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    in vitro fertilisation (ivf)

    12 IVF success tips you must opt before starting with your IVF procedure

    • 4.8   (6 Votes)

    You need to prepare yourself for IVF procedure with the help of IVF success tips. This includes avoiding stress, exercising well, drinking healthy fluids, pampering yourself, quitting drinks and alcohol, and timely discussing with doctor. Infertility treatments help couples in conceiving a baby.

    In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) is one of the most sought-after fertility treatments today. When a couple chooses IVF treatment or IVF procedure or test tube baby for conception, it affects both the partners physically and emotionally. While the chances of conceiving during the first cycle of treatment highly depend on the reproductive health and other psychological factors, there are a few things that you can do to improve your chances of conceiving. (1)

    12 Most Effective and Helpful IVF Success Tips:

    1. Prepare yourself for IVF
    2. Avoid stress
    3. Eat right always
    4. Exercise and IVF
    5. Effect of weight on IVF
    6. Fertility Cleansing is the key
    7. Drink lots of fluids
    8. Avoid consuming alcohol
    9. Avoid caffeine in any form
    10. Pamper yourself
    11. Communicate with your doctor
    12. Keep plan B ready

    1. Prepare yourself for IVF

    It is essential to prepare yourself for the roller coaster that the process is going to be. Preparing the body for IVF means nurturing the hormonal & reproductive system of the body. IVF success rate is directly proportional to the earlier preparation for the treatment. The earlier the better. Staying organized and on time is another aspect of effective IVF treatment. Note the date when your period starts, the number of days it lasts, and anything else regarding your menstrual cycle (at least for three months before starting the treatment). Though keeping a track of the dates is quite a task, you can rely on the OVO fertility App to do it for you. Knowing your predicted period dates makes the process much easier. If you're facing difficulties in conceiving, tracking your cycle is important. (2)

    2. Avoid stress

    At times stress gets the better of you. However, major lifestyle changes must not be made during the treatment, like moving to a new house, starting a new job or switching careers, going on a diet, etc. Extra stress during this period can be harmful. Just try to avoid stress when going for IVF. High levels of stress affect fertility in both men and women and increase the risk of a failed IVF. (3)

    test tube baby, ivf treatment

    3. Eat right always

    Prior to going ahead with the fertility treatment, it is necessary to shift towards a healthier diet in order to boost your chances of conception. Nutritious food is vital for producing healthy matured eggs. Eat a well-balanced diet. Your diet should consist of four to six small meals each day, and each meal should include some complex carbohydrates with fresh fruits and vegetables. Complex carbohydrates are important during conception as it provides the cell with the required energy and nutrition. (3)

    Advantages of a fertility diet

    • Protects sperms and eggs from the damage caused by free radicals
    • Infuses hormonal balance in the body
    • Rich Sources of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants provide the required nutrients to the body (4)

    4. Exercise and IVF

    Moderate and regular exercising habit is known to improve chances of success in the women who are preparing to conceive through Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), precisely In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Maintaining an active regime is easier through exercising and it is particularly beneficial when you are looking forward to losing weight and aiming for a healthier range of BMI. While it is recommended to go for mild exercises during IVF like walking, stretching and lifting light hand weights but before IVF exercising can come in the form of:

    • Moderate cardio like walking, jogging, and aerobics (30 minutes daily): To boost heart-rate and improve blood flow

    • Stretching (10 minutes before workout): Proper alignment of the reproductive organs, readies the body for pregnancy, labor, and delivery

    • Strength training (3 to 4 days): To increase muscle mass for supporting reproductive organs, better stamina, reducing insulin in both males and females, increased testosterone levels in men

    • Yoga and pilates (30 minutes to one hour): Gives strength to core muscles and improves blood flow (5)

    5. Effect of weight on IVF

    In addition to causing health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases, excessive weight is also responsible for decreased fertility in both men and women alike. A measure of the body fat is calculated with the help of the total weight and height of a person called BMI (Body Mass Index). A BMI value:

    • close to 25 is recommended for a woman in her reproductive years
    • higher than 30 is equated to obesity (detrimental for conception)

    For women who are obese have their egg quality compromised due to the condition and may need external stimulation in the form of drugs for the maturation of eggs during IVF. Hence, it is essential that weight is always under check before, during and even once the IVF treatment completes for a healthy pregnancy. (6)

    6. Fertility Cleansing is the key

    Fertility cleansing is a way of preparing the body for conception by cleansing the uterus and liver. Cleansing the liver helps the body in getting rid of toxins and excess hormones while cleansing uterus improves blood circulation to the uterus and tones the tissues in the uterus. Fertility cleansing also cleans the uterus out of its old blood. Fertility cleansing is primarily based on the menstrual cycle. The first half of the cycle starting from the day after period ends till ovulation is considered for liver cleansing. The second phase starting after ovulation continued until the period begins is considered for uterus nourishing. It increases blood circulation and thus aids in reaching oxygenated blood to the reproductive system of the body which further supports uterine health. It includes fertility massages that help in strengthening the reproductive system and abdominal muscles. (7)

    7. Drink lots of fluids

    This is not just to flush out the toxins from your body but to deal with some side-effects of IVF treatment or IVF procedure or test tube baby. Some women suffer from OHSS (Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) due to the medications injected during  IVF treatment or IVF procedure or test tube baby. This leads to painful and swollen ovaries. Drinking three to five liters of water can prevent OHSS to some extent and relieve the pain. (8)

    8. Avoid consuming alcohol

    Regular consumption of alcohol, even in small amounts, can reduce a woman’s chance of conceiving by more than 50 percent. So, why take a chance? Avoid alcohol when you're trying to conceive. (9)

    ivf procedure, ivf treatment

    9. Avoid caffeine in any form

    Having five or more cups of coffee per day doubles the chances of miscarriage. The same happens if you take caffeine from other sources like soft drinks, aerated fruit juices, and sports drinks. Hence, it is advisable that women must avoid caffeine intake when trying to conceive.

    10. Pamper yourself

    It’s important to balance your life and stay away from any kind of stress. You need to maintain a good equilibrium between your IVF treatment and life with positive activities that help you relax. Read a book, talk to your partner, indulge in a hobby or just take a stroll in your garden. Just do anything that helps you to take your mind off the emotional rollercoaster that you're going through. 

    11. Communicate with your doctor

    An in-depth conversation with your doctor is vital for IVF treatment or IVF procedure or test tube baby. Don't hesitate to pick up your phone and dial his/her number. Discuss your discomforts as well as fears. (10)

    12. Keep plan B ready

    In case your first attempt at IVF is not successful, don't lose hope. You can always opt for a second IVF treatment or IVF procedure or test tube baby or go for an egg donor. Always have a Plan B in your pocket.

    To know more about the IVF procedure, please read our article on Steps of IVF. In case you are looking for more research into general infertility treatments then read our article on Fertility Treatments.





    Pooja Agarwal

    This article is really beneficial for those childless couples who see IVF as an option. Very well researched and thorough information.

    Nov. 11, 2018, 6:57 p.m. 5.0


    Reshmita Saha

    I never knew that weight is also responsible for the success of IVF treatment. My friend who has experience of failed IVF cycles is very skinny. That may be the reason for her past failure.

    July 9, 2018, 9 a.m. 4.5


    Tania Torres

    Communication and precautions are few things that work everywhere but when it's about an IVF or IUI treatment, it becomes more important to follow all the guidelines.

    Aug. 31, 2017, 4:59 p.m. 5.0


    Shweta Trilok

    A healthy sperm count is the one of the major steps with IVF procedure. Avocados and walnuts can be taken to increase the sperm count.

    Aug. 31, 2017, 4:58 p.m. 4.5


    Sonia Nigam

    IVF treatment has proven highly effective in the field of medical science. Success rate is higher for those couple planning it at the age of 25-28.

    Aug. 31, 2017, 4:08 p.m. 5.0


    Kalpana Thakur

    Now I got to know that there are many points that I should keep in mind before going for IVF treatment. I will follow all these instructions. My doctor has also suggested me the same.

    Aug. 14, 2017, 4:25 p.m. 5.0

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