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    menstrual cycle

    How to Get Period Immediately

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    How to Get Period immediately after experiencing missed or delayed periods can be easy. Late period can be associated with stress, weight, PCOS, thyroid etc. Pay attention to unusual bleeding, nausea, vomiting or pain. Exercising, reducing stress and eating food rich in vitamin C can induce periods.

    There are Missed or delayed periods can happen for many reasons. The common causes can range from hormonal imbalances to serious medical conditions. There are times in a woman’s life when it is totally normal for her period to be irregular that is the beginning stage when menopause starts. As the body goes through a transition, a normal cycle can become irregular. If you haven’t had a period you were due for and are clueless about how to Get Period Immediately, then there are certain ways that can help you induce it immediately. (1) (3)

    In this article we will look at:

    • What are the causes of delayed periods?
    • When should you consult a doctor?
    • What is the best way to get period immediately?
    • What are the best foods to induce period?

    What are the causes of delayed periods?

    If your period isn’t regular, it could be attributed to one of the following reasons (2):

    1. Stress

    Stress can change your daily routine and even affect the part of the brain responsible for regulating period — the hypothalamus. Stress can also lead to illness or sudden weight gain or loss, all of which can impact the menstrual cycle. Severe stress alters the production of a gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (GnRH), interfering with regular menstruation and ovulation. Once stress is back to a manageable level, it can take a few months or more for cycles to become regular again. (4)

    causes of delayed periods

    2. Body weight

    Being underweight, overweight or experiencing drastic changes in weight can delay periods. Obesity influences progesterone and estrogen which may even result in decreased fertility. Very high body mass index (BMI) is also associated with missed periods, weight loss can help regulate the menstrual cycle for women who are obese. Being severely underweight too hampers regular menstrual cycles. If a body lacks fat, it cannot produce hormones the way it should. Women with very low food intake (anorexia) or who burn far more calories with exercise than what they consume by eating may experience amenorrhoea. Rapid weight loss or weight gain due to illness, medication, or dietary changes, may interfere with hormone production or release, causing to miss one period or more. (5)

    3. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

    PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) is a condition that causes the body to produce more of the male hormone androgen. As a result of this hormone imbalance, cysts form on ovaries and make ovulation irregular or stop it altogether. Insulin resistance is also associated with PCOS. (6)

    4. Chronic diseases

    Chronic diseases like pituitary tumors (cancerous or noncancerous), diseases of the adrenal gland, diabetes, liver dysfunction, and ovarian cysts can interfere with menstrual cycles. When any of these illnesses interfere with the cycles, periods may not return to normal until the condition is treated. Congenital chromosomal conditions such as androgen insensitivity syndrome and Turner syndrome typically cause menstrual and fertility problems and are often associated with amenorrhea. (7)

    5. Thyroid issues

    An under-active or overactive thyroid gland could also be the cause of delayed periods. The thyroid regulates body’s metabolism, so hormone levels can be affected as well. Thyroid issues can be treated with medication for periods to be normal. (8)

    thyroid issues

    Other causes include:

    When Should You Consult a Doctor?

    A doctor can properly diagnose the reason for a late or missed period and discuss the possible treatment options. Delayed or missed periods is something that needs to be urgently investigated by a doctor. (9) Consult a doctor if any one or more of the following symptoms occur:

    • Absent period
    • Fever and severe pain
    • Nausea and vomiting
    • New or worsening headaches
    • Vision changes
    • Breast secretions or milk production
    • Excess hair growth

    What is the Best Way to Get Period Immediately?

    The period is considered regular if they come every 24 to 38 days. They are considered irregular if the time between two consecutive periods keeps changing and if periods come earlier or later. There are a number of remedies to try at home to get your cycle back on track. Read on to discover these scientifically proven remedies for irregular periods. (10)

    1. Exercise

    Exercising has different effects on our body like stimulated blood circulation and it ensures a better working of the internal systems. Secretion of different hormones in the body can also be linked to certain exercises. Menstrual cycle in women is controlled by hormones and hence by exercising regularly, you can expect to have immediate periods. However, the way the body reacts and results to an exercise differs from one person to another person. Rigorous and intense exercise often causes immediate periods, at the same time it can also delay period or can even stop periods altogether. The exercises which are believed to trigger the starting of menstrual cycle immediately include crunches, squat jumps, running, standing twists, squats, arch, reverse crunches and cycling.

    2. Reduce stress

    Stress can sometimes induce more hormones to be produced in the body such as cortisol or adrenaline. It can inhibit the production of the hormones progesterone and estrogen, which are essential to maintaining a regular menstrual cycle. The antidote to stress is relaxation. There are a number of ways to relieve stress and promote relaxation, and what works best will vary between individuals. Try spending more time with friends and family, reducing workload and engaging in an enjoyable hobby.

    3. Vitamin C

    It is believed that Vitamin C helps increase the chances of starting menstruation. Vitamin C can elevate the levels of estrogen and lower progesterone. This causes the uterus to contract and the lining of the uterus to break down, leading to the onset of menstruation. One can take vitamin supplements or simply eat lots of foods that contain vitamin C. Citrus fruits, black currants, spinach, berries, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, red and green peppers, and tomatoes are all good sources of vitamin C.

    Vitamin C increase the chances of menstruation

    Make sure not to exceed the recommended dose because too much vitamin C can be dangerous.

    4. Increase Body Heat

    An increase in body heat can induce periods to occur soon. One can take a hot bath or use heating pads and hot packs. Increasing body heat helps in relaxing abdominal muscles, promotes dilation of blood capillaries supplying and draining uterus. This promotes the shedding of the uterus.

    What are the Best Foods to Induce Period?

    Here are some of the best foods that can induce a period:

    • Parsley: Parsley is a traditional food that has been used for many centuries in order to induce periods. Parsley contains Myristicin and Apiol which stimulates uterine contractions. 
    • Papayas: Papayas are one of the best foods to get period immediately. Raw papaya stimulates contraction of the uterus and can accelerate periods and regularizes menses. Papaya contains carotene that stimulates estrogen hormone and causes early periods.
    • Cumin: Cumin seeds are also known to have the same effects as parsley.
    • Ginger: Ginger is one of the most powerful emmenagogues that increase heat in the body to stimulate menstruation. Ginger is popular for inducing periods and is believed to cause uterine contractions. Try boiling a fresh piece of peeled, sliced ginger in a pan of water for five to seven minutes. Strain and add honey or sugar to taste before drinking.
    • Pumpkin: Pumpkin contains a high amount of carotene which helps in inducing periods.
    • Almonds: Almonds are rich in protein and fiber and keep the hormones balanced for a regular period.
    • Eggs: Eggs are a rich source of protein and can deal with menstrual problems.
    • Soy Milk: Drinking soy milk twice a day can regulate hormone estrogen to regulate irregular menstrual cycles. This option can be considered for women who are vegans and lactose intolerant. 

    A combination of these healthy diets and exercises can definitely increase the chances of your monthly cycles and prove to be a sure shot answer when you don’t know How to Get Period immediately. They are safe, effective and many women have reported fruitful results with these methods. You can consult a doctor if you are not comfortable with these tips.

    If you are concerned about your irregular periods, consult OVO Fertility today. OVO fertility can assist you in finding the best treatment according to your needs and requirements. You can reach us at +918268260808.



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