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    7 Week Pregnancy - Best Time for Pregnancy Announcement

    • 4.7   (5 Votes)

    7 week pregnancy is the most suitable time for a pregnancy announcement. The 7 weeks pregnant woman has fewer chances of complications to occur. In 7 week pregnancy, an embryo rapidly adapts several developments. Major body systems like brain, nervous system and digestive system appear during this time.

    A woman wants to shout out to the world about her pregnancy when she becomes aware of it. There may be several questions coming into her mind like 'Whom to tell?' and 'When to tell?'. Only, a primitive pregnancy test is not enough for a pregnancy announcement. In a situation, when a woman cannot hide her baby bump is usually the time, when people know about somebody's pregnancy. A couple should have patience in making a pregnancy announcement to their close relatives and family friends. (12) It is worthy, to wait for at least seven weeks for a pregnancy announcement. Therefore, knowing some important facts mentioned in this article might support a couple to decide their time for a pregnancy announcement. The first trimester of pregnancy consists of one to twelve weeks time period. It covers most of the changes and developments in the baby and the internal body systems of its mother. Among these sensitive changes, the risk of losing the pregnancy stays in the minds of the patients. Most of the miscarriages are beyond pregnant women's control. (11) These miscarriages are caused due to several reasons, where half of the reasons depend upon chromosome abnormalities. The abnormalities refer to the incomplete development of the fetus. The other reasons include:

    •  Menstruation problems
    •  Illness of the pregnant woman
    •  Imbalanced hormones
    •  Presence of the scar-like tissues in the uterus
    •  Age of the woman

    Chances of miscarriages in women also occur due to their age. This is divided into:

    •    With the age of 35 and below has a 15 percent chances of pregnancy 
    •    Woman between the age of 35 - 45 is 35 percent
    •    Women with age of 45 and above have a 50 percent chance of miscarriage.

    If a baby has an active heartbeat until seven weeks, then it will drop the percentage of miscarriage by 10 percent, and after twelve weeks decrease it to 5 percent.
    It is suggested that one should wait for a minimum of seven weeks to disclose the pregnancy news to very close relatives and friends. After a maximum of 12 weeks, one may announce it officially by throwing a party or giving everybody a wonderful surprise. 

    In this article, we are discussing a few pregnancy elements and how a baby develops during seven weeks. This information will be enough to know for a couple to determine when they should make a pregnancy announcement:

    1. What does a baby look like?

    In a 7 week pregnancy, the fetus will grow his limbs and fingers. After seven weeks, the fetus will have hands with wrists, webbed fingers and fan-shaped feet with progressive toes. The arms will grow longer and flatten at the ends. The joints will start resembling like adult forms. The heart of a fetus will have primitive aorta, carotid, subclavian, and pulmonary arteries. The non-functional kidneys will start moving towards their permanent location. (9) He will have a bigger head, which has grown faster than the rest of his body parts. The steadily growing head is creating space for the developing brain. The baby will soon start feeling sensations, tastes, and temperature because of the sensitive nervous system building through the baby's body. The nervous system will later start sending the signals and motions to the baby's brain and spinal cord. (10)

    2. Beginning of a Pregnancy: 

    A pregnancy begins in a woman when the embryo formed gets implanted successfully in the uterus of the woman. The natural fertilization process occurs in the fallopian tubes. The embryo then moves towards the uterus of the woman for the step of implantation. It attaches itself to the uterine lining from where the pregnancy begins. From the beginning of implantation till an 8th week, it is called 'Embryo'. The embryo grows in the uterus and gets ready to take birth at the end of the pregnancy. (13)

    3. Significance of the Placenta:

    The rapidly diving cells of an embryo from the placenta. Primarily, it is a life support system during pregnancy. The placenta transfers the required amount of nutrition and oxygen to the fetus from the mother's body which helps in the timely growth of the baby. The waste products from the fetus are reversed to the mother's system for removal. The placenta is a tissue formed during pregnancy, which provides nourishment and oxygen to the fetus and removes the waste from the same. (14)

    4. Changes in a woman's uterus during pregnancy:

    The woman's uterus adapts the growth of the baby in the womb. To provide nourishment to the fetus during pregnancy, the blood vessels expand in the uterus and the uterine lining thickens. The uterus will start expanding multiple times than its original shape to make space for the rapidly growing fetus. (15)

    5. How long does pregnancy last?

    Pregnancy is a 10-month long period which is usually considered as 9 months. It starts from the 1st day of the Last menstrual period (LMP). The gestation is calculated from 2 weeks of LMP. Therefore, pregnancy includes 2 weeks extra in, which a woman is actually not pregnant. The gestation period begins once the embryo transplants it into the womb. (16)

    6. What happens during weeks 1–8 of pregnancy?

    During 1-8 weeks an embryo goes through many rapid changes. It starts to grow many body parts as follows:

    • The placenta which is a tissue formed to perform as a mediator to provide nourishment and eliminate the wastage from the embryo or fetus.
    • The brain and spinal cord start developing.
    • The tissues of the heart also start growing. After 6 weeks, one can detect the heart of the fetus through an ultrasound.
    • Limb buds will start to grow with the paddle-like hands and feet.
    • Eyes, ears, and nose will start developing, creating an alien like a face in a 6 weeks pregnant woman. The baby's eyelids will start appearing but will remain closed.
    • Genitals are also developed.

    In 7 week pregnancy, all major organs and body systems will start developing. It should be known that the due date is the only estimation. Usually, most babies are born between 38 to 42 weeks from the first day of the pregnant woman's Last Menstrual Period (LMP). The date of the delivery of the baby varies in cases of some pregnant women. The delivery can occur earlier or later than the predicted due date. (17)

    7 Week Pregnancy Journey:

    Week 1 

    The 1st week of the pregnancy is the week of menses. A woman skips her periods in this week. During pregnancy, Expected Delivery Date (EDD) is calculated on the basis of the last potential menses date. EDD comes after 40 weeks of the pregnancy journey, including two weeks of the last skipped menses. Usually, women are unaware of the pregnancy on this stage, it is advised to carefully note the date of the menstrual cycle including the exact menses date. This will help in identifying the reason for missing periods. Couples who trying for conception should take care of the date of occurrence periods to prevent any loss of pregnancy. One must develop good habits and change their bad or unhealthy routine into a healthy routine. A woman must make efforts to take out some time from their busy schedule to prepare herself for motherhood. Pregnancy needs good body strength and balanced body level to achieve a healthy pregnancy. (18)

    1 Week Pregnancy

    One must take care of her health right before conceiving a baby because the initial trimester is the most crucial stage for an embryo. One must strictly avoid the consumption of alcohol, drugs and tobacco products even before starting with the plan of conception. These unhealthy substances might cause fetal alcohol syndrome, congenital defects, low birth weight as well as respiratory problems in the child. Frequent consultation with a doctor about their intake of medicines and drugs may avoid complications during pregnancy. One must require special prescriptions during pregnancy because regular drugs may affect the fetus in a negative manner. Adhering to a healthful diet will help in the rapid growth of an embryo and gaining strength from the pregnant woman's body. A woman who is going to cherish motherhood in the coming months should daily intake 400 mg of folic acid. The risk of neural tube defects (congenital defects caused by inadequate development of the brain or spinal cord), like spina bifida in the baby, is possibly prevented through adequate intake of folic acid in the daily diet. Consuming folic acid while attempting to become a mother proves to be useful in the healthy progress of the pregnancy. (2)

    Week 2

    At the end of this week, fertilization of eggs and sperms occurs. A woman is still not pregnant during this week. Although it depends upon the fertilization process, whether a woman will conceive a baby boy or a girl. Eggs and sperms carrying the X and Y chromosomes will combine and produce a boy or girl. Out of 46 chromosomes forming genetics of a baby, only two of them determine its gender. A girl contains X chromosomes, while a boy carries both X and Y chromosomes. Therefore, it is evident from the fact that sperms of the male partner determine the gender of a baby. A girl will be born if a sperm carrying an X chromosome fertilizes the egg and a boy will be born with the participation of Y chromosome in the sperm. 
    During the second week, a woman will be in the mid of her menstruation cycle. This is a time when a woman will ovulate. Having sexual intercourse at this point will improve the chances of pregnancy. Intercourse without any protection while ovulating may make a woman pregnant significantly on time. An egg is released from the ovaries and gets fertilized in the fallopian tubes. Through man's semen, millions of sperms will ejaculate and enter the vagina. Out of those hundred sperms will reach the fallopian tube to penetrate the eggs. During this process no specific indication of the process is present. Therefore, a woman will not know about the pregnancy until a pregnancy test is performed or symptoms of pregnancy will start occurring like nausea, untimely cravings, and tiredness. (3)

    2 Week Pregnancy

    Week 3 

    After fertilization, an embryo can divide further which can lead to the formation of twins or triplets. The embryo will divide itself into two cells, then four, then right and remain diving until it reaches endometrium lining of the uterus. The dividing group of 16 cells is called a 'morula', which resembles a tiny ball. After three days of fertilization, the zygote or a group of cells will divide into 16 cells. Precisely after two more days, the morula will move towards the uterus. The hollow morula will fill itself with fluid and now known as 'Blastocyst'. Seven days later from fertilization, the blastocyst will implant in the uterus. When the zygote is implanted on the endometrium lining of the uterus, the endometrium provides required essential nutrients and removes waste generated from it. Subsequently, this implantation site will become a placenta tissue.

    Intake of a healthful diet during this process will immensely help the developing embryo to become strong. Receiving essential nutrients like protein, calcium, folic acid, and iron will nourish the developing baby.

    • Folic acid - It will prevent the baby from the defects of the neural tube. It strengthens the structure of veins and bones, which develop the brain and spinal cord in future. This structure is constructed primitively during pregnancy. Therefore, early consumption of folic acid in the course of pregnancy will develop a strong baby.
    • Protein- It helps in the formation of an infant's tissues during gestation. Therefore, the enrichment of protein in a pregnant woman's diet will build a strong internal structure of the baby's body.
    • Calcium- An expectant woman should take 3-4 times more calcium than usual to fulfill the demand of their body. It helps in building bones and teeth of a baby during pregnancy. One can attain calcium from dairy products, green vegetables, and legumes.
    • Iron- It boosts the blood volume in developing baby during pregnancy. One can have iron from meat, eggs, and legumes as per her own diet preference. (4)

    3 Week Pregnancy

    Week 4

    In the fourth week, an embryo consists of two layers of cells. These two layers during pregnancy evolve into the organs and other body parts of the baby. These two layers are:

    • Epiblast 
    • Hypoblast

    There are two other major structures known as:

    • Amnion - The amnion protects the growing embryo by surrounding it with amniotic fluid.
    • Yolk - Before the placenta takes over the role of providing nutrition and removing wastes, the yolk sac produces the blood and nourishes the embryo.

    During the fourth week also, an embryo implants itself deeper into the endometrium lining of the uterus. It sometimes produces cramps and bleeding, which confuses a woman for having periods. Women sometimes feel that they are having their periods because this process happens during the time of second ovulation.
    Once the embryo implants inside the woman's womb, it produces a pregnancy hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG). This hormone helps in maintaining the lining of the uterus and influence ovaries to stop releasing eggs from the next month of the occurrence of pregnancy. Due to change in the hCG levels in the concerned woman's body, monthly periods are paused. The hCG hormone is also measured to detect pregnancy through an hCG test. Pregnancy symptoms like nausea, aching breasts, and tiredness are caused due to Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). The developing infant looks like a grain of rice and rapidly dividing its cells to form several body systems along with the organs playing an important role in the functioning of the digestive system. (5)

    4 Week Pregnancy

    Week 5

    In the fifth week, the central nervous system identified as the brain and a spinal cord evolve from the neural tube. From this week, distinct shapes of the fetus body will start determining, until now it was only a mass of cells. There will be a  formation of a neural tube, which will run from top to bottom of an embryo. This neural tube will later form as the spinal cord and a brain. A bulge inside the midst of an embryo will develop as a heart. The placenta also develops during this week only. The finger-like projections of the placenta provide nourishment from the mother's body to an embryo. 

    It is advised to avoid certain food and their strong smell during pregnancy. In rare cases, due to foodborne illnesses like listeriosis and toxoplasmosis many birth defects and even miscarriages also occur in such cases. One should strictly avoid unpasteurized cheeses often advertised as fresh. Other food items like feta and blue cheese should be restricted. Raw or undercooked fish, meats and processed food items may cause nausea. (6)

    5 Week Pregnancy

    6 Weeks Pregnant Woman:

    A baby in the uterus of a 6 weeks pregnant woman will now grow to the size of a 3 mm in length. By this time, the special secreting hormone will stop the periods in the pregnant woman's body. During this week the following changes will take place in a baby and 6 Weeks Pregnant Woman:

    • The nervous system and the brain will develop quickly.
    • On the sides of the baby head, optic vessels will start to develop and become eyes later. 
    • In the passageways of the head, inner ears will start growing. 
    • From the ultrasound, one may also detect the heartbeat of a developing baby.
    • The digestive and respiratory system will start forming in the baby.
    • Small buds will appear on baby's body forming into the baby's arms and legs.

    Due to the baby's curled up legs, it is difficult to measure the length from head to toe. Therefore, a measurement from crown to rump is taken. This way a baby measures between 2 to 5 mm from crown to rump. Slowly, the mother's body will start adjusting to the demands of the pregnancy. The body may feel tired all the time, aching breasts, and morning sickness will start occurring. A strong feeling to vomit will bother a 6 weeks pregnant woman until the hormones are balanced out. Constipation and urge to urinate will become more frequent because her kidneys will struggle to maintain a balance in the body by cleaning extra waste. (7)

    6 Week Pregnancy

    The 7 Weeks Pregnant Woman and her 7 Week Pregnancy 

    In 7 week pregnancy, a pregnant woman's cervix will also experience several changes. It will develop a mucus plug, which will form an opening of the cervical canal and seal the uterus to protect it from any infection. The 7 weeks the pregnant woman will have dilation of the cervix while it prepares for the labor. 

    • During the first trimester in 7-week pregnancy, the following changes will be developed in the baby:
    • The beating of the heart is more viable than before.
    • The embryo has formed its placenta and amniotic sac to consume nutrients properly and discharge wastes. The placenta will burrow deep inside the uterine wall to take nourishment and oxygen from the 7 weeks pregnant mother's bloodstream.
    • The umbilical cord will also form, which connects the baby and its mother.
    • The baby's digestive system and lungs will continue to develop.
    • In 7 week pregnancy, the baby's face will also start shaping up. Facial features like nostrils, mouth, ears, and eyes will become more defined.
    • The buds of arms will develop hands similar to tiny pedals. (8)

    7 Week Pregnancy

    During pregnancy, a woman is advised to relax to a certain extent to avoid tiredness. They should keep their diet maintained and do minor exercise daily. Doing pregnancy yoga and meditation may release the tension and balance the hormones. Pregnancy comes with great happiness, joy, and responsibilities. One must adhere to the doctor's prescription and frequent check-up regime before making a pregnancy announcement. During seven weeks time period in the pregnancy tenure, an embryo will grow rapidly. This seven-week time is a very crucial and sensitive time period. Therefore, a pregnant woman should intake a healthy pregnancy diet to aid the timely and proper growth of the baby in her womb.





    Devika Chawdhary

    My vaginal discharge was yellowish in colour and yesterday I noticed spotting. Is it normal or should I visit my consultant?

    Oct. 3, 2018, noon 5.0


    Deepika Chandra

    I have conceived by IUI after 3 years of trying. And my doctor suggests it is a crucial time because most of the miscarriages happen around this period only. Is there something I could do to prevent miscarriage in my 7 weeks of pregnancy?

    Aug. 23, 2018, 4:52 p.m. 4.5


    Chitra Mehra

    Is baby bump visible at 7 weeks of pregnancy?

    June 12, 2018, 2:49 p.m. 4.5


    Rekha Agarwal

    During 7 week pregnancy, the baby's heart is beating around 160 beats per minute compared to your 60-100 bpm and the baby has webbed fingers and toes in hands and toes respectively. It looks really nice to see the baby through ultrasound.

    Oct. 26, 2017, 3:45 p.m. 4.5


    Morales Valdez

    There is a very interesting fact related to 7 weeks pregnant woman. It has been often found that would be mothers who are 7 weeks pregnant with twins tend to have more sensations of nausea and vomiting than the ones having a single child. It is because of the increased level of hormones inside thei…

    Oct. 26, 2017, 3:08 p.m. 5.0

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