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Infertility can surely be treated. Don't wait; just get in touch with us. Infertility affects around 22% of all couples in India. Millions of patients seek treatment for this condition every year. Infertility could be caused due to following reasons:

A thorough check up needs to be done by an Infertility Specialist to examine the exact issue and start the right course of treatment. Procedures such as IVF and IUI have helped millions of people realize their dream of becoming a parent.

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What Our Patients are saying

Will I get first consultation free of cost?

Yes. Your first consultation made by Ovo Health is completely free of cost.

What if I don’t get satisfied with the doctor?

No worries! Ovo Health representative will suggest you another doctor with good success rates and excellent patient reviews and accordingly an appointment will be arranged for you.

How can I book an appointment through Ovo Health?

The procedure is absolutely hassle-free. An Ovo Health representative will discuss your medical problems and and then book an appointment for you with the chosen doctor.

What are the services provided by Ovo Health?

The services provided by Ovo Health include fertility treatments like IVF, ICSI, IUI, donor programs; cancer treatments like radiation, surgery, chemotherapy and cosmetic treatments like nose job, face lift, hair transplant. Along with this Ovo Health also offers healthcare services for women employees at corporate offices as well as assists international patients in planning their travel to India for medical treatments.

What are the benefits of going with Ovo Health?

There are several benefits of going with Ovo Health which are mentioned below:

Do you take any fees for providing the services?

Absolutely not! You need not worry about this. Ovo Health does not charge any fees for providing services.

How to choose the best fertility doctor?

Ovo Health team will guide you to find the best doctor based on your case and your requirements regarding doctor and clinic or hospital. Ovo maintains a database of the doctor’s performance and clinic’s infrastructure, thus helping patients in finding the right doctor according to their medical needs.

Can I recommend Ovo Health to my friends/ relatives?

Definitely! We would love it!

Will my details be kept secure?

Yes. We make sure that all personal details of the users present with us are safeguarded and no third party is entertained with the user’s personal information.

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