known to provide the highest chance of successful pregnancy. Sometimes, frozen or donated eggs are also used.

    4. Sperm Tests

    In male fertility, the sperms of a man or a donor are examined in a lab for sperm count and motility. The healthy sperms are selectively picked and separated from toxic impurities to be prepared for insemination.

    5. Insemination and Fertilization

    After eggs and sperms are collected, they are kept in a controlled environment. Next, an embryologist performs a technique known as Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), in which, selected sperms are physically inserted into the egg to facilitate fertilization. Some centers on India also offer Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) which can screen an embryo for genetic disorders. A few days later the healthiest embryo is selected for transfer.

    6. Embryo Transfer

    When eggs are fertilized and formed into an embryo, they are prepared for insertion. Before the process, women are given progesterone or Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG) to help the lining of the womb.

    The embryo is implanted in the womb through vagina using a thin tube, or catheter. When the embryo sticks to the lining of the womb, healthy embryo growth can begin.

    3. What is the success rate of IVF in India?

    A woman’s ability to conceive a baby minimizes with increasing age. It is important to note that when you use your own eggs, your chances of success are higher at a younger age. Use of harmful drugs, hormonal imbalances, and genetics can also influence the chance of pregnancy. In 2010, women who opted for In vitro Fertilization (IVF) using their own new eggs, the percentage of cycles initiated resulted in a live birth was:

    • 32.2 percent for women aged under 35 years
    • 27.7 percent for women aged between 35–37 years 
    • 20.8 percent for women aged between 38–39 years 
    • 13.6 percent for women aged between 40–42 years
    • 5.0 percent for women aged between 43–44 years
    • 1.9 percent for women aged 45 years and over

    4. What is cost of test tube baby in India?

    Test Tube Baby Cost in India is far less than other developed nations; therefore, may infertile patients come to India to get the same treatment at lower cost. 

    Rates for Basic IVF Treatment

    For one IVF cycle, the average cost of treatment in India is approximately Rs. 2, 50,000. It can depend on the procedure and place of treatment as the rate can go up as high as Rs. 4, 50,000 for one cycle of the treatment.

    Rates for Any Advanced Treatments

    The costs are much higher if a patient requires advanced technological assistance in IVF. ICSI treatment will require an additional Rs.1,50,000 to Rs. 2,50,000. An FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) procedure will cost patients about Rs.1,20,000, apart from the IVF cost in India. See the table below and find out the average cost of IVF treatment cycles in the major cities of India:




    Rs. 2,00,000 to Rs. 3,00,000


    Rs. 1,60,000 to Rs. 1,75,000


    Rs. 1,45,000 to Rs. 1,65,000


    Rs. 90,000 to Rs. 1,25,000


    Rs. 75,000 to Rs. 90,000


    Rs. 65,000 to Rs. 85,000


    Rs. 65,000 to Rs. 80,000

    Sometimes patients with extreme infertile cases also require donor eggs and sperms. This can add to the cost of IVF treatment. There may also be additional hidden costs of fertility drugs, blood work, ultrasound and monitoring tests.

    5. Which is the best test tube baby centre in India?

    Infertility specialists in IVF clinics in India have the ability and technology to provide the best solutions for infertility. With so many reputed centers located in different cities across the country, patients can look for the best, cheapest and reliable IVF doctors and centers. You can also contact us at +918268260808 to find specialized IVF doctors and best hospitals in your area to book a free appointment with OVO Fertility. Also, read Best IVF Centers and Doctors in Delhi With High Success Rates.





    Mr and Mrs. Hirani

    My wife and I are very happy to have finally conceived a child with IVF treatment after several years of trying. Thanks to OVO Health, who guided us through the entire treatment process and costs. We even got some cost deductions, thanks!

    Nov. 12, 2018, 4:11 p.m. 4.5


    Priya Ganguly

    I was the first in my family to suffer from infertility issues. When everyone gave up on me, OVO Health was the one who supported me emotionally and guided me through the treatment process. The cost of IVF treatment was also much less than I expected. Thank you so much for your help and support. OV…

    Nov. 5, 2018, 9:55 a.m. 5.0


    Alok Desai

    Thank You OVO Health! I am now on my way to become a proud father. The IVF treatment has resulted in pregnancy and hope it brings me a child. Thanks for the right selection of hospitals and doctors who performed their best to help us conceive at minimum cost.

    Oct. 30, 2018, 2:56 p.m. 4.5


    Palak Sastry

    I was suffering from infertility and had gone through several cycles of IVF in many hospitals. Last year, my husband suggested me to take the help of OVO Health. OVO Health did a good job of booking my appointment in one of the best infertility clinics in the city. The costs of treatment were also …

    Oct. 21, 2018, 11:29 a.m. 5.0


    Aisha Bennet

    I was really nervous and afraid to go through the IVF treatment procedure alone, as my husband was out of India. A friend suggested me OVO Health and l am glad I took her advice. OVO Health helped me find the nearest infertility doctor at the best treatment cost.

    Oct. 17, 2018, 4:17 p.m. 5.0


    Khatun Naueshwara

    I used OVO Health pay to pay for my IVF expenses and got a discount of 5%. Also, because of OVO Health 's support my treatment was very cost effective and smooth.

    Oct. 15, 2018, 4:44 p.m. 4.5

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