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    medicine info

    Duphaston - Composition, Uses, Side effects, Dosage, Interactions and Precautions

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    Duphaston tablet consists of a synthetic hormone called Dydrogesterone. Duphaston 10 mg is used as an alternative to the female hormone progesterone. Duphaston tablet uses in menses disorders, recurrent miscarriages, and endometriosis. Duphaston side effects are breast pain, headache, nausea, pain during periods.

    Duphaston originally represents a brand name, which produces tablets of a synthetic hormone Dydrogesterone. Basically, Dydrogesterone is similar to the progesterone hormone naturally present in a woman. It is secrets after ovulation in the woman's body through a temporary endocrine gland known as Corpus Luteum. It is usually produced in the second half of the menses cycle. After ovulation, progesterone starts preparing the endometrium lining for a potential pregnancy. It helps in thickening of the lining to accept the embryo. It also prevents muscle contraction in the uterus, which otherwise cause rejection of an egg. An elevated level of progesterone hormone does not allow the body to ovulate in a normal manner. If a woman does not conceive, the Corpus Luteum will break down, reducing the level of progesterone. Alternatively, if the woman becomes expectant, then this active hormone will naturally stimulate endometrial blood vessels to provide required nutrients the growing embryo in the uterus. Progesterone also prepares the outline of a uterus to a great extent to voluntarily accept an embryo for the occurrence of a successful pregnancy. After the successful development of the placenta, it also generates progesterone to adequately support the initial gland corpus luteum in producing the hormone. Therefore, the elevated levels of progesterone indicate the body, not to ovulate throughout pregnancy and help in preparing breast milk.

    Dydrogesterone or Duphaston 10 mg tablet fulfills the deficiency of progesterone hormone in a woman. Women suffering from a low level of progesterone have an irregular menses cycle and even find it difficult to conceive. 

    In this article we will be learning about below-mentioned aspects of Duphaston:

    1. Composition and Dosage of Duphaston Tablet 10 mg:

    We have mentioned below the composition and how many dosages of Duphaston tablet are required for effective treatment. However, it is merely a general prescription given by us, but a patient must priorities doctor's advice and prescription:

    Basic Composition 

    The medicine of Duphaston 10 mg is composed of artificial or synthetic progesterone. It is uniquely the key ingredient of the Dydrogesterone or Duphaston 10 mg. The medicine is generally available in tablet form, which has to be swallowed with water after having the necessary food.

    Manufacturer of Duphaston 10 mg: Abbott India Limited

    • A prescription of a doctor:Required
    • Solid Form: Tablets
    • Type of Drug: Synthetic hormonal medicine
    • Color: White
    • The tablets are circular, biconvex, scored, film-coated. They are stamped on one side with the inscription "155", on both sides of the scoreline.
    • Duphaston mg 10 is available as a package consisting of 42 or 60 tablets.

    Medicine dosage varies as per different medical conditions:

    • Severe pain while menstruation and abnormal menstrual periods: Duphaston 10 mg, twice every day from the beginning of the 5th day till the 25th day of the menstrual cycle. The patient needs to consult the doctor before consuming any medication. 

    • Endometriosis: Duphaston 10 mg, twice or thrice every day, beginning from the 5th day until the 25th day of the menstrual cycle.

    • Dysfunctional bleeding/ unexpected blood spots:
      • Duphaston 10 mg twice every day for seven days to stop the bleeding.
      • Duphaston 10 mg every day commencing from the 11th day of the menstrual cycle to 25th day to stop heavy bleeding.
    • Secondary Amenorrhea: Duphaston 10 mg medication should be given along with estrogen therapy. Duphaston 10 mg twice every day starting from the 11th day of the menstrual cycle until the 25th day.
    • Abortion: In the case of the risk of abortion, 40 mg of Duphaston immediately and Duphaston 10 mg doses repeated after every 8 hours until the woman is in relief.
    • In the case of recurrent abortion:Duphaston 10 mg once every day until the 12th week of gestation. The dosages need to be monitored by the concerned gynecologist. 
    • Infertility: Duphaston 10 mg once every day from the 14th day of the menstrual cycle until the 25th day needs to be taken for infertility issues in patients.
    • In post-menopausal circumstances: One should be given a combination of medicine with estrogen therapy in a dose of 2.5 mg to Duphaston 10 mg once every day as per the severity of the health condition.

    If one mistakenly forgot to take Duphaston tablet:

    • In cases, when a patient forgets to take the Duphaston Tablet, then he can take the same dose in less than 12 hours from the scheduled time. Under those rare circumstances, one must consume the tablet as soon as one naturally recalls it. Patients need to make sure that they consume the subsequent day’s tablet at a normal time.
    • If it has been more than 12 hours after the last Duphaston tablet consumption, it is strongly advised to miss that tablet out. One should also take the subsequent day’s tablet at a regular time. It is also suggested to carefully keep the continuation of the rest of the tablet dosages as normal.
    • Never consume double dosage to settle for a skipped dose.
    • If one has skipped a tablet, it is more probable that one will have irregular bleeding or spotting.
    • One should never stop consuming Duphaston without speaking with a doctor first.

    2. Dydrogesterone as a replacement to Progesterone:

    Dydrogesterone component in Duphaston tablets is similar or used as an alternative to a female hormone called progesterone. Duphaston is one of the best alternatives for progesterone. It helps in conventional healthy growth and natural shedding of the womb lining. Dydrogesterone present in Duphaston 10 mg tablet helps in re-establishing the regular menstrual cycle. Lack of progesterone prevails irregular menstrual conditions like premenstrual syndrome, painful or absent menstrual periods, and endometriosis. The uses of Duphaston tablet in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) treatments are also prominent. The medicine stimulates the uterus lining to prepare itself for pregnancy and adopt the embryo at the time of implantation. (2) In this situation, progesterone does not stimulate the uterus environment to implant an embryo. Women with a low level of progesterone who have conceived successfully possess higher risks of miscarriages or preterm delivery. This hormone majorly helps in maintaining pregnancy. Below are the few reasons, which cause the deficiency of progesterone:

    • Abnormal uterine bleeding
    • Irregular or missed periods
    • Spotting and abdominal pain during pregnancy
    • Frequent miscarriages

    Additionally, low levels of progesterone may increase the level of estrogen hormone, which significantly decreases the sex drive, pull-over body fat, and may also cause gallbladder problems. (1)

    Duphaston 10 mg tablet consists of synthetic progesterone, which proves to be an important sex hormone. Usually, Duphaston benefits similar to progesterone in treating a problem related to menstrual periods and sustaining a pregnancy. Duphaston for conceiving a child plays a major part in hormone replacement therapy (HRT) during ART treatment of a woman, and the one who is suffering through menopause. The main use of progesterone biosynthesis is involved in ovaries and the adrenal cortices.  Progestational agents have various major functions, including the regular function of the menstrual cycle, therapy of dysfunctional uterine bleeding, restraint of endometrial cancer and contraception. (3)

    Composition and Dosage of Duphaston Tablet 10 mg

    3. Duphaston Tablet  Uses:

    Dydrogesterone or Duphaston tablet uses are effective in treating several conditions related to the deficiency of progesterone hormone in a woman. A few of the medical conditions are listed below, which requires the dosage of Duphaston 10 mg tablet (4):

    • Infertility: Duphaston benefits in treating infertility due to luteal insufficiency.
    • Miscarriage: Consuming Duphaston in pregnancy helps a woman, who is unable to sustain the pregnancy and unfortunately, loses the embryo due to the deficiency of progesterone hormone.
    • Habitual or recurrent miscarriage:Due to certain problems in body or deficiency of some important component, a woman losses pregnancy again and again. Therefore, it is helpful to take Duphaston for conceiving and sustaining the pregnancy. (10)
    • Menstrual disorders:Duphaston benefits in irregular periods or severe pain, during menses.
    • Premenstrual syndrome:Duphaston tablet uses improves the experience of a woman, who is suffering from problems like emotional tension and fluid retention right before periods.
    • Endometriosis:In this condition, the inner lining of tissue in the uterus, known as endometrium builds outward. Therefore, Duphaston 10 mg tablet is typically prescribed to constrain the continuous growth of the endometrium.
    • Menopausal hormone therapy: Duphaston benefits, when a woman's menses promptly end due to her elderly age or rare occurrence of premature menopause without any significant problem.
    • Dysmenorrhea:Duphaston benefits in the painful periods or menstruation cramps naturally occurring at the time of periods.
    • Amenorrhea: In this condition, consuming Duphaston tablet regulates the occurrence of menstruation cycles, which naturally tend to skip for one or more times in a series.

    Duphaston Tablet Uses

    Duphaston 10 mg is universally approved and widely used for several woman hormonal treatments in India and in different countries across the world. During one of the studies conducted in India, it was reported that irregularity in periods was regularized by 91.6 percent with the consumption of Duphaston medication. These results were obtained after 3 cycles of treatment with Duphaston 10 mg. The dosage was given from the 11th to the 25th day of the menstruation cycle. The mean duration of the treatment cycle was 28.8 days before therapy. It was seen in the study that the amount and duration of menstrual bleeding were significantly decreased. (5)

    4. Side Effects of Duphaston Tablet:

    Duphaston tablets, due to its various advantages sometimes carry certain side effects. Depending upon different types of the human body, treatment and medicines may react insignificantly.  Therefore, consulting a doctor is important before consuming Duphaston Tablet. One must inform the physician immediately in case of adverse or harmful reactions of Duphaston Tablet. Below here are some of the few of the minor and major side effects of consuming Duphaston 10 mg.

    Some Common and Rare side effects (6):

    Rare Side Effects:

    • Irritability
    • Depression
    • Hypersensitivity

    Common Side Effects:

    • Muscle pain
    • Breast tenderness
    • Occasional blood spotting
    • An abnormal liver function which can progress into jaundice and will involve nausea and abdominal discomfort.

    Detailed Duphaston side effects:

    • Breast pain: Breast pain is normal during periods, and after consuming Duphaston 10 mg a woman may feel the same. However, if the pain only occurs in one breast, then it must be informed to a doctor immediately.
    • Headache: This is a common undesirable side effect of Duphaston 10 mg, which will decrease naturally. 
    • Nausea: Normally, nausea is found in the case of a woman with Gastrointestinal Disorders. It is quite common to find individuals with nausea, which soothes later when the body starts adopting medicine.
    • Pain during periods: A woman may feel pain during the periods because of Duphaston 10 mg medications, which is normal. If a woman develops severe pain, then one must consult a doctor.
    • Weight gain: Weight gain is a rare case of consuming a Duphaston 10 mg. Therefore, daily exercise and yoga may assist in preventing excessive weight gain.
    • Skin rash and itching: Consuming Duphaston 10 mg rarely develops skin rashes and itching as a side effect. However, unbearable itchiness must be reported to a doctor on an immediate basis to prevent any kind of progression of these skin conditions.
    • Bloating: This refers to a common and a minor cause of having Duphaston 10 mg. It may cure with the implementation of a healthy diet and routine lifestyle.
    • Edema (swelling): This is a severe and rare side effect of Duphaston 10 mg tablet. Depending on the body part where the swelling has occurred, a doctor will observe and make adjustments in the dosage of this medication.
    • Anxiety: This side effect can occur at varying levels depending on the consumption of Duphaston 10 mg. If one has developed severe discomfort, then a doctor's visit is a must for the respective individual.
    • Pulsating headache: This is a condition which is seen in some of the patients when the dosages of Duphaston 10 mg are not monitored. Therefore, one must report it to the doctor to receive treatment for immediate relief.
    • Abdominal discomfort: Discomfort in the abdomen due to periods is normal, but upon severe pain, after the medication is consumed, one may consult a doctor.
    • Irregular bleeding: It is normal to bleed irregularly on some days, but if it is exceeded, then it becomes important to consult a physician or gynecologist. The examination performed by a doctor may only identify the cause of irregular bleeding.  

    5. Precautions should one take before taking Duphaston Tablet:

    One must consult with a doctor or physician before consuming Duphaston if there is any specific infection or a certain problem is present in the body. This medicine may affect in a positive or negative way if reacted with other medicine or distinct health condition. Also, this medicine is not a general over the counter medicine, which may be consumed without any prescription. Therefore, a woman must try not to put her health at risk by consuming different hormonal medicines, without consulting with a doctor. We have mentioned a few medical conditions, which are necessary to inform a doctor before the usage of Duphaston tablet 10 mg:


    • Patients should be examined, for visual disorders, migraine, headache or embolic disorders.
    • The concerned physician should decide, the duration and the regularity of the taking of this medication.
    • According to medical experts, if any reaction of Duphaston is observed, then Duphaston should be discontinued immediately. (7)

    Precautions before taking Duphaston Tablet

    6. Medicine Interactions with Duphaston Tablet:

    A patient should avoid consuming certain supplements or other drugs along with Duphaston tablet. Consumption of different medicines may influence the effect of both medicines and turn out to cause certain positive or negative reactions in the body. These reactions may develop certain irritation, discomfort, and side effects. Therefore, it is suggested to inform the doctor about medicines which a patient intakes even before starting treatment with Duphaston. One should also disclose all herbal supplements, vitamins, and food items, so that the doctor may consider all the factors while writing the prescription. Following are some of the few medicines, which may interact with Duphaston tablet:

    • Carbamazepine: Interaction of Duphaston tablet and DHD increases their metabolism when consumed with anticonvulsants such as Carbamazepine which comprise of CYP enzymes.
    • Griseofulvin: The metabolism of Duphaston tablet containing Dydrogesterone may be increased when consumed with Griseofulvin.
    • Phenobarbital: Interaction of Duphaston tablet and DHD elevates their metabolism when consumed with anticonvulsants such as Phenobarbital which consist of CYP enzymes.
    • Rifampicin: Interaction of Duphaston tablet and DHD elevates their metabolism when consumed with anti-infectives such as Rifampicin, Rifabutin, and Nevirapine.

    7. Storage Requirements for Duphaston Tablet:

    The medicine must be stored in a dry and dark place. The place preferred must be a cold one. The temperature of the storage location should not exceed 25°C. One must keep the medicine out of reach from the kids.

    Duphaston Tablet Warnings (8)

    Children and young people
    Duphaston is strictly not suitable for kids. Therefore, one must carefully keep the medicine, so that it is out of range from kids. Females before their first menses must cautiously avoid having Duphaston. This is because it may affect adversely on children in the specific age group of 12-18 years.

    Older people (over 65)
    Women above the age of 65 years are prescribed with the Duphaston medication as it contains Dydrogesterone because it plays the role of progesterone in the medication.

    If one consumes more than usual Duphaston:

    If a woman consumes more than the usual dosage of Duphaston, then it is not extremely harmful and no special treatment is required precisely until severe reactions. One may feel more sleepy, drowsy and sick. If one is worried then, one may also visit their doctor.

    Alcohol warnings: There is no specific outcome of the interaction of Duphaston and alcohol. Hence, it is advised to consult your doctor.

    Pregnancy warnings: A pregnant woman should consult a doctor before consuming Duphaston. The doctor after examining certain aspects linked to pregnancy will suggest the consumption of Duphaston. Once pregnancy has taken place, progesterone hormone levels give indications in pregnancies for the requirement of any Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) such as IVF to provide sufficient nutrition to the embryo. (9)

    Lactation SAFE: Duphaston 10 mg tablet is safe to consume while lactation. It is supported by several medical studies that neither the drug pass into the breast milk in any manner nor it is expected to cause any toxic effects on the health of the infants.

    Driving warnings: It is advised that patients should avoid driving after consuming Duphaston 10 mg Tablet as it may make the patient feel dizzy, drowsy, sleepy, or lower the attentiveness. 

    Warnings related to kidneys: There is no specific information available on the consumption of Duphaston 10 mg Tablet in patients with kidney disorders. It is advised to discuss with the doctor.

    Liver warnings CAUTION: Duphaston 10 mg Tablet should be consumed with care in patients with liver disease. Dose adjustment of Duphaston 10 mg Tablet may be needed.  Consultation with a doctor is a must in this case.
    The usage of Duphaston 10 mg tablet is not suggested in patients suffering from severe liver disease.

    Experts suggest:

    • Dydrogesterone or Duphaston 10 mg is popularly used for a broad range of menstrual disorders. It also adequately maintains a healthy womb lining for the ongoing pregnancy.
    • It may additionally be utilized in women, who have suffered repeated miscarriages.
    • In the specific case, where one has suffered frequent miscarriages, and seek constant prenatal care. Persistently avoid smoking, alcohol and voluntarily limit its caffeine intake as these may lead to miscarriage.
    • Credibly inform one's doctor if one has a history of conditions such as depression or even diseases linked to the liver.
    • It may result in bleeding or staining between menstrual periods. It becomes crucial to allow one's doctor to know about this health status precisely if this occurs frequently.



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