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    medicine info

    Primolut N 5 mg Tablet - Uses, Side Effects, Dosage, Warnings

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    Primolut N 5 mg tablet is a medication made up of Norethisterone. Primolut N is used in menstrual disorders, amenorrhoea, premenstrual syndrome, and as a contraceptive pill. Primolut N 5 mg tablet side effects are change in weight and vision, allergic reaction, and increased facial hair growth.

    Primolut N 5 mg Tablet is a progestin-based tablet, which is successfully utilized as an alternative for progesterone, a female hormone. This medication works excellently to treat women’s health-related disorders such as menstrual disorders and problems, which are mainly caused due to hormonal imbalance. (1)

    In this article, you will find:

    Here you can explore details related to Primolut N 5 mg uses, side effects, when to avoid its usage, as well as the most commonly asked questions related to Primolut N. You will also find certain warnings related to usage of this medication. 

    Uses of Primolut N 5 mg

    Primolut N 5 mg is used and prescribed in certain specific cases to yield the desired results. Here are some of the most effective uses of Primolut N 5 mg in women.

    • Endometrial cancer: Primolut N is used in case of cancer, which affects the endometrial lining present in the uterus. The condition also comprises of pain in the abdominal section of the patient. Primolut N is known to contribute endometrial cancer cure to an appreciable extent. (2)
    • Amenorrhea: Amenorrhoea is the condition in which periods do not occur at regular and required levels in a woman. Menstrual cycles are affected in the respective woman. Primolut N is known to be one of the most recommended medications, which cure the condition of amenorrhea.


    • Contraception: Primolut N is used as an oral contraceptive pill. This medication prevents occurrence of unwanted pregnancies when taken in the right dosage.  
    • Premenstrual syndrome: Premenstrual syndrome popularly known as PMS is successfully treated with Primolut N 5 mg. The symptoms of PMS can be seen in the days between ovulation date and first day of periods. Some of the notable symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome include breast pain, increased mood swings, and headaches with variable discomfort.  (3)
    • Abnormal Uterine Bleeding: During the time of menstrual periods, increased or heavy to prolonged bleeding is cured with the right Primolut N dosage.

    Primolut N Side Effects

    Primolut N side effects range from minor to major ones depending on the dosage and impact of the medication on the health of the patient consuming it. You will find a range of Primolut N side effects as follows:

    • Change in weight: Weight increases or decreases as per its effect on the body. This is one of the major Primolut N side effects which occur in the body.
    • Facial hair growth: There is increased facial hair growth in the individuals who have consumed more than the required dosage of Primolut N in their routine.
    • Allergic Skin Reaction: Primolut N also leads to skin reactions, which are allergic in nature and lead to discomfort and itchiness in the skin of the patients.
    • Changes in vision: Vision of the patients consuming Primolut N are found to be effected on the scale of moderate to severe. (4)
    • Dizziness: Dizziness is one of the common Primolut N side effects. Some patients are also found to faint as a side effect of this medication. This can be dangerous, so proper care needs to be taken from time to time.

    When to Avoid Primolut N Tablet?

    Primolut N tablet needs to be avoided in certain cases. These cases include:

    • Liver Diseases: Primolut N tablet usage needs to be avoided in case of liver function impairment at a severe level. (5)
    • Abnormal vaginal bleeding: If you have found vaginal bleeding without any reason, then you need to make sure you do not consume Norethisterone or Primolut N 5 mg tablet in any form.

    Abnormal vaginal bleeding

    • Breast cancer: Breast cancer patients need to avoid consumption of Primolut N 5 mg tablet from their medication routine.  
    • Heart disorders: Patients who had a history of stroke or other heart-related disorders should stay away from this medication. (6)
    • Allergies: If you have any type of notable allergies, then you need to make sure that you must prevent from consuming Primolut N tablet.

    Know about Primolut N Dosage

    Primolut N mainly comprises of Norethisterone as the prime component which works to solve the targeted issues in the patient. 

    • Missed Dose: If you miss your dose, you can take it afterward. But, if the time for your next dose is near, then you can leave the previous dose. You must remember that you consume Primolut N in the right dosage at the right time. (7)
    • Overdose: If by mistake, you have consumed more than the recommended dosage, and then you must immediately contact your doctor and ask for the right solution at that point of time.     

    Warnings of Primolut N

    • If you have consumed Norethisterone medication and find yourself pregnant at the same time, then you need to make sure that you consult your physician immediately to take the correct measures.
    • If you are breastfeeding your baby, then you need to make sure that you stop breastfeeding, if advised to take Primolut N 5 mg tablet. This helps in avoiding the occurrence of side effects of the medication on the health of the baby.
    • Use of Primolut N 5 mg tablet needs to be stopped before the commencement of major surgery. 
    • Extensive and prolonged use of this medication needs to be ceased to prevent the occurrence of cancerous conditions in the respective women. 
    • Smoking must be strictly avoided if you are advised to consume Primolut N 5 mg tablet.   

    Frequently Asked Questions related to Primolut N 5 mg Tablet

    Q- When is the onset of action of Primolut N 5 mg tablet?

    A - The onset of action varies with the sex hormone levels in the body along with the intention of use. Therefore, the onset of action varies from one individual to another.

    Q - Is it safe to consume Primolut N 5 mg tablet with alcohol?

    A - Till now, there are no proven facts of the reaction of Primolut N 5 mg tablet along with alcohol. But make sure you consult your doctor and inform about alcohol habits before consuming the medication. 

    Q - Does Primolut N 5 me lead to any habit formation?

    A - No. Till now, it is not reported to form any kind of addiction or habits on a regular basis with the usage of Primolut N 5 mg tablet.

    Q - Can I use Primolut N 5 mg tablet during pregnancy?

    A - No. You are advised not to consume this medication if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant.

    Thus, Primolut N 5 mg is useful in cases where progesterone levels need to be moderated in a woman. Primolut N 5 mg dosage must be followed as per the intended use of the medication in the patient. For medications, which are associated with improving the functioning of the menstrual cycle and other factors, patients should make sure that they consult a doctor before consuming it.



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