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Normal Vaginal Delivery - Symptoms and Factors affecting Normal Delivery Cost

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The cost of Normal vaginal delivery ranges from Rs. 37,600 to Rs. 74,400. Some factors which impact normal vaginal delivery are administration charges, labor room charges, pain medication charges, fetal monitoring, neonatologist charges, dietary consultation, and lab consultations.

Let’s Discuss in More Details About Do’s and Don’ts Before Normal Delivery:

Childbirth can be quite complicated and a number of factors can add up to the cost. The costs of normal delivery and antenatal care vary widely from one city to another city. In developed economies, public health insurance often takes care of the hospital bill for having a baby. A natural birth will cost lesser than a birth involving a C-section or medical complications. (1) Even the cost of normal delivery can cost more if any medication is administered during delivery. Some insurance plans only cover a percentage of about 80 to 90 percent after a deductible is met. Usually, there is a separate bill for baby. (2) For a premature baby with complications who has to spend weeks in a neonatal intensive care unit, on an average the bill can reach to Rs. 1, 00,000. In urban areas, most of the women opt to give birth in a private or luxury hospital. Amenities in a private hospital include basics such as privacy and space for the mother and child, as well as alternate birthing facilities like water birthing and specialists for prenatal classes. (3)

The cost of normal delivery for a single room (Delux) in different cities is given below:

City Name

Avg. Cost (in rupees)Min. Cost (in rupees)

Max. Cost (in rupees)



























The Cost of Normal Delivery In Delhi

The minimum cost of normal delivery in Delhi in a single room is Rs. 40,000 that can go to a maximum of Rs. 59,600 whereas the cost of normal delivery in a double room can range between Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 40,400. The cost of normal delivery in a triple room can range between Rs. 13,500 and Rs. 20,300. (4)

Factors Affecting the Cost of Normal Delivery

Maternity packages usually include the cost of normal procedures including the items that are commonly used by doctors. In case of complications, the extended length of stay could result in the use of additional medical procedures, additional drugs in excess to those stated in the packages. Factors such as geographical location also determine the costs of childbirth. (5) Some areas may have a higher cost of living compared to others, so the costs of normal delivery can be expensive. Some of the additional items that are included in the cost of a normal delivery are:

  • Charges for room, medical bed 
  • Charges for services provided by the nurse
  • Fees for obstetrics and gynecologists
  • Charges for lab investigations 
  • Charges for obstetrician's daily room visit 
  • Charges for assistant obstetricians 
  • Neonatologist's and pediatrician’s charges for delivery
  • Anesthesiologist’s charges for LSCS
  • Charges for fetal monitoring
  • Fees for dietary consultation
  • Charges for foot therapy
  • Charges for using labor room 
  • Food charges for the mother 
  • Administration charges
  • Charges for pain medication

Estimate Excludes

  • Medical consumables
  • Blood transfusion
  • Phototherapy
  • Vaccination

One can also receive a separate bill for non-itemized statements from the hospital including the fees for different doctors. If there are complications that make further treatment, a necessity, the costs can shoot up significantly; it can range between Rs. 15,000 to Rs.1, 00,000. Most of the hospitals provide a comprehensive and exclusive maternity service to help the first time and experienced moms prepare for their journey into the world of motherhood.

Symptoms of Normal Delivery

A woman can experience any type of characteristic changes in her body with impending labor. The signs and symptoms of normal delivery can begin three weeks before the due date up until two weeks. Here are some of the most common signs and symptoms of normal delivery: (6)

1. Lightening or Baby drops

This happens when the head of the baby descends deeper into the pelvis. Baby drops can occur up to two weeks prior to the beginning of labor. (7)

2. Frequent urination

When a mother has an urge for urination that keeps on increasing, it is a known sign that labor is near. This happens because the position of the baby’s head dropping into the pelvis puts even more pressure on the urinary bladder causing an urge for frequent urination. (8)

3. The mucus plug passes

Pressure from the baby's head causes the mucus plug (mucus plug is produced by the cervical glands normally to keep the cervical opening closed during pregnancy) to wear off. Passage of the mucus plug is another sign that labor is approaching. (9)

4. The cervix dilates

The cervix dilates weeks prior to the onset of labor. When the cervix dilates, it indicates approaching labor.

5. Thinning of the cervix

Thinning of cervix also indicates labor is near. It usually occurs weeks prior to labor, which is detected during a pelvic exam. (10)

6. Back pain

Most of the women experience back pain when labor approaches. Back pain may accompany contractions, which are felt in other parts of the body. As the third trimester progresses some women also notice loosening of the joints, particularly in the pelvic area.

7. Labor Contractions

Contractions can occur in the form of pounding, tightening, stabbing, or similar to menstrual cramps, increase in strength and frequency as labor approaches. During labor contractions, the abdomen gets hard; it causes discomfort and a dull ache in the back and lower abdomen.

8. A burst of energy

There is a sudden burst of energy and excitement in the weeks prior to labor. This burst of energy is referred to as "nesting," and is often accompanied by a sense of urgency to get things done or make plans for the baby.

9. A bowel movement (diarrhea)

The pelvic pain and pressure are often accompanied by an urge to have a bowel movement in the days preceding labor.

10. Water breaking

Water breaking is the rupture of the amniotic membranes that signals your baby is almost ready to be born. The amniotic fluid is colorless and odorless and sometimes it can be hard to distinguish from urine.

The cost of normal delivery often varies, as every pregnancy is different and so are its requirements. While one might try to save on the expenses, it is equally important to arrange a good hospital according to your budget as it would ensure better services to the expecting mother.

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