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    intrauterine insemination (iui)

    5 Best IUI Centres in Chennai - IUI Success Rates, Cost for IUI in Chennai

    • 4.8   (6 Votes)

    Among the best IUI Centres in Chennai, Oasis Centre for Reproductive Medicine, Apollo Fertility, Iswarya Fertility Center, and Motherhood Hospital stands at the top ranks. The list of best IUI centres in Chennai is created on factors like doctors experience, clinic location, patients review, and IUI cost in Chennai.

    Being a primary level of infertility treatment, Intrauterine insemination (IUI) remains the most cost-efficient treatment at the same time. It has the lowest treatment prices than other infertility treatments like IVF and Surrogacy procedures. However, many times recurring IUI cycles becomes essential, to achieve desired positive results. Some of the best IUI doctors in Chennai suggest patients, to perform extensive research at the right time, and personally visit the centres before commencing with the IUI procedures. Traditional technology does not serve exceptional results, which modern technology can deliver within the shortest possible time. Therefore, taking knowledge of equipment, and technology becomes beneficial while evaluating infertility centres to choose the best one for the infertility treatments. Moreover, the experience of doctors and IUI success rates of patients who got treated play a vital role before selecting the right centre for the recommended treatment. Many IUI centres in Chennai are still employing the outdated methods of IUI, which undoubtedly deliver results, but might take much longer time when compared to the advanced infertility centres. An experienced infertility doctor will straightaway confirm if IUI procedure will suit the patient or not. They might also suggest IVF procedure in the consultation, after glancing at your medical report. This makes the choice of correct fertility centre even more valuable for the patients looking for the same. Your IUI treatment highly depends on the fertility centre you choose, a wiser decision can save both money and time in the long term. India has some of the outstanding IUI centres, which offer result-oriented treatment at reasonable costs. In India, out of many cities, IUI cost in Chennai is extremely pocket-friendly. Moreover, the clinics offer substantial usage of modern technology, delivering high IUI success rates. 

    Here is the list of best IUI Centres in Chennai:

    1. Oasis Centre for Reproductive Medicine
    2. Motherhood Hospital
    3. Morpheus Meenakshi International IVF Center
    4. Apollo Fertility
    5. Iswarya Fertility Center

    1. Oasis Centre for Reproductive Medicine

    Oasis Centre for Reproductive Medicine is an eminent fertility centre located in Anna Nagar, Chennai. The centre was incepted in the year 2009 and became popular since then. It is a trustworthy health care clinic assisting numerous couples to achieve parenthood. Oasis Centre for Reproductive Medicine centre delivers high-quality services at an affordable cost. One of such services is IUI. The medical centre retains some of the best IUI doctors in Chennai as well. These doctors are highly educated and experienced in the fertility field. They possess a competent knowledge of addressing a problem that occurs due to lifestyle problems and poor healthcare routine. The centre strives at providing suitable treatment, comfort, and convenience to the infertile couples. Oasis Centre for Reproductive Medicine perceives the problematic situation and agony, which compels the patient to visit the fertility centre. To make their experience worth a while, Oasis Centre for Reproductive Medicine has hired a team of brilliant minds and compassionate personnel. The centre works on a framework of consultation, investigation, and implying advanced treatment. The sound framework is followed by extensively trained IUI experts with the support of modern technology and trained nurses. The centre offers significant services like IUI, IVF, Gynecological consultation, infertility assessment, egg/sperm freezing program, and several diagnostic tests. (1)

    Dr. Vasundara Jagannathan works as a committed clinical head and fertility specialist at Oasis Centre for Reproductive Medicine in Chennai. With a dignified experience of more than one decade, she treated many complicated cases of infertility. She further masters the skills of handling high-risk pregnancy solely. Her confidence in her abilities and trust in modern technology made her one of the best IUI doctors in Chennai. Besides, her competent skills in performing minimally invasive surgeries, she provides Gynecological Consultation as well. She has completed her MBBS from Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College in Belgaum in the year 2000. Subsequently, in 2007, she received a Diplomate of National Board (DNB) from Apollo Hospitals. To polish her skills, she went to Germany and was awarded a Diploma in Reproductive Medicine (2016). Working at the Oasis Centre for Reproductive Medicine, she has benefited many patients in achieving IUI success rates. Her hard work and consistent excellence bestowed her with a gold medal in Diploma in Gynecology and Obstetrics (DGO) from Sri Ramachandra Medical College in Chennai. (2)

    Oasis Centre for Reproductive Medicine

    Reviews of Oasis Centre for Reproductive Medicine Centre:

    "I took my daughter in law to Oasis Centre for Reproductive Medicine centre, for infertility evaluation because she was unable to conceive. I am very happy with the services provided by the fertility centre. They have completed my wish to have a grandson. Thank you." - by Mrs. Madhu Kapur

    Book here to get an instant FREE Appointment with Oasis Centre for Reproductive Medicine. In Case of Questions Feel Free to Post Here.

    2. Motherhood Hospital

    Motherhood Hospital is one of the best IUI centres in Chennai and is based in Alwarpet. It secures a significant position in the list of best IUI doctors in Chennai. It provides distinct services like IUI, IVF, Surrogacy, and Pregnancy care services. The IUI centre came into working in the year 2013 with a motive to provide 24/7 assistance to the infertile couples and pregnant women. (3) The hospital is entirely dedicated to empowering women and their health with the best possible medical treatments. They involve cutting edge techniques, equipment, and modern infrastructure to facilitate medical procedures in the field of infertility medicine. Motherhood Hospital is comprehensively equipped with Labor, Delivery, and Recovery (LDR) rooms. Furthermore, the hospital upholds advanced Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit accompanied by trained nurses. The other branches of Motherhood Hospital are located across seven different cities of India. Additionally, it is supported by 24-hour availability of experts in the specialties of Gynecology and Pediatrics. It keeps possession of a fully equipped ambulance and round the clock pharmacy facilities for the patients at times of need. In total, Motherhood Hospital acquires more than 400 doctors collectively in all branches around India to serve the international standard of medical care. It also incorporates the PREPARE program to support the Preterm Parenting Support Group for backing parents in handling their newborns. (4)

    Dr. Jaishree Gajaraj is a popular and dynamic Obstetrician and Gynecologist serving at Motherhood Hospital in the city of Chennai. She has comprehensive clinical experience of three and a half decades. Besides, providing infertility treatments at affordable cost, she delivers expert consultation in complicated cases as well. Her clinical expert areas include infertility treatments like IUI, IVF, Gynecological surgeries, Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Sperm Injection (IMSI), and Surrogacy procedures. Moreover, she possesses fine hands in performing distinct surgeries, diagnosis, Pelvic Endoscopy, and Gynecology Oncology. Utilizing her thorough experience and research work, she has contributed and assisted many medical organizations. She holds essentials degrees like MBBS from Madras University in 1980, and MD in Obstetrics and Gynecology from the same university. Subsequently, she achieved a Diploma in Gynecology and Obstetrics (DGO) from the same medical university. She deliberately wanted to gain international exposure to enhance her clinical and medical skills. Therefore, she worked in the UK for a time of five years. In the United Kingdom, she earned the fellowship of The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (RCOG) and Fellowship of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons (FRCS) in pelvic surgeries. (5)

    Motherhood Hospital

    Reviews of Motherhood Hospital:

    "My husband and I were very unhappy with the IUI results received at our previous centre. Therefore, we tried Motherhood Hospital. Unbelievably, our IUI treatment showed a success there. I am so glad about the results otherwise I had gone for IVF. I could thank you enough Motherhood Hospital.”- by Mrs. Mona Jawahar

    Book here to get an instant FREE appointment with Motherhood Hospital. In Case of Questions Feel Free to Post Here.

    3. Morpheus Meenakshi International IVF Center

    Morpheus Meenakshi International IVF Center in Chennai represents a prominent unit of Morpheus IVF centres. It belongs to the pioneer Indo-german largest chain of infertility centres. The Morpheus Meenakshi International IVF Center is known as one of the best IUI centres in Chennai. The center retains an infrastructure matching the international standard, along with the latest medical equipment acquired from leading international suppliers. Moreover, the centre also offers treatment services like Zona Birefringence and Laser Assisted Hatching procedures. These features help in better evaluation and treatment of infertility problems. It equally accommodates in-house Embryologists team to ensure that the infertility treatments are guided and associated well. These embryologists are extensively trained in supporting essential IUI, IVF, and ICSI procedures. Morpheus Meenakshi International IVF Center also maintains uniform and fair costing of all the modern infertility procedures. The centre exhibits high IUI success rates when the past records are taken into consideration. The IUI treatment is equally performed at a very minimal IUI cost in Chennai. Morpheus Meenakshi International IVF Center provides services like Confidential Counseling, IUI, IVF, ICSI, Blastocyst culture, Cryopreservation, and timely Gynecological and Infertility-related consultation. (6)

    Dr. Rajalakshmi. R is a trained and dedicated Obstetrician and Gynecologist. At present, she is working in the fertility department of Morpheus Meenakshi International IVF center in the city of Chennai. So far, she has worked with several renowned hospitals and delivered her medical expertise for nearly two decades. She has accomplished her MBBS from The Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University (TNMGRMU) in 2000. Later, she completed her MD in Obstetrics and Gynecology from Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai in the year 2006. She has achieved training from Mediscan to perform ultrasound procedures. Keen to grasp more and more knowledge, she keeps updating her clinical and medical skills by participating in several national and international conferences. She has also undergone advanced training in Infertility and Human Reproductive Endocrinology in Germany from Bad Münder.

    Morpheus Meenakshi International IVF Center

    Reviews of Morpheus Meenakshi International IVF Centre:

    “I cannot explain in words how much I am happy with services from Morpheus Meenakshi International IVF Centre. I did not have enough money to spend on other expensive procedures. Therefore, I wanted IUI to work, anyhow. Thanks to Morpheus Meenakshi International IVF Centre technology, I conceived and became a mother of a cute little angel."- by Mrs. Ishita Kamini

    Book here to get an instant FREE Appointment with Morpheus Meenakshi International IVF Centre. In Case of Questions Feel Free to Post Here.

    4. Apollo Fertility

    Apollo Fertility Hospital is a well established and super specialty clinic. It is excelling in the field of fertility, from the last three and a half decades of clinical experience. The Apollo Fertility Centre has unbeatable success results in infertile cases, especially the IUI success rates are very prominent under its surveillance. (7) They credit its success to the combination of expert infertility doctors and state of the art technology. It involves an employee-centric approach along with customized treatment, according to distinctive individual patients. Accommodating a team of best IUI doctors in Chennai, Apollo Fertility Centre gained experience of handling an emergency, high profile, and international cases as well. Under the international infrastructure of Apollo Fertility Centre, exclusive medical machines and instruments are installed to support infertile patients. Moreover, an extensively trained team of Infertility specialists, Reproductive Medicine specialists, Endocrinologists, Urologists, and Laparoscopic Surgeons are significantly available to provide the best possible treatment for the patient. (8)

    Dr. Dakshayani D is a young and talented Gynecologist and infertility specialist at Apollo Fertility in Chennai. She has acquired an experience of two decades until now. She currently works as a senior consultant at Apollo Fertility, which counts under the list of best fertility centres in Chennai. She has acquired her MBBS degree from Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) in Bangalore (1998). She has also received a Diploma in Gynecology and Obstetrics from Trinity College associated with the University of Dublin in Ireland in 1996. Moreover, she went to Germany as well to receive a Diploma in Reproductive Medicine from the International School of Medicine in the year 2003. Moreover, she is a significant member of the Women's Doctors Association of Tamilnadu, and Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction (ISAR). (9)

    Apollo Fertility

    Reviews of Apollo Fertility:

    "Apollo fertility is one of the best IUI centres in Chennai. It has got the best infrastructure and a team of efficient doctors." - by Mrs. Mani Dheer

    Book here to get an instant FREE Appointment with Apollo Fertility. In Case of Questions Feel Free to Post Here.

    5. Iswarya Fertility Center 

    Iswarya Womens Hospital and Fertility Centre is three decades old fertility centre in the city of Chennai. It was incepted with a vision of assisting childless couples with highly advanced medical treatments. Iswarya Fertility Center supports a social cause of spreading love and happiness in the lives of infertile couples trying to become parents. The center consists of a world-class infrastructure to sustain multiple patients at the same time. This center at the same time consists extensively trained and among the best IUI doctors in Chennai. So far, the centre has rendered its services to countless couples, whose families are complete only because of the efforts of Iswarya Fertility Center. The centre has a relevant success rate of 75% in potential cases of infertility where patients have gained pregnancy with success. The IUI centre is specialized in all types of women's health care services. It has a program of the 360-degree solution to provide Gynecological assistance, Maternity care, Infertility and Neonatal Care. It has a great expansion of twelve fertility centres across nine cities in India. Iswarya Fertility Center also retains some of the trained medical staff and nurses. Iswarya Fertility Center also accredits with the honor of delivering a baby with the reliable assistance of frozen eggs and frozen sperm. (10)

    At present, Dr. Arun Muthuvel is serving patients with success at Iswarya Fertility Center in the Tambaram branch of Chennai. So far, he is the only IUI expert, who has performed the highest number of PGD IVF Cycles in the country. Dr. Arun possesses exceptional skills in the evaluation of infertility and delivering treatment like IUI, IVF, ICSI, and IMSI procedures. He belongs to the category of best IUI doctors in Chennai. He has a very strong background in studies as he has completed his MBBS from Pondicherry University in 2010, and MS in Gynecology and Obstetrics from Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute (SRMC) from Madras in the year 2013. He is one of the efficient doctors, who have completed Master of Chirurgiae (M.Ch) in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery from the same university in the year 2017. He has significantly received training from international institutions as well. Dr. Arun Muthuvel went to Boston IVF under Harvard University (USA) to learn advanced IVF techniques, and subsequently, learned Natural Cycle IVF at Michigan IVF in the USA. Additionally, he has learned PGD IVF and Embryo Biopsy procedures from Cleveland Clinic, along with Andrology, Micro TESE for Azoospermia cases from Miami from the USA as well. (11)

    Iswarya Fertility Center

    Reviews of Iswarya Fertility Center:

    “My friend suggested the Iswarya Fertility Center to me. Today, I am so obliged to her, for the favor. Because of Iswarya Fertility Center, I conceived on time without any kind of hassles. I must say it was a great experience for us."– by Mrs. Kanta Keshav

    Book here to get an instant Free Appointment with Iswarya Womens Hospital and Fertility Centre. In Case of Questions Feel Free to Post Here.

    IUI procedure is a significant treatment which is useful in many cases of infertility. Patients facing trouble to conceive after many attempts feel discouraged about the presence of infertility problems. Many doctors who have experience in treating infertility tries to make the treatment medicine oriented and less invasive. However, in certain conditions, small surgeries and operations become essential to prevent any hindrance in the reproductive system. Therefore, we suggest patients seeking IUI treatment in Chennai to take consultation at the best IUI centres in the country. We have created the list after thorough research and keeping certain factors in mind. These centres stand efficient in the list of best IUI centres in Chennai. Moreover, each of the infertility centres in the city provides affordable IUI cost in Chennai. Visiting these infertility centres will offer you an actual evaluation of the presence of infertility issues which will be followed by required medical treatments. You can also contact us at +91-8268260808 to book an appointment. To check more information related to IUI and related infertility procedures, please visit our website OVO Fertility.





    Shabana Sheikh

    I am thankful for being treated at Morpheus Meenakshi International IVF Center. It gave me my dream, my child.

    Oct. 12, 2018, 12:50 p.m. 5.0


    Mohini Jain

    It has been three months that I realized how it feels to have a baby in your hand and calling it yours. I feel very fortunate that after many attempts I finally became pregnant. I delivered three months ago and named my baby Kushal, as he is very healthy and cute.

    July 23, 2018, 11:13 a.m. 5.0


    Nikhil Sisodia

    I think Appolo fertility has all the elements to be the best IUI centre in Chennai.

    June 4, 2018, 12:58 p.m. 5.0


    Ramesh Bhatt

    Apollo Fertility is a well-known hospital in case of infertility treatments. They make the patients very comfortable before the treatment. The staff and the doctors have a commendable co-ordination and understanding.

    May 29, 2018, 1:45 p.m. 4.5


    Kiran Mane

    April 26, 2018, 8:05 p.m. 4.5


    kratika Jain

    My friend Nisha took Elawoman's help for the search of best IUI clinic in Chennai. She was really impressed with the support and the passion shown by the experts of Ela.

    April 2, 2018, 5:19 p.m. 4.5

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