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    medicine info

    Mecobalamin: Uses, Dosage, and Side Effects

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    Mecobalamin Consists of a Component Called Methylcobalamin. It Is an Active Dietary Supplement of Vitamin b12. It Helps in Fulfilling the Deficiency of Vitamin B 12 in the Body and Treats Anemia. It Is Equally Viable in Producing Red Blood Cells. It Enhances the Energy and Ability to Think Fast.

    Mecobalamin comprise an active form of Vitamin B 12. It is associated with one of the most valuable B12 coenzymes. Mecobalamin performs a dominant function in the activities of vitamin B 12dependent methyltransferases. Traditionally, Cyanocobalamin (CNCbl) and Hydroxocobalamin (OHCbl) were used in the formula of vitamin B 12supplement making it an effective dosage. Nowadays, Methylcobalamin (MeCbl) as a healthy source is progressively undertaking the organic market of effective and efficient medicine. It is present in all forms of medicine dosage like sublingual, parenteral (injection), and oral forms. Moreover, Methylcobalamin (MeCbl) is primitively used in many constructive formulas and a unique combination of numerous health care drugs. It extends the therapeutic effectiveness of the medicines in many problems related to deficiencies and to support the restorative power of the body. (1) Mecobalamin is widely used in the international unregulated market as an efficient profit-making health supplement. Several people around the world consume it without prescription to sufficiently meet vitamin deficiencies or as an essential protection against certain infectious diseases. Studying in-depth, it was found that Vitamin B12 is adequately received from two different sources of nature. These credible sources are Cyanocobalamin and methylcobalamin. Both sources precisely possess different cobalt ions. Methylcobalamin component belongs to the methyl group, whereas Cyanocobalamin belongs to the cyanide molecule. (2) Broadly, Cyanocobalamin is not found in nature, therefore it is an efficient synthetic Vitamin B 12 form of medicine. As a cost-efficient supplement, it promotes an instant effect in curative therapy. The Cyanocobalamin health supplement remains one of the stable forms of vitamin B 12 in the medical industry. As it enters the patients body, it gradually converts into the active and effective form of vitamin B 12. It either converts into Methylcobalamin or adenosylcobalamin. The nutritional medicine called Mecobalamin contains Methylcobalamin form as an active vitamin B 12. Patients experiencing a deficiency of vitamin B12 can also consume Methylcobalamin from rich food to support their holistic healing naturally. The nutritious food like milk, meat, eggs, and fish serve as excellent sources of methylcobalamin.

    In this article, we will look at the following aspects of Mecobalamin:

    1. Difference between Mecobalamin and Methylcobalamin:

    Methylcobalamin and Cyanocobalamin are two valuable sources of Vitamin B 12. The Methylcobalamin compound is sufficiently available in nature as well as in synthetic form. Cyanocobalamin is not found in nature and can only be consumed through synthetic sources after the doctor recommends for the same. A principal difference in both compounds exists in their ways of absorbing and retaining in the body. It is widely understood that a body can efficiently absorb Cyanocobalamin better than Methylcobalamin. A key ratio of nutrient absorption tentatively suggests that a body can adequately absorb about 49 percent of Cyanocobalamin from 1-mcg effective dose, whereas 44 percent of Methylcobalamin is efficiently absorbed from the same dosage. Contradictorily, it is observed that the body secretes three times more Cyanocobalamin than Methylcobalamin. As a result, Methylcobalamin retains much better than Cyanocobalamin. (3) Further, some researchers have additionally found factors like age and genetics also affect the absorption of both the components in the body. (4)

    2. Mecobalamin Uses:

    Mecobalamin medicine is exceedingly useful in sufficiently meeting the nutritional deficiency of vitamin B12 and associated deficiencies. Some of the other problems, which can be efficiently treated through Mecobalamin or Methylcobalamin, include Peripheral Neuropathy and Megaloblastic Anemias. 

    • Peripheral Neuropathy: The problem refers to the considerable damage of the nervous system, which transfers messages from the brain and spinal cord to the body and vice versa. The intricate network of the body seamlessly connects the skin, internal organs, and muscles. When damage is caused to the nerves outside the brain and the spinal cord, then it is treated under the medical condition of Peripheral neuropathy. This medical condition often causes numbness, severe pain, and weakness in the body. The eternal pain is usually induced in the hands and feet of the patient. Many times, it can affect other body parts as well. Peripheral nerves work efficiently to transmit sensory information throughout the body. The most common peripheral nerve problem which is observed in patients includes diabetes, whereas, infections, traumatic injuries, metabolic problems, exposure to toxins, and inherited problems also generate the essential requirement of Peripheral neuropathy in the respective patient. The patients of peripheral neuropathy perceive the pain as burning sensations, stabbing, and tingling. (5) In many types of research, it is encountered that consumption of Mecobalamin or Methylcobalamin, which is an active yet efficient compound of Vitamin B12, works best for the patients under Peripheral Neuropathy. It was equally acquired that patients with diabetes have experienced improvements in heart rate variability and feeling sensation in feet and hands after they underwent this treatment.
    • Megaloblastic Anemia: Megaloblastic anemia is a deficiency of B12 vitamin in ones body. Folate Deficiency Anemia, Folic Acid Deficiency Anemia, and Vitamin B12 Deficiency Anemia can be easily related to each other. In these medical cases, the bone marrow of the body constructs unusual, large, and abnormal blood cells, which are immature. These immature red blood cells are commonly known as Megaloblasts. Bone marrow is an essential part of the body, which inevitably produces red blood cells, platelets, and white blood cells in ones body. When red blood cell circulation levels are reduced in the body, then the chances of becoming anemia increase to a certain extent. The bone marrow releases blood cells into the bloodstream supplying oxygen all over the body. Consequently, a decrease in red blood cells can significantly lead to pale skin, tiredness, and light-headedness. Deficiency in cobalamin (vitamin B12) or Folate (vitamin B9) is the main reason for the occurrence of Megaloblastic anemia. These vitamins are exceptionally significant for the adequate production of the red blood cells which are popularly known as RBCs. (6) Mecobalamin tablets are very efficient in treating Megaloblastic Anemia as it fulfills the deficiency of Cobalamin. The medicine efficiently increases the level of blood cells in the body, delivering a sufficient amount of oxygen. The Mecobalamin tablet also enhances the energy and potential to sustain tirelessly for a longer period.

    Megaloblastic anemia

    • Skin Fungal Infections: Vitamin B12 acts helpful in combating fungal infections. The nutrient is exceedingly vital for the body and acts as a water-soluble nutrient. Numerous studies have found the intake of Mecobalamin has improved many skin conditions as well. It helps in fighting the fungal infection and progressively reducing the redness of the skin by delivering excessive oxygen in the affected area. Vitamin B12 further outbreaks the painful and pus-filled acne improving the skin condition.
    • Oral thrush: It is a unique type of fungal infection essentially known as Oral Candidiasis. This fungal infection is caused on the surface of the mucous membrane present in the skin. The infection is caused because of the production of yeast/fungus infection. It is commonly recognized as genus Candida. This rare infection is not a serious medical condition and has successful treatment. Precisely, patients with low levels of optimal nutrition in their ideal diet have increased chances of developing an infection. Eliminating the habit of smoking can also improve favorable conditions viably in the respective patient. (7)
    • Vaginal Candidiasis: It is an infection-induced because of Candidiasis species. Vaginal infection is known as the second major reason for Vaginitis after Vaginal Candidiasis. The infection has satisfactory treatment, which delivers the required results for the patient. Mecobalamin medicine working as a vitamin B12 supplement taken along with anti-fungal medicine can progressively improve the health status of relieving the infection. (8)

    3. Side Effects of Methylcobalamin or Mecobalamin:

    A patient should not consume Mecobalamin or any other vitamin B12 capsule without any recognition of the deficiency. Usually, there are no major side-effects of consuming vitamin B 12because the excessive amount conveniently passes out with urine. A minimum of 2.4 mg dosage is recommended to patients regularly. This maintains a sufficient number of blood cells in the body. An excessive amount of Vitamin B12 can narrow the blood vessels and elevates high blood pressure in the body. There is a chance of severe allergic reactions as well. However, an accidental overdose of Mecobalamin can cause the following problems:


    • Headache
    • Anxiety
    • Dizziness
    • Vomiting
    • Nausea

    4. Symptoms of Vitamin b12 deficiency:

    Vitamin B12 remains a key component of peoples active health. People involving a sufficient amount of vitamin B12 in their nutritional diet stay active throughout the whole day and have a radiant skin which is of the required quality. They additionally possess great strength in their bodies for activities. While a person suffering from a nutritional deficiency of Vitamin B12 experience opposite conditions such as insufficient energy, slow thinking, pernicious anemia, numbness, and tingling sensation in hands and feet. However, evaluation of health through a blood test endures the solitary way to confirm the deficiency of a vitamin B12. Subsequently, inadequate levels of Vitamin B12 suggest a low level of folic acid. It is widely recognized now, a prolonged deficiency of vitamin B12 can inflict severe damage to the nervous system, which after some while becomes irreversible. It even develops problems in walking and moving. The symptoms of Methylcobalamin are commonly identified in people above the age of 60 as they are more prone to vitamins and nutrient deficiency. 

    Methylcobalamin deficiency also enhances the problem of glossitis and mouth ulcers. If a patient is experiencing a painful and swollen tongue, then a high risk of Methylcobalamin deficiency has a significant probability to occur. Moreover, a patient may also suffer breathlessness, disturbed vision, and acute dizziness during most of the times of the day. (9)

    Methylcobalamin deficiency

    Below are some of the common symptoms of Vitamin B12 which can be seen in most of the patients:

    • Energy loss
    • Concentration problems
    • Loss of appetite
    • Blurry vision
    • Memory loss
    • Disorientation
    • Difficulty in walking
    • Diarrhea or constipation
    • Tingling sensation in hands and feet
    • Tongue soreness

     5. Mecobalamin Dosage:

    Depending upon the immune deficiency, a doctor might suggest different dosages to the patient. A normal healthy person can adequately consume 2.5 mg of vitamin B12 per day, while a patient with severe deficiency requires 1000 mcg daily to accomplish its need. Considerable improvement in condition may lead to changes in dosage as well. An effective dosage can progressively reduce to 1000 mcg weekly and then monthly. However, the chief factor depends upon the absorption power of the body. There are different ways of taking vitamin B12 like oral dosage, direct injection, and sublingual form of intake of the medication. As per absorption capacity and deficiency, a significant method of dosage is selected. A pregnant woman comparatively requires more dose than a normal person if found with deficiency. However, taking effective consultation from an experienced doctor can always assist patients in properly balancing their comprehensive health and eternal fitness. 

    Mecobalamin Dosage

    • Missed Dosage: It is advisable to take the missed dose as soon as the patient remembers it. At the time of the next dose, the patient can skip the earlier dosage and consume the second one as a compensatory dose.
    • Overdosage: In case, a patient, has mistakenly consumed an overdose of Mecobalamin, then visiting a doctor will be helpful. This must be done if any side effects are causing discomfort.

    6. Precautions of Methylcobalamin:

    A patient suffering from the conditions mentioned below should consult a doctor first and then consume Mecobalamin:

    • Allergies caused by vitamin B12 or certain compounds of Mecobalamin.
    • A patient suffering from optic atrophy should avoid the consumption of Mecobalamin.

    Optic Atrophy

    • Blood while urinating
    • Low levels of iron and folate
    • A patient suffering from polycythemia

    7. Methylcobalamin Interactions:

    Consuming Mecobalamin with plenty of alcohol can reduce the capacity of the body to absorb Vitamin B12 present in this medication. A patient should avoid consuming medicines which can interact in the wrong manner and cause adverse effects on the body. The medicine also has some moderate interaction with the following component. Therefore, consultation from a doctor seems important if the following drugs are presently consumed by the patients:


    • Antidiabetic drugs
    • Amphotericin
    • Leukeran (Chlorambucil)
    • Chloramphenicol
    • Ranitidine
    • Prilosec (omeprazole)
    • Colcrys and Mitigate (Colchicines)

    Our team has tried its best to cover all the aspects of Mecobalamin medicine and educate patients about the same. After the consumption of Mecobalamin tablet, it converts into Methylcobalamin. It is an essential source of Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 tablets are highly significant to fulfill the deficiency in our daily consumption of food. Numerous food products provide a natural form of vitamin B12 that can fulfill the daily requirements of the body. However, deficiency strictly depends on the natural absorption of Methylcobalamin in our body, while consuming such nutrients. If you want to know more about topics related to the best medicines, fertility treatments, and a healthy lifestyle, then you can visit our website You can also call our infertility experts on +918268260808 to book an appointment with your nearest gynecologist and obstetrician.



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