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    medicine info

    Shilajit- Uses, Benefits, and Side Effects

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    Shilajit is a brownish-black resin, which consists of fulvic acid. It is mostly found from the layers of rocks of the Himalayas, Tibetan, and Altai Mountain. Shilajit is used to increase low testosterone level, and control anemia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Alzheimer disease and Infertility.

    Shilajit consists of fulvic acid and more than 84 minerals in it, so it offers numerous health advantages. Shilajit capsule can function as an antioxidant to enhance body immunity and memory. It helps to reduce excess fluid from a human body. Shilajit capsule is also available as Patanjali Shilajit at various stores. (1)

    In this article, you will get information related to:

    What is Shilajit? What are the uses of Shilajit?

    Shilajit is a brownish-black resin, which is found primarily from the layers of rock in various mountain ranges throughout the world. Shilajit is a sticky substance commonly used in ayurvedic medicine. It is also known as fulvic acid and is developed over the centuries from the decomposition of various plants. Shilajit can be an effective and safe supplement to have a good and positive effect on your overall health or well-being. Sometimes Shilajit Capsule is referred to in dietary supplement form. (2)

    Uses of Shilajit to cure various health problems such as:-

    • Anemia
    • Chronic pain
    • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    • Diabetes
    • Eczema
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Ulcerative colitis

    In addition, Shilajit helps in bone strengthening and protecting against Osteoporosis. Sometimes exponents also claim that Shilajit can work as an Adaptogen, which is a class of substances used to decrease “state of non-specific resistance” in stress and increase energy. (3)

    Side effects of Shilajit

    • Although Shilajit is natural and safe you should not consume raw Shilajit as it may contain heavy metal ions, fungus, free radicals or any other contamination, which can make you sick. Whether you purchase Shilajit from a medical store or order it online you must ensure that the Shilajit Capsule or power is purified and ready to use.
    • Because Shilajit is considered as an herbal approach to health and it is not monitored for purity, quality, or strength. Therefore, before buying Shilajit one should check it carefully. (4)
    • If a person is having sickle cell anemia, Thalassemia or hemochromatosis/too much amount of iron in blood cell then he should avoid taking Shilajit. Stop taking Shilajit if you develop a rash, dizziness or when your heart rate is increased.

    Benefits of Shilajit for Men

    So far, research on the effects of Shilajit is very definite. However, various preliminary studies suggest that taking Shilajit may offer certain health benefits. The benefits of Shilajit for men suffering from: (5)

    1. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS):

    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is an eternal condition that causes severe Fatigue. Suffering from CFS can make it hard to go to work and everyday activities can be challenging. Analysts think that Shilajit may decrease symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and restore energy. CFS has been related to mitochondrial dysfunction. This appears when your cells don’t generate enough energy. In a study from 2012, analysts gave lab rats the dose of Shilajit for 21 days, and then persuaded Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) by forcing the lab rats to swim 15 minutes for 21 continuing days. The conclusion was that Shilajit helps to decrease the effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Based on these conclusions, naturally improving your body’s mitochondrial function with the consumption Shilajit may help you improve your energy levels. (6)

    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    2. Alzheimer’s disease:

    Alzheimer’s disease is a chronic neurodegenerative disorder that causes problems in brains such as low memory and confusing behavior. Various drug treatments are accessible to enhance symptoms of Alzheimer’s. But on the basis of the molecular composition of Shilajit, some analysts believe that Shilajit may avoid or slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s. The essential component of Shilajit is an antioxidant, which is known as Fulvic Acid. This effective antioxidant provides to cognitive health by preventing the inflation of tau protein. Tau proteins are an important part of our nervous system, but an accumulation can trigger damage to the brain cells. Analysts think that the Fulvic acid in Shilajit may block the abnormal accumulation of tau protein and reduce infection, probably improving the symptoms of Alzheimer. (7)

    3. Low testosterone level:

    Testosterone is a primary male sex hormone but some men have a lower level of testosterone as compared to others. There are some signs of low testosterone which are:

    • Hair loss
    • A low sex drive
    • Fatigue
    • Increased body mass

    In clinical research of male volunteers between the age group of 45 and 55, half of the members were given a placebo (drug) and half participants were given 250 mg (milligram) dose of Shilajit twice a day. After a wait of 90 days, the study found that the members who were given the dose of Shilajit had a naturally higher testosterone level as compared to the participants who were given placebo. (8)

    3. Infertility:

    Shilajit is also a safe additive for male infertility. In a study, a group of 60 infertile men was given Shilajit twice a day for continuous 90 days after meals. At the end of the time period of 90 days, more than 60% of the men showed an increase in total sperm count. Sperm flexibility refers to the capability of the sperm in a sample to move sufficiently, an essential part of fertility.

    • Insufficiency of Iron (Anemia) – Anemia can result due to a low iron diet, blood loss or a lack to absorb iron. Symptoms of Anemia include:-
    • Weakness
    • Fatigue/Tiredness
    • Headache
    • Cold hands and feet
    • Irregular heartbeat

    4. Aging:

    Since, Shilajit consists of high amount of fulvic acid, a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, it may also protect a body from free radicals and cellular damage. As a conclusion, regular use of Shilajit may provide longevity that means slower aging process and overall better health to a person. (9)


    Taking Shilajit capsule, however, may constantly increasing the level of iron in the body. In research or study, 18 rats were divided into three groups of six. Analysts persuaded anemia in the second and third group of rats. Then rats in the third group were given 500 mg of Shilajit after 11 days. After this, the researchers/Analysts collated blood samples from all groups on day 21. The conclusion revealed that the rats in the third group had a higher amount of hemoglobin, hematocrit and Red blood cells (RBC) as compared to the rats in the second group.

    How to Use Shilajit?

    Shilajit is available in capsule, powder and liquid forms. Always consume supplements according to the instructions given by your physician. If you buy Shilajit in liquid form then you must dissolve a portion similar to the size of grain of rice and drink one to three times a day (considering the instructions given to you by your physician), or else you can take Shilajit powder twice a day with milk. According to the instructions, the recommended dose of Shilajit is 300 to 500 mg (Miligram) per day. Do not forget to consult your doctor before using or consuming Shilajit. (10)

    Shilajit benefits are proven in many health conditions including male infertility. Anyone can reap its benefits with careful usage. However, side effects of shilajit should be considered and it is recommended that you consult a doctor before having it. You can contact or call at +918268260808 for all your questions related to male/female infertility and its treatment.





    Sarah Banker

    Really great content. Know the benefits of shilajit, it is the best quality medicine product.

    Aug. 8, 2019, 2:28 p.m. 2.5


    Jamadagni Varuni

    Jan. 23, 2019, 2:25 p.m. 4.5

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