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    medicine info

    Crocin Advance Tablet - Composition, Uses, Dosage, Side Effects and FAQs

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    Crocin Advance is a mild analgesic used as a pain reliever for treating conditions such as fever, headache, arthritis, menstrual cramps, and toothache. It contains Paracetamol, Caffeine, and Phenylephrine Hydrochloride. The medicine should be used with caution in patients with liver diseases due to the increased risk of severe adverse effects.

    Crocin Advance Tablet is a product of pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline Asia Private Limited (GSKAP). It is a global science-based health-care company. Recently, the brand was voted among the “Top 100 Most Trusted Brands” in India. The brand has been in the market in India for over 40 years with over 2 million tablets of Crocin are sold each day in India. Crocin in different nations is advertised under the name of Panadol which sells in more than 80 countries. Its first elective, Paracetamol, was brought into the pharmacological market in 1955 by McNeil Laboratories as a recommended pain-relieving and antipyretic medication for kids under its trade name Tylenol Children's Elixir. Today, paracetamol is used as the primary component in the composition of Crocin Advance.

    Crocin Advance is a mild painkiller and antipyretic drug, which is used for various health issues like headache, cold or fever. It is also used during the sore throat, body pain, arthritis, toothache, muscle pain, and period cramps. This medication is effectively useful for patients with various medical issues and conditions. It is India’s first paracetamol tablet which has been manufactured with the implementation of Optizorb technology. This takes rapid effect releasing paracetamol drug into the body. (1) Crocin Advance is sometimes recommended as the first line of therapy for pain relief by doctors. It is even suitable for people with heart conditions, high blood pressure, sensitive stomach, and diabetic patients and the elderly. However, people should manage the dosage and those with liver or kidney condition should consult with their doctors before taking it. The medicine should be used with caution in patients with liver diseases due to the increased risk of severe adverse effects. 

    In this article, we will talk about Crocin Advance Tablets and its related information which includes the following:

    What is Crocin Advance Tablet?

    Crocin Advance Tablet is an over the counter mild analgesics drug available in a wide range of variants in both solid and liquid formats. Some other variants of Crocin act as mild to moderate analgesic to treat pain and fever-related symptoms in the patients. 

    Having pain-relieving properties, Crocin Tablets are consumed to treat muscle pain including backache, arthritis, leg cramps, and toothache to name a few. Some of the gynecologists also suggest Crocin Advance Tablet to women to relieve them from severe cramps before and during menstruation. Crocin Advance Tablet can also be consumed by cancer patients who have undergone surgery as it helps in coping with pain in the patients. 

    What is Crocin Advance Tablet

    Crocin Advance Tablet Composition:

    Crocin Advance Tablets are formulated of various strengths, which are specially developed for adults for fever and pain relief. Its composition includes Paracetamol 500 mg, Alginic acid, and Calcium carbonate. Paracetamol being an active ingredient gets absorbed faster than the standard Paracetamol. Due to its composition, it is also used by people with CVD or heart conditions, sensitive stomach, and diabetes. The various formats of Crocin may include different composition.

    Crocin Advance Tablet Uses:

    Crocin Advance Tablets can be used effectively to treat mild to moderate pain including, muscle ache, headache, arthritis, musculoskeletal pain, joint pain, and toothache. Crocin Advance Tablets can be taken to treat the following conditions with success:

    • Fever: Crocin provides temporary relief from fever without treating the basic cause. Its active ingredient is used both for curing fever and pain.
    • Cold: Crocin Advance is prescribed for different conditions such as cold, blocked nose, sore throat, nasal or sinus congestion. 
    • Headache: Headaches are common in both adults and children. Crocin Advance tablet provides relief from mild to moderate pain, such as migraine, cluster and acute headaches. This recommended medication is taken in combination with caffeine and aspirin to relieve the pain.
    • Muscle Pain: Muscle pain are generally caused by stress on the muscles. This pain are accompanied by swelling and restricted movement of the muscles or ligaments. Crocin is taken to relieve muscle pain associated with shoulder, neck, and back.
    • Menstrual Cramps: Crocin Advance Tablet is used to relieve pain and cramping associated with menstrual cycles in women. It only provides temporary pain relief, therefore if the severity increases, you must consult your health-care provider to receive immediate care.
    • Post Immunization Pyrexia: Crocin Advance Tablet is used for the treatment of pain and fever that sets in after a vaccine has been taken.
    • Arthritis: Arthritis is a very complex condition which affects the bones to a great extent. Crocin Advance Tablet is recommended as one of several treatment options for people with arthritis pain of the hip, hand, or knee. This medical condition affects up to 10 percent of men and 18 percent of women across the world. It helped to ease pain in mild arthritis, but does not have any effect on the underlying inflammation, redness, and swelling of the joint. Crocin Advance Tablet is sometimes recommended to relieve pain associated with arthritis as it has fewer side effects. (2) 
    • Surgical pain: Surgeries can take a toll on the overall health of a patient. One needs to take proper measures to make sure that the recovery of the patient takes place with efficiency.Cancer patients who have undergone surgery can also take Crocin Advance Tablet as it helps in dealing with the pain which can occur after surgery.
    • Toothache: Crocin Advance tablet can be used to treat mild to severe toothache. Patients can take this medicine after dental treatment to reduce the pain. One must consult a dentist to check for the dosage of medication to avoid any type of side effects on the body.

    Benefits of Crocin Advance Tablet:

    Crocin Advance Tablets work efficiently on the Central Nervous System (CNS) of the patient with efficiency. This medicine works by reducing the pain and decreasing swelling in the respective patient. It prevents the release of prostaglandin that increases body temperature during fever. It selectively inhibits enzyme function in the brain which allows it to treat pain and fever. It activates receptors in the brain that suppress pain signals. Based on one of the latest research, Crocin Advance is also suitable during pregnancy, if administered rectally. This tablet helps in relieving muscle pain especially back pain in case of pregnant women. Many health issues and delicate to moderate pain can be treated with Crocin Advance Tablets. It is even suitable for people with CVD/Heart conditions, diabetics, high blood pressure, sensitive stomach, and elderly patients as well. Moreover, it has fewer side effects and works faster. According to a survey conducted by ORG-Marg, it is said to have reduced fever down quickly and it was also perceived to be free of any severe side-effects. (3)

    Benefits of Crocin Advance Tablet

    Onset of Action of Crocin: 

    Crocin Advance tablet being a pain medication, work best when used during the initial signs of pain. If you wait until the symptoms have worsened, the medication may not work as required. Crocin Advance Tablet starts taking effects within 5 minutes of intake of the medicine, which is faster in action than the standard Paracetamol tablet. When the medicine dissolves quickly in our stomach, it is absorbed more quickly into the blood and acts faster. The pain-relieving effect of this medicine can be felt within an hour of administration. For fever reduction, it takes about 30 minutes to show the effects. 

    Crocin Advance Tablet is also known as Paracetamol Fast Release Tablet. The later name is much less known among the patients as since decades Crocin Advance tablet is in the regular usage. It is a fast affecting medicine as it quickly releases paracetamol drug in the body. Disintegrates are added to the main ingredient of the medicine to make the drug dissolve rapidly in the stomach. When the medicine dissolves quickly in our stomach, it is absorbed more quickly into the blood and thereby shows its action faster. The body absorbs the medicine at a rate of 25 percent faster than standard paracetamol. The medication is safe to consume but one should consult with their doctors to avoid side effects. (4)

    Crocin Advance Tablet Dosage:

    Crocin Advance tablet is usually taken when needed. The tablet is a very safe and well-tolerated medicine for short-term use. If the patient has been prescribed to take the medication on a regular basis, then the missed dose should be taken promptly. The effects of Crocin Advance tablets lasts for an average duration of 4-6 hours, therefore it is generally recommended to take every 4 to 6 hours with a minimum dosing interval of 4 hours. In case you forget to take the dose, skip the missed dose if it is time for taking the next dose. For children older than 5 years, the maximum dosage is as little as 120 MG and not more than 1 tablet per day.

    The Crocin Advance Tablets can also be taken orally and intravenously. Do not crush or chew the tablets as it can release all of the drugs at once, increasing the risk of side effects. Also, do not split the tablets unless recommended by the doctor. It is very important to discuss with the medical specialist to make sure that only the required dosage of the medication is taken to avoid any side effect on the overall health of the patient. (5)

    In case of overdose, Crocin can cause harmful effects to the body. These effects vary from one patient to another depending on the health condition of the patient. If you suspect that an overdose has occurred then notify your doctor immediately. Some of the symptoms of Crocin Advance overdose may include decrease of appetite, dizziness, nausea, stomach pain while late symptoms include yellowing of skin and eye and dark color urine.

    Factors determined the prescription of Crocin Advance Tablets:

    A medical specialist takes different factors into consideration while creating a dosage schedule of the patient. The dose and frequency of the medicine are prescribed depending on the following factors associated with the patient:

    • Patient's condition
    • Age and weight of the patient
    • Patients condition of liver and kidneys
    • Medicines prescribed by the doctor
    • Any other medicines and herbal supplements being used
    • Patient’s receptivity to the medicine

    Crocin Advance Tablet Precautions:

    Crocin Advance Tablet is not recommended to children under 12 years of age and patients who are taking other paracetamol containing products. Make sure you consult your health-care provider if you are taking warfarin or similar medicines as it may cause interactions. Patients should not take the medicine for more than three days without medical advice and not exceed 4 grams per day in equally divided doses. Do not stop the course of the medicine on their own unless told by the doctor. As stopping the course of the medicine suddenly may cause the illness to recur. Do not take more than the recommended dose, as it can cause serious harm to the liver. Patients who are allergic to paracetamol or any of the other ingredients in the product are also not advised to take Crocin Advance. Do not drive and operate heavy machinery as the medicine may cause blurry vision.

    Store at a temperature not exceeding 40 ◦C and protect from direct sunlight and moisture and keep out of the reach and sight of children. Patients having liver or kidney disease should talk to the doctor before taking Crocin. Seek emergency medical attention if an overdose of this medicine is suspected. You are advised not to use the medicine if:

    • It has passed the expiry date of the medicine printed on the pack.
    • The packaging shows signs of tampering or becomes discolored.

    Side Effects of Crocin Advance Tablet:

    Although Crocin Advance Tablet is a very useful medicine to treat various medical conditions with instant results, it can also cause certain side effects in some patients if the dosages are not controlled. Crocin Advance Tablet has potential side effects that can be from all the composite materials. The side effects listed below are possible but are not always experienced. Some side effects can be rare, but serious. If a patient suffers from any of the following side effects, and if they do not subside, doctor should be consulted immediately.

    • Allergic reactions such as skin allergies, including rashes, swelling, and itching
    • Swollen face
    • Rashes
    • Shortness of breath
    • Nausea
    • Liver damage
    • Asphyxia
    • Abnormalities of blood cells
    • Liver toxicity
    • Chronic kidney disease
    • Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
    • Renal Problems
    • Nausea or vomiting
    • Diarrhea or Loose stool
    • Gas and abdominal bloating
    • Fatigue and Dizziness
    • Anemia
    • Blurring of vision

    When to avoid Crocin Advance Tablets?

    Paracetamol is contained in many combination medicines including Crocin. If you use certain medicines together you may accidentally have too much paracetamol in your body. Do not use any other cough, cold, allergy, or pain medication without consulting with the doctor or pharmacist. Read the packaging and composition of any other medicine you are using to see if it contains paracetamol, acetaminophen or APAP. Avoid drinking alcohol while taking this medication as it may increase the risk of liver damage while taking paracetamol. Avoid using Crocin under the following health-related conditions: 

    When to avoid Crocin Advance Tablets

    Liver Disease: Crocin should not be taken if the patient is suffering from liver function impairment or active liver diseases. Close monitoring of liver function is necessary while taking Crocin in the medication regime. Suitable dose adjustments with an alternative medication may be required in some cases based on the condition of the patient. (6) 

    Breastfeeding: Crocin Advance is safe to use for new mothers during breastfeeding. However, it is advised to consult the doctor before starting the medication. Monitoring the baby for any undesired side effects like skin rashes or diarrhea is advised.

    Analgesic Nephropathy (Kidney Disease): Avoid taking Crocin Advance tablets, if you are suffering from impaired kidney function due to excessive usage of painkillers.

    Pregnancy: Crocin Advance tablet is not recommended to pregnant women unless necessary as the benefits of this medication during pregnancy exceed the risks involved. Crocin is not known to cause any harm to the unborn baby, but should only be used after consulting a health-care specialist.

    Overdose - To avoid overdose, it is suggested to read the packaging. An overdose of the Crocin may cause liver damage. Patients should seek immediate medical attention if an overdose is suspected.

    Chronic Malnutrition: Crocin Advance tablet should be used with caution in patients suffering from malnutrition due to the increased risk of severe side effects. Dose adjustments or replacement with a suitable alternative may be required in some cases based on the patient’s condition. 

    Substitutes of Crocin Advance Tablets:

    Some of the substitutes of Crocin Advance Tablets are: 

    • Paciwel 500Mg Tablet
    • Babymol 500Mg Tablet
    • Paralab 500Mg Tablet
    • Reximol 500mg tablet
    • Taurpol 500mg tablet
    • Paratas 500mg tablet
    • Ifimol 500mg tablet
    • Xypar Rapid 500mg Tablet
    • T-98 500mg Tablet



    Q1. How to take Crocin Advance tablet?

    Ans: As the effects of Crocin Advance tablet are not influenced by food, it can be consumed before or after having food, as advised by the doctor. However to minimize its side effects, make sure you do not take food or any fluid 5 minutes before taking the medicine. Wash your hands before taking the medicine. Do not chew, crush or break the medicine. One must avoid drinking excessive water after taking this medicine.

    Q2. Is it safe with alcohol?

    Ans: Consumption of alcohol while under treatment with Crocin is not recommended due to the increased risk of serious side effects such as severe gastrointestinal bleeding, liver damage, dizziness, fatigue, weakness, rashes, nausea, joint pain, fever, jaundice, etc.(7)

    Q3. Is it safe to consume Crocin advance tablet along with other medicines?

    Ans: Interactions with medicines and drugs such as Carbamazepine, Phenytoin, Sodium Nitrite, Leflunomide, Prilocaine, Isoniazid and Naltrexone must be avoided. Crocin Advance can also react with other medicines containing Paracetamol, Ibuprofen combinations and cold and cough medicines. These medicines can increase the risk of an overdose of Paracetamol that can cause liver damage. (8)

    Q4. Is Crocin and Crocin Advance same?

    Ans: Both Crocin and Crocin Advance contain paracetamol in equal amount and are used as analgesics. However, unlike Crocin, Crocin Advance contains super-disintegrant based components in it including alginic acid and calcium carbonate. These ingredients make this medicine act within five minutes of consumption. It was released in the year 2011 as a more effective form of Crocin with a faster rate of action on the patient. 

    Some of the variants of Crocin Advance are:

    • Crocin cold and flu max tablet
    • Crocin 240 DS suspension mixed fruit
    • Crocin 1000 mg
    • Crocin pain relief tablet
    • Crocin 650 mg
    • Crocin baby drops peppermint

    Q5. Is Crocin Advance medicine safe for pediatric use?

    Ans: When giving Crocin tablets for children, parents need to make sure the variant of medicine is suitable for children. The medicine is only safe for children if it is given according to the child’s weight and age. Be sure to check with your doctor or pharmacist before giving this medicine to a child. In case of emergencies, use a calculator to measure the appropriate dose as per the child’s weight. For example children between 2 to 3 years of 11 to 16 kg in weight are recommended 160 mg every 4 hours till symptoms cure and children of 4 to 5 years of 16 to 21 kg in weight can be administered with 1200mg/day. You can also consult the doctor and follow their recommendations. 

    Q6. Are Crocin and Crocin Advance same?

    Ans: Both Crocin and Crocin Advance contain paracetamol in equal amounts. However, unlike Crocin, Crocin Advance contains super-disintegrants such as alginic acid and calcium carbonate. These ingredients help the medicine to breakdown and take effect within five minutes of consumption. (9)

    Q7. Is it addictive?

    Ans: There are no reports of any habit-forming tendencies. If you get the urge to take the medicine without any proper cause, consult with your health-care provider. 

    Q8. How is Crocin advance tablet used in pregnancy?

    Ans: Crocin Advance tablet is not recommended for use in pregnant women unless necessary as the potential risks outweigh the benefits. This medicine is not known to cause any harm to the fetus, but should only be used after consulting with a doctor.

    Q9. Does Crocin advance tablet affect or delay periods?

    Ans: No but it helps in relieving the pain during menstrual cycle in females. Long-term usage of this tablet should be avoided.

    Q10. What is the usage of Crocin advance tablet in breastfeeding?

    Ans: This medicine is safe to use during breastfeeding. However, it is advised to consult your doctor before taking this medicine. Monitor the infant for any undesired side effects like skin rashes or diarrhea while taking this medicine. 

     Q11. Is Crocin Advance tablet an antibiotic?

    Ans: Crocin Advance is not an antibiotic. It is an analgesic that is used to treat mild to moderate pain.

    Crocin Advance 500 MG Tablet is only legal in India, USA, and Japan as it has not been approved worldwide. In India, one strip of Crocin Advance contains 15 tablets costing about Rs. 30.00. (10) The expiry date of the medicine is usually within 2 years of the manufacturing date. Make sure to buy the medicine from a certified pharmacy and take as prescribed by the health-care provider to avoid severe side effects. For information on Crocin Advance Tablets or different types of fertility medications, visit or call us at +918268260808





    Vandana Kumara

    Having crocin tablet makes me feel sleepy so, I usually avoid it during exams and working hours.

    Oct. 10, 2018, 7:40 p.m. 5.0


    Nirmal Prasad

    One of the best medicines for pain relief and the common cold. It works really fast and I like to have it by dissolving in a cup of warm water.

    Oct. 7, 2018, 3:13 p.m. 4.5



    Is crocin advance tablet safer to use during Migraines and perimenopause pain? Do they really work in migraines?

    Aug. 19, 2018, 12:03 a.m. 4.5


    Nadira Nigam

    Thank you for letting us know about crocin. I would be happy to learn more about this. Keep sharing!

    July 13, 2018, 2:54 p.m. 5.0



    What if a child has crocin advance tablets overdose? What should we do if anything like this happens by chance?

    July 7, 2018, 1:57 a.m. 5.0


    Stephanie diama

    Most importantly, Crocin advance is safe to be taken. I will prefer it any day over a combiflam or paracetamol tablet.

    March 25, 2018, 3:27 p.m. 4.5


    Hasmukh Palia

    I take Panadol mostly in pains because it's not harmful. Is it ok or not?

    March 15, 2018, 3:38 a.m. 4.5


    Dorothy Perks

    Crocin advance is more effective tablet. Its effect lasts for an average duration of 4-6 hours. So whenever you take this medicine make sure that you do not take another pill before 6 hours. 6 hours gap is must for taking two continuous dosage of crocin, in any case.

    Oct. 27, 2017, 2:32 p.m. 4.5


    Tamanna Bansal

    As far as I know crocin is a very effective tablet and it cures fever and other fever related disorders fastly. But experts have some more opinions about it. They say crocin is a well-tolerated medicine for short term use. But if you take high dose of crocin, it can cause serious liver damage.

    Oct. 27, 2017, 12:50 p.m. 4.5

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