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    pregnancy delivery

    Normal Delivery vs C section Delivery - Benefits and Disadvantages

    • 4.6   (6 Votes)

    C section delivery benefits are no head injury, less bleeding after delivery, and no birth trauma. Normal delivery benefits include active participation of mother, no incision required, and less recovery time. Normal delivery and Cesarean delivery pros and cons need to be understood before opting for the same.

    Let’s Discuss in More Details About Normal Delivery Vs C Section - Pros and Cons:

    The birth of a baby is one of the most rewarding events in a lady’s life. It takes 9 months for a baby to grow and mature in the womb of a mother. C-Section (Caesarean Section) and Natural delivery are different methods utilized for the delivery of a baby. Natural delivery is a procedure of giving birth through the vagina but C-Section involves surgical delivery by making an incision in female’s abdomen to pull out the baby from the uterus. The obstetrician performs natural delivery, once the pregnant lady has started experiencing labor pain. (1) While the C Section can be pre-planned or it may be required in high-risk pregnancies and complications during normal delivery. In this blog, you will get to know the various advantages and disadvantages of two types of delivery methods namely Caesarean section delivery and Natural childbirth. Both the baby delivery methods have their unique set of benefits. Type of delivery to be performed is decided at the last moment and it depends on the complications before or during pregnancy, woman’s overall health and decision. (2) (3)

    Caesarean Section (C section) Delivery 

    C Section is an advanced type of procedure for the delivery of a baby in a healthy way. The C Section procedure is in great demand these days as it ensures that the lady does not feel any difficulty during delivery. It also ensures that it is a painless procedure for the mom-to-be. During this procedure, the doctor basically creates an incision in the wall of the abdomen of a pregnant woman along with multiple layers for easy delivery of the baby. You need to know that most of the cesarean deliveries are carried out when there is difficulty in the occurrence of natural labor progress. This helps you to give birth to your baby even if you are unable to have a natural labor. (4)

    Benefits of C Section Delivery Procedure

    • No head injury to the baby: A planned cesarean section reduces the occurrence of injuries to the baby at the time of delivery. This increases the chances of the birth of a healthy baby with the help of the cesarean section. (5)
    • Woman does not face hypertension: The soon-to-be-mother does not face conditions like hypertension as there is no difficulty faced during the delivery of a baby. This is one of the plus points of utilizing the C-section procedure.
    • Less bleeding after delivery: You can observe that there is much less bleeding after the birth of the baby with the method of C-section procedure as suctioning of fluids is performed at the time of C-section delivery. This helps the mother to stay relaxed and heal at a faster rate after the birth of the baby.
    • No problems in sexual activity post-delivery: Women who undergo C-section delivery procedure have lesser sexual problems. This is because there are no cuts and stitches that are performed in the area around the vagina during this procedure.
    • No birth trauma: Birth trauma is least seen in the case of a C-section procedure. This happens because there is minimum use of forceps for retrieving the baby out of the mother’s uterus.

    Disadvantages of C section Delivery Procedure

    • Risk of Complications in the second or subsequent delivery: It is seen that women who undergo C-section procedure for the birth of their first baby find it difficult at the time of the birth of the next baby. (6)
    • Chances of infections are more post-delivery:Infections after the birth of the baby are quite common in the case of C-section delivery due to the involvement of fluids and suction tubes during the procedure. Before commencing with the procedure, the mother is put on antibiotics. But then, after the birth of the baby, the chances of the occurrence of infections rise to a certain extent.
    • Side effects of anesthesia: In some of the patients, general anesthesia can lead to an excessive headache and discomfort for a couple of days.
    • Need for neonatal care after delivery:You must have observed that most of the complicated pregnancies with risk to babies end up in C-section deliveries. The requirement of neonatal care for the babies born via C-section delivery is more than the babies born by the natural delivery procedure.

    Now, let’s head on the natural childbirth, its advantages, and disadvantages.

    Normal Vaginal Delivery or Natural Childbirth

    Natural delivery is the most ancient method for the birth of a baby since the beginning of human civilization. In ancient times, when there were no advanced techniques and technologies, the birth of babies took place successfully with the help of the natural delivery or vaginal birth procedure. It is usually preferred when pregnant women do not have any complications during their pregnancy. (7) (8)

    Normal Vaginal Delivery

    Benefits of Natural Delivery Procedure

    • Mother participates actively in the delivery process: In this type of delivery, the mother participates in the delivery of a baby in an active form. The body adapts to the pressure exerted by the baby while bringing it out of the mother’s womb. (9)
    • Lesser recovery time: The bed rest time or in-hospital time of the mother is reduced to a greater extent. The best part is that a mother can start again with daily normal activities from the very next day of the delivery itself.
    • Instant connection between child and mother: The constant contact between the mother and baby provides a suitable and healthy environment for the babies, which is recommended for the proper adaptation of the babies to an external environment.
    • No incision is made: There are no marks, stitches or scarring in most of the cases of natural delivery. This is one of the prime reasons for which mothers opt for the natural delivery procedure despite its increased pain during the time of delivery.

    Disadvantages of Natural Delivery Procedure

    Now, there is a certain set of cons of natural delivery procedure, which need to be kept in mind at the time of opting for a natural delivery or vaginal birth procedure. (10)

    • No Pre-planning of delivery: There is no scheduled time of the birth of a baby with the natural delivery procedure. Therefore, the baby’s birth is entirely dependent on the mother and her body’s response.
    • Lot of pain and discomfort during delivery: There is a lot of pain and discomfort involved at the time of the birth of a baby with a natural delivery. Therefore, the required medications are provided to the mothers to ensure better delivery and health of the baby. (10)

    Lot of pain during natural delivery

    • Can be risky for the baby and mother: In some cases, the heart rate of the baby reduces during the time of delivery. This can be quite risky for the baby. At this particular moment, the patient is taken for cesarean delivery for the successful birth of a baby.
    • Stitches and cuts around vagina: The mother might face sexual problems for a few weeks or months due to cuts and stitches in the areas surrounding the vagina.
    • Usage of forceps for the delivery of a big baby: If the baby is of larger size, then there will be a requirement for the assistance of advanced forceps for the delivery of a baby.
    • Risk of injury to the baby: The baby might face certain injuries or complications while taking him out from the vagina of the mother. Therefore, extra care needs to be taken at the time of the birth of a baby.

    So, you can see that both C-section and natural delivery have pros and cons that need to be addressed before or during the delivery of a baby. At OVO fertilityWoman, you will receive the best counseling from the expert gynecologists regarding the peaceful and happy birth of your baby.

    You can book prenatal care counseling through OVO fertility and get comprehensive care during pregnancy. Call at +918268260808 for expert advice on the best suitable delivery method in your case.





    Shonali Bose

    When I delivered my baby through C section, then the doctor used anesthesia for me. I too had gone through some headache because of this anesthesia. But it was not that severe.

    Nov. 15, 2018, 6:09 p.m. 5.0


    Mayur Sharma

    Very well written blog. Many people have confusions related to normal and C section delivery. This article is able to differentiate both and clear the doubts.

    Oct. 31, 2018, 1:23 a.m. 4.5


    Deepshi Mishra

    After my natural delivery, I was advised to avoid sexual intercourse for sometimes by my doctor. It was because I had some cuts near my vaginal area. So, you have to be cautious about these things after a natural delivery.

    Sept. 21, 2018, 10:15 a.m. 4.5


    Saumya Dixit

    I never knew that there are also disadvantages of normal delivery. I am seven months pregnant now and will discuss it with my doctor also. I don't want to take any risk in case of my first born.

    Sept. 18, 2018, 12:04 p.m. 4.5


    Shivani Malik

    As there are two sides with everything, so is with normal and C Section delivery. One should know that what is best for them. Only your doctor can tell what delivery will be more beneficial for you.

    Sept. 3, 2018, 3:32 p.m. 4.5


    Punit Kotla

    Aug. 1, 2018, 2:10 p.m. 4.5

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