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    in vitro fertilisation (ivf)

    Where Do You Get IVF Treatment? Who Performs IVF Procedure for Infertile Couples?

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    IVF treatment helps in gaining pregnancy through artificial assistance. Treatment taken from the best IVF centers ensure IVF success rates through minimal artificial stimulation. The best IVF doctors should retain relevant experience, expertise, clinical skills, and qualifications to perform IVF treatment.

    IVF treatment or In vitro fertilization (IVF) refers to a procedure under Artificial Reproductive Technology (ART). IVF is more sort of artificial assistance that is required when a couple is unable to conceive a baby. Although there are several other technologies available under ART treatment, which are equally helpful in getting reliable results, those treatments are Intrauterine insemination (IUI) or Artificial Insemination (AI), and surrogacy. (1) The selection of the infertility procedure is not easy for a couple. A couple or patient has to undergo several evaluation tests, assessments, and basic medicinal treatments, to reach till the IVF procedure is started. The IVF procedure is an extensive process, which possesses multiple steps in it. An IVF procedure might cost less, but the complete IVF cycle charges are bit higher, depending upon each patient. Every country has diverse styles, medical technology, medical assessments, and equipment to perform IVF treatments. Similarly, the charges of the IVF test vary as per different countries and clinics. Although the basic formula for executing IVF remains the same everywhere in the world, in IVF an ova or egg is kept together with a sperm to fertilize, which produces an embryo as a result. This embryo is then placed inside the uterus of the female partner to achieve a successful pregnancy. Once the patient becomes pregnant, then the rest of the pregnancy procedure remains natural, which is accomplished within nine months. There are certain problems and benefits attached to IVF, which we will discuss later in this article.

    What is IVF treatment?

    Infertility seems like one of the common problems around the modern world. Japan, the US, the UK, and many other countries are facing a wide range of infertility problems. In general, it has become common to every other household in today's life. The modern era of bad lifestyle, eating habits, and certain hereditary problems promote infertility in both men and women. On the whole, the infertility cases identified around the world have approximately 40 percent of men and women affected by infertility and the rest 20 percent are the cases of combined fertility problems of a couple. However, IVF is not considered as the first step every time. It is utilized only after other treatments such as IUI do not prove to be successful. Coming up precisely to the IVF procedure, there are broadly two effective methods of performing IVF treatment which mainly includes conventional and modern ones. Depending upon the availability of innovative technology in the country or clinic, the procedure is perpetrated. The traditional or old method is popular in the UK and many distinct parts of the world. Under the conventional method of IVF, a mature egg or female reproductive cells are kept in a petri dish accompanied by male reproductive cells/sperm. The effective procedure is efficiently performed in special IVF labs under the direct supervision of an embryologist.

    After the viable embryo is promptly formed, the cognitive and advanced medical tests like Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) can be efficiently performed to positively identify any genetic problem in the formed embryo. Through the PGD test, the embryologist progressively eliminates the embryos with genetic errors and wisely selects the ideal embryo for conception. The conventional IVF procedure also includes Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) and four to five weeks of artificial ovulation induction as per the requirement of the couples. The main difference between conventional and modern methods is the intensive usage of stimulation medicines and injections prominently used on the female partner. The old method incorporates effectual suppression of regular menses and then re-vitalizing it through hormonal injections. The successful procedure takes around 7-8 weeks to get completed, whereas, the modern IVF method is completed in much lesser time due to the advancements implemented in the respective procedures. In the modern IVF method, the prominent usage of strong medicines and injections are not involved. Instead, the egg retrieval is done professionally from the natural menstrual cycle only. This saves a lot of time, and the whole IVF procedure gets completed within 10 to 15 days. The modern IVF procedure is also known as Mild IVF/Mini IVF or Natural IVF. As there are multiple eggs involved in all types of IVF, the excellent chances of getting pregnant with more than one baby are high. (2)

    What is IVF treatment?

    Find out if you need a fertility treatment:

    A couple suffering from infertility might not particularly have a problem with their reproductive systems and do not IVF treatment. Therefore, following the below steps, a couple can identify the requirement of infertility treatment and which treatment is suitable as per their health conditions: (3) 

    • Visit an Infertility Specialist or Gynecologist: A couple who observes symptoms of infertility should immediately visit a prenatal caretaker or a health care provider for a check-up. In countries like Georgia or Sri Lanka, the infertility specialists are equally known as reproductive endocrinologists. These fertility specialists are competent to suggest the couples, a few medicines primarily, which stimulate their hormones to conceive naturally. However, if medicines do not work, then Intrauterine insemination (IUI) and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) will be considered as an option.
    • History of a hereditary problem: A couple or any of the two partners can possess family history or genetic problems of infertility. Informing the same to the doctor can assist him to modify the fertility assessment test and infertility procedures. Considerably, it is significant to inform the doctor, if the patient at any time had children or miscarriage before to improvise the treatment process accordingly. 
    • Eliminating bad habits: Knowingly or unknowingly, certain infertile couples indulge in unhealthy eating habits or lifestyle problems. This degenerates their case, switching to a healthy lifestyle, and changing certain habits can increase their chances of conception naturally. This method has been so far the best way of achieving a natural pregnancy. Otherwise, medical treatments are always available to gain fruitful results for the couples.
    • Tracking down menstrual dates: Writing down the dates or using an online ovulation app can help the female partner to know when she ovulates. Every month a viable egg is released from the ovaries travel to the fallopian tubes. If the couple attempts sex during this time, the chances of conception become more prominent. However, if ovulation is not occurring in time, then a visit to a Gynecologist becomes a must.
    • Male partner fertility test: A sperm quality test or semen analysis supports the couple to identify, male partner infertility problems. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is used to retrieve sperm present in the semen from the male individual in the couple for the fertilization of eggs in the female partner. 
    • Problem with fallopian tubes and endometrium lining of uterus: Women suffering from blockage in the fallopian tubes, find it difficult to achieve pregnancy. On the other hand, fibroids on endometrium lining cause miscarriages as well. Minor surgery or invasive tests like a Hysterectomy test and Laparoscopy test can serve the couple to acknowledge their reproductive problem and suggest whether they require IVF or not.

    Different kinds of fertility treatments:

    All the fertility restoration treatments fall under the stretch of Artificial Reproductive Technology (ART). Broadly, there are three unique kinds of fertility treatments around the world such as Intrauterine insemination (IUI), In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), and Surrogacy procedures. These infertility treatments receive the aid of Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) procedures which are required for the retrieval of viable sperm from the male testes. Further, the retrieval of female partner eggs is also performed through a thin needle, which collects a few numbers of viable eggs from the ovaries of the woman. However, there are several underlying supported medical procedures, which potentially helps the female partner to sustain a successful pregnancy. Getting pregnant with multiple babies can create problems for a couple if they aren't planning for the same. It can even change the normal pregnancy into a high-risk pregnancy. If proper medical history recording is not performed, then congenital defects may arise in the baby which can also cause fatal effects for the baby. Some of the common birth defects are low birth weight and premature childbirth. It becomes essential for the couple to wisely select IVF centers and excellent IVF specialists carefully, to realistically achieve desired results through minimally invasive treatment. (4)

    Different Kinds of Fertility Treatments

    Where do you get IVF treatment or choosing an IVF center?

    The IVF procedure attributes as one of the complex fertility procedures. It must be handled by renowned medical experts at top-ranking and the best IVF centers. IVF procedures entail a lot of time of the doctor, and the infertile couple, especially the female partner who undergoes a successful pregnancy later. There is no space for a mistake in such a crucial procedure, as it can influence the complete lifestyle of a family in the future. IVF procedures have now become vast as it prominently includes numerous supportive procedures to obtain positive results. Some of the supportive procedures are freezing of eggs/sperm/embryo and donor involvement to eliminate the poor quality of sperm and eggs. Therefore, the patient has always advised doing homework before selecting an IVF center. A couple should only choose the best IVF centre, which has a significant team of leading experts and appreciating success rates. The IVF centre must include all essential facilities along with well-organized laboratories and operation theaters. A couple should keep in mind the following questions while exploring for an IVF treatment: (5)

    • IVFcenter's gestation ratio per embryo transfer procedure
    • The gestation rate of couples with a similar problem at the IVF center 
    • A yearly birth rate of all the couples undergoing a similar procedure at the IVF center
    • IVF cases of multiple births and twins at the IVF center 
    • The considerable cost of efficiently storing freezing or storing the viable embryos at the IVF center and until when it can be stored
    • Any ongoing egg donation program commencing at the IVF center

    These questions will support the infertile couple to evaluate the excellent performance of the IVF center and accurately compare it to other available options. Some other facilities include modern technology usage, high-grade machines, well- equipped rooms, and fully equipped operation theaters. (6)

    Choosing an IVF doctor

    Finding the best IVF doctor needs a competent knowledge of infertility problems as well. Foremost, the couple should thoroughly research their infertility problem and check every unique aspect and its success rate. A couple should not solely rely on the first doctor on the list of their phone book, but they should further check the doctor's qualification, certificates he holds, and most importantly, how much experience does he have of handling similar cases. Usually, reputed and experienced doctors maintain their websites on which they mention their qualifications and experience. An infertile couple must know about the different degrees of the doctors and what training they have taken so far. Such information helps them in gaining high IVF success rates for each of the performed procedures. Moreover, an infertile couple can also check the testimonials of the previous patients, who underwent the IVF treatment with the valuable expertise of the certain doctor. It will help them to understand the transparency of successful doctors advises. A couple must always seek a doctor, who possess a polite attitude, which assists them in achieving their comfort zone throughout the medical procedure and agrees to solve their small doubts as well. (7)

    IVF success rates:

    As per the economic statistics of the year 2016, about twenty-six percent of IVF procedures converted into live births. Many governments and international bodies around the world keep releasing the different stats of IVF success rates around the world. Additionally, the success rate of IVF professionals and IVF centres carry out an extremely substantial role while selecting them as an ideal centre for infertile couple's treatment. An adequate percentage of IVF success rates keep on changing as per various specific age groups. However, couples who age above forty years possesses the least success rate, which is universally observed by many clinics. An IVF success rate highly depends upon the place where a couple is undergoing effective treatment. There some other factors, which help in evaluating the success rate of an infertile couple: 

    • Since how many years a patient is intentionally trying to achieve conception?
    • What remains a significant cause of infertility?
    • If the patient has ever become pregnant before or suffered a miscarriage
    • What fertility treatment strategy will be employed to attain the desired results? 
    • Exactly how many embryos have efficiently transferred to the patient's womb?
    • Quality of viable eggs and sperm

    With the enhancement of medical technology and innovation, different methods of achieving success rate have evolved. Nowadays, doctors who doubt the poor success rate in IVF may suggest involving the donor's help. This unique method progressively replaces the poor quality of egg/sperm with high-quality eggs and sperms. So far, donors' valuable help has efficiently delivered many successful IVF cases. The other method of freezing eggs and sperm, which is frozen to be used in the future, has also helped in achieving high IVF success rates. A frozen egg/sperm is equally good as donor freshly taken egg and sperm in terms of quality. This method is predominantly utilized by couples who plan to extend their family later in their age. However, it cost certain charges to them for keeping their frozen egg and sperm in the laboratory for an extended period of time. Eggs and sperm taken at an early age remain in good quality for many years if preserved correctly. (8)

    IVF success rates

    IVF treatment is perceived as an expensive infertility procedure. Ordinarily, many countries do not obscure it under comprehensive health insurance because of the natural elements attached to it. Numerous couples because of the financial status avoid undergoing IVF treatment, but some countries also provide affordable IVF treatment through the best quality of hospitality. Countries like India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka accommodate some of the best IVF centres and best IVF doctors. Nevertheless, thorough research may help in finding an appropriate place for IVF treatment at affordable IVF costs in the same country. (9) However, additional underlying treatment may increase to the original cost of the IVF treatment making it even more expensive. This is extremely essential for a patient to at least visit a gynecologist before making any decision. (10) Other reasonable options of available medical treatments might provide successful results at a lower cost. For patients, who are searching for efficient IVF treatment at an affordable cost can visit our website to check our updated list of the best IVF center in various countries. You can also contact us on +91-8268260808, to book an instant appointment with the best infertility specialist in the respective city without any hassles.





    Namit Kapoor

    My friend told me that he is very depressed because his wife not being able to conceive. So, we started our research as what best we can do for it. At last, we came to the conclusion that IVF will be the best choice. As they are young, so the chances of success will also be high.

    Sept. 12, 2018, 6:58 p.m. 5.0


    Anandi Sehgal

    My maternal aunt was very disappointed after trying for almost 6 years. Lastly she went to an IVF centre and got the positive outcome. I must say IVF treatment is an epic in medical science.

    Aug. 26, 2017, 1:42 p.m. 4.5


    Vijetha Shetty

    These days, fertility clinics and hospitals have improved medical facilities and services for the patients who come to take IVF treatments. Highly experienced gynecologists and infertility specialists provide the best fertility treatments to the patients.

    Aug. 26, 2017, 1:40 p.m. 4.5


    Amna Mushtaq

    Important tests are done to check infections from zika virus or diseases like hepatitis, jaundice, dengue as these can pass to fetus and can cause serious birth defects.

    Aug. 26, 2017, 1:14 p.m. 5.0


    Sadiq Mahmood

    Choosing a good IVF center increases the chance of success. I must say this should be the most important factor when you decide for IVF.

    July 9, 2017, 1:20 p.m. 4.5

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