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    love and relationships

    Know about Most Common and Crazy Fetishes in Men and Women

    • 4.7   (5 Votes)

    Fetishes in men and women are quite common since the time of existence of humankind. The most common fetishes in men are foot fetishes, spanking, infantilism, and voyeurism. Certain types of fetishes are crazy and therefore might sound weird to some individuals. It is important to make sure that fetishes are harmless.

    Have you ever felt turned on? Have kinkiness or fantasies or Fetishes? What are fetishes? We all have this question in mind. Well, the definition of sexual fetish is actually a need of object, material or body part for achieving the elevated state of sexual arousal. Technically some of the fetishes may fall under the category of kinks or preferences, not within fetish. With time, one sexual attitude has changed. From one in three people must have practiced the ‘unusual sexual interest like voyeurism or fetishism while nearly half of them expressed their interest of doing so.

    None of us is sure why people actually have fetishes but as a result of analysis, it can be a result of old childhood memories or experiences that human brains have supposedly linked with the ‘pleasure’. Fetish is not only about pleasure; it is also about feelings such as tickling or pain or about emotions like humiliation. It can also be about clothing, tastes, smells, situations, objects, domination or submission. Though many people may feel discomfort, disgust, pain or indifference but fetishists have their minds crossed in other directions and read those feelings or emotions as discomforts.

    Doctor of clinical sexology confirms about fetishes by quoting ‘due to niche porn and availability of diverse sexual partners because of dating and hook-up apps is letting people to explore their fetishes with confidence.

    But still you must be thinking what actually a fetish is? And what this fetish has to do with this niche?

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    What are common fetishes?

    There are several fetishes, which are dangerous, immoral, and repulsive or say, illegal but most of them are harmless, doesn’t matter how weird they sound. They are okay if practices with adults consent, no long term harm and doesn’t involve any children or animal. Let us have a quick view of common fetishes:

    1- Foot Fetish: It is one of the best-known fetishes and usually men have this one. It is exactly similar to its name. These men just cannot get enough of feet. This is minor one and doesn’t list under weird ones. Though related but different, fetish for ladies shoes, be it is with a foot inside or not is a fetish hard to resist for some.

    foot fetish

    2- Spanking:This holds number 2 position. It is usually found in both men and women. It involves a wanting to spank or get spanked. This has both the elements of humiliation as well as pain plus domination or submission. A little spanking can add spice during sex but fetishists make other people bend on their knee like a naughty kid.

    3- Infantilism or Adult Babies:This is one of the weird fetishes one has. It is quite common and involves fetish for adult babies or infantilism. The person who has this fetish loves to play baby role with their partner acting to be their mother or granny.

    4- Voyeurism: Let us make it easy for you! It means enjoying spying on someone. It is usually either for having intercourse or playing with themselves. It can either through window, cracked door or camera. The consenting couples can set up a role playing game while some consider it as a disgusting.

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    5- BDSM: Those who are not acquainted with what BDSM means then read ahead. It means Bondage, Domination and submission, Sadism and Masochism. It is all about power and more of a pain. It is very common and involves usage of several stuffs.

    What are ‘Crazy Fetishes’?

    Go through the crazy fetishes, which are weirder than common ones. These are not only amusing and disgusting but are painful and completely unfathomable:

    1- Nuts Kicking: It might hard to digest but some men literally want their female partners to be a ball buster. Obviously it will hurt and pain while being kicked in the testicles. Some can even go beyond the slapping, kicking, squeezing and even tightening in vice.

    Nuts Kicking

    2- Hybristophilia: It is known and popular fact that women are attracted to bad boys. But some women have taken it to another level. They are attracted to hardened and dangerous criminals especially those who have committed crimes and got media coverage.

    Another fetishes include love of amputees, sex during period and feasting with flesh.

    Do you have a fetish or just a kink?

    There is a slight difference between the two but both of them are healthy.

    Kink is all about involving in sexual practice with the other person while fetish is only the object or activity not the other person. And the feelings about the objects run deep i.e. fantasizing while being in contact with the object (it can be lingerie, doll or shoe), which is enough for orgasm. 

    Developing Turn-ons early

    Once boys hit the puberty, flood of hormones exposes to several visuals or sensory stimuli. Let’s explain it with an example like exposure of lace under woman’s blouse, sharp clack of heel on concrete actually get stuck in one’s sexual turn on ritual for the rest of their life. In one study it was found that 30 years old man’s fetish dated back when he was only 5 or 6. While it is also observed that some of the fetishes grow due to childhood trauma when child start linking a specific thing with comfort.

    Why men are more prone to fetishes?

    Man is a visual creature. They are more turned on by what they see while women turned on with what they hear. So, the visual stimuli etched as sexualized more easily in the male brain. Even being a part of advanced era, foot fetish can be seen. Even though shoes have a place cost and status in the society but feet have their own fragrance, sensitivity, thin soft skin and different parts.

    So, you can guess that there is lots of sexual turn-on in this single aspect.  It is really hard to break the bond between arousal and object once established.

    Fetishes are actually niche

    While observing the online porn site searches it is found that people searched more for ‘married partner sex missionary style with love’ while other look for more colorful behavior. Currently, the most popular fetishes are cuckolding where a man watches his wife having sex with other man, group sex or having intercourse with transgender individuals and pee.


    Now you must be thinking how toilet stuff can turn you on?

    Well it was observed that when we are highly aroused, our disgusting impulse weakens and changes our perception.

    Soon, will move to screen fetish?

    Now, is the time when people have moved to screen fetishes where virtual sexual conversation is preferred over actual communication or any personal touch. This electronic revolution will only cater in destroying the sexual needs rather than broadening it. People are now experiencing their first sexual encounter through Internet hookups and learned about the act through Internet porn.

    Hope this article enlightened you about the fetish and what are the wild sex fetishes people have.Alsogo through what are the Embarrassing Questions Every Guy Asks. Please feel free to explore our article on Basics of Love.



    Malar Jolly

    After reading those sex fetishes, my husband and I tried foot fetish. We took some help from this article as well as videos. It was fun trying something new and weird.

    Oct. 10, 2018, 8:57 a.m. 5.0


    Nalima Pal

    My experience with male sex fetishes was worse. I got hurt and it wasn't fun anymore. My partner agreed, and we don't try it anymore.

    July 3, 2018, 4:22 p.m. 4.5


    Natasha Chhabra

    O gosh! Those crazy male fetishes. Wouldn't want any of these in my partner.

    June 4, 2018, 12:19 p.m. 5.0


    Arjun Kishan Ade

    March 29, 2018, 7:23 p.m. 4.5


    Ronnie Roy

    Sex fetish was very unique to read about today. Those variations and types can make anyone try them once.

    March 25, 2018, 1:18 p.m. 4.5

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