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    Medical Visa to India

    Medical Visa to India

    The Indian government grants medical visa for foreign nationals across the world seeking specialty medical treatment in India for extended periods. A visa-on-arrival system for tourists from few selected countries has been instituted by government of India, which allows foreign nationals to stay in India for upto 60 days for medical procedures. Maximum of two attendants who are blood relatives are permissible to accompany the patient under separate Medical Attendant visas. The validity of Medical Attendant Visa will be same as the patient Medical visa. The preliminary duration of Medical visa is up to a year or dependent on duration of the treatment, whichever is less. The visa allows maximum of 3 entries during 1 year.

    Indian Medical Visa Requirements

    • People traveling from a selected list of countries should have Yellow Fever vaccination certificate as per Govt. of India directives. All passengers arriving to India w. e. f 14th February 2014 from selected countries - Kenya, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Israel, Pakistan, Nigeria and Somalia must carry Oral Polio Vaccination (OPV) Certificate taken six weeks prior to entry. This certificate is obligatory for both Adults and Children.
    • All travelers from above seven countries must now possess a written record of vaccination (patient-retained record) for polio, preferably using IHR 2005 International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis from a hospital or Centre administering OPV by the Government of their respective country.
    • Every medical document is checked by Indian Missions and Posts that are placed abroad to confirm whether the request to obtain a medical visa is genuine or not.
    • One may also need to provide satisfactory details to The Missions that they have sought initial medical advice in the country of residence / origin and consequently has got an advice to go for special treatment.
    • One can get a Medical Visa to India only for treatment in reputed and recognized medical centres.

    Eligibility for Medical Visa Application to India

    The medical visa is based on certain conditions that are outlined above, but it is required to ensure that people who are immigrating to India are genuinely doing so for the purpose of receiving treatment. Indian immigration authorities require the following criteria to be satisfied due to the above mentioned reasons –

    • It should be clear that the initial medical guidance has already been made by the applicants in their own country and they are then recommended to pursue specialist treatment in India or any other country.
    • It should be demonstrated by the applicant is seeking medical attention only in a recognized institution which specializes in the treatment of the condition.
    • High priority is given to 'M' visa applications in India that are associated with several medical conditions. Some serious ailments are given primary consideration such as neurosurgery, heart problems, ophthalmic disorders and organ transplants.

    Registration for Medical Visa

    It is necessary for foreign nationals with 'M' visa that they should register themselves with the concerned FRROs / FROs within 14 days after they arrive in India.

    Visa For Attendant's / Family Members

    Attendants or members of the family of patients traveling to India will be provided with miscellaneous visa equivalent to the 'M' Visa of patient. These visas are given to the partner / children / in-patient's blood relations. Please take note that only up to 2 attendants are put into consideration for miscellaneous visa in one go. These visas are known as MX visas. Such attendants also have to get register themselves with the local FRROs / FROs within fourteen days of entering India.

    Validity and Extension of Indian Medical Visas

    Medical visa to India is given either for the duration of the treatment or for duration of a year, whichever is less. Extension of this visa up to another year is also possible year on the orders of the State Governments or FRROs, if recognized hospital of India gives a medical certificate. If more extension is needed then on the suggestion of the State Government / FRROs coupled with suitable medical papers, the Ministry of Home Affairs can give a validation. This kind of a visa can get not more than 3 entries in one year. In case of emergencies, State Governments / FRROs have the ability to allow an additional entry.

    Registration For Bangladeshi And Pakistani Nationals

    Nationals of all foreign countries along with those of Sri Lanka, Pakistan, China and Bangladesh can obtain a medical visa to India. However, the registration formalities for citizens of Bangladesh and Pakistan will necessarily have to match the requirements that are given in Para 106 and Para 118, for citizens of Bangladesh and citizens of Pakistan consecutively, in the Visa Manual. The citizens of these two countries are required to conform about their date of arrival and departure according to the present policies of their countries. Patients from Pakistan and Bangladesh are required to complete their registration within the first 24 hours at the nearest Police Station/Commissioner’s Office on entry within India. These are the conditions and rules as mentioned in the document issued by the Government of India.

    Visa for commissioning IVF in India

    No more tourist visas for ivf in India. The legal and regulatory frameworks regarding ivf in India are subject to change. Individuals considering entering into an overseas commercial ivf arrangement are urged to exercise extreme caution. You should seek independent legal advice and keep informed of developments.

    Obtaining the Visa

    India has partnered with VFS for most of its Visa Application processes globally. While you are looking for particular requirements to travel from your country, it’s best to check this:

    One the bottom left, just choose ‘India’ as the visiting country & select the country you are applying form.

    You can also refer to India’s Bureau of Immigration website to learn more about India’s Visa requirements and regulations: For a detailed explanation on your Visa requirements, please connect with our Visa team by dropping a mail at [email protected]

    Ovo Health helps in gathering all requirements and papers required for the visa from the hospital & doctor you are planning to visit to. New patients must send over a copy of their passport (including attendants) to receive a Visa invitation letter from the hospital. Once the patient receives the hospital’s invitation letter, it is imperative to share their flight itinerary with the International Representatives.

    For more specific questions and assistance with preparing your travel documents, simply fill in the form on the right-hand side to talk with our International Representative. For a detailed explanation on your Visa requirements, please connect with our Visa team by dropping a mail at [email protected]

    Document Checklist

    When planning on travelling abroad, it is imperative to prepare and bring along the necessary documents required to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. Here is a list of documents you need to bring before your departure to India:

    • Your health/medical history report(s) or any statements relating to the past or ongoing treatment sessions.
    • Copies of Vaccination Certificates (Yellow Fever, Polio, etc.), X-Rays, MRI’s, immunization records, prescriptions, and relevant medical documents including records of previous medical or fertility treatments. Make sure you have these medical reports and associated medication with you at all times in your bag or carry-on luggage.
    • Passports and Visas are a must; check with our International Travel Desk regarding Visa requirements, depending on the country you are travelling from.
    • Bring along local currency, traveller’s checks, and/or credit and debit cards.
    • Bring along your driver’s license or any other forms of identification, even if you may not plan on using them. The additional identification ensures your proof of identity when requested.
    • For any specific inquiries or you require further assistance with organizing documents or travel plans, use our contact form on the right-hand side to get in touch with an Ovo Health International Representative.

    For a detailed explanation on your Checklist requirements, please connect with our International Travel Desk by dropping a mail at [email protected] or fill the enquiry form on this page.

    Travel assistance and Insurance

    Give us your travel requirements and Ovo Health International Patient Services team will help you book flight tickets for your travel from your home country to India and back. We also are tied up with several World’s leading Travel Companies to who are accredited members of bodies like TAAI, IATO, and TAFI.

    Leave all your worries with Ovo Health & its Travel partners and we will plan it meticulously while taking care of all your requirements, travel insurances, and will ensuring that your entire trip is just seamless.

    For more specific questions and assistance with preparing your travel documents, simply fill in the form on the right-hand side to talk with our International Representative. For a detailed explanation on your Travel requirements, please connect with our Travel Assistance and Insurance team by dropping a mail at [email protected]

    Accommodation Assistance

    You have multiple options to choose from for your accommodation in India. You can either select Service Apartment or hotel rooms for your stay during the visit. It’s best to choose an accommodation close to your chosen hospital / clinic so that it’s easier to commute. While Ovo Health can help you book one, it’s advisable to just browse through the options as per the budget and service levels and then reach out to Ovo Health to understand options in detail.

    The following hotel aggregators provide you multiple options to choose from:

    • Global Aggregator -,
    • India’s leading budget hotel aggregator - OYO Rooms

    For booking just type in your exact location and these portal will show you nearby options. Don’t forget to apply filters you prefer: such as No of Positive Reviews, Rating, breakfast inclusions, etc.

    For a detailed explanation on your Accommodation requirements, please connect with our Accommodation Assistance team by dropping a mail at [email protected] or fill the enquiry form on this page.

    24 hour Patient Assistance

    Ovo Health Relationship Officer will assist you at all times while your medical treatment is underway in India. The Ovo Health Relationship Officer will assist you in Admission and discharge formalities, collecting medicines from Pharmacy and with reports from Laboratory. Also you can call your Officer - 24x7 - for any emergency assistance and he/she will always be there to help you through your medical treatment journey.

    All these services comes at no cost from Ovo Health. For more specific questions and assistance simply fill in the form on this page or connect with our International Help Desk by mailing at [email protected]

    Doctor and Emergency Helpline

    For any medical emergency you must directly call your doctor in-charge and the doctor shall make necessary arrangements for the same. At the time of initiation of you treatment, you will be shared with all direct numbers to your doctor and Ovo Health buddy to assist you through your Medical treatment.

    Please note, following are some additional emergency helpline numbers:

    • Police / Fire / Ambulance : 112
    • Police Control Room : 100
    • Fire service : 101
    • Ambulance helpline : 102
    • Women's Helpline : 181
    • Disaster Manager : 108
    • Air Ambulance : +91 9540161344
    • Child Abuse Hotline : 1098
    Airport Pick Up Drop and Local Transfers

    Once you arrive at the airport, you have following numerous options to choose from in terms of local travel and transfer.

    • If you are an Uber user, then Uber rides can be pre-arranged at the airport to pick you up even before you land in India. For more information visit Uber India at:
    • Well if you aren’t, there are several other options to choose from. You can visit the counter with any of the following travel operators:
      • Meru Cabs: located at International terminal arrivals.
      • Mega Cabs: located at international Terminal arrivals.
      • Ola Drive available through Mobile App.

    All cabs are equipped with A/C, Digital Cab Meters and Credit Card or Cash payments options. Taxi fares vary depending on the kilometers to your destination. The fare is typically in the range of INR 12-25 per kilometer (US 0.30 $ per kilometer) depending on the cab operator.

    For a detailed explanation on your Local Travel requirements, please connect with our Local Transfer team by dropping a mail at [email protected] or fill the enquiry form on this page.

    Language interpreters

    Get interpreters to help you communicate in any language you want, be it Arabic, German, Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Swahili, Korean or any other. Ovo Health International Patient Services can assist you with all.

    Our Partner

    Tridindia, established in 2002, is a globally renowned multilingual translation services company in India, having presence in multiple locations including Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune and several others. Tridindia provides translation, interpretation and linguist support on hire in more than 78 languages. Having served to some of the biggest corporates in the world, Tridindia also provides low cost Interpreter services to Ovo Health Patients.

    For booking your Interpreter services, please connect with our Language Interpreter Services team by dropping a mail at [email protected] or fill the enquiry form on this page.

    Online Pharmacy

    Now enjoy the benefit of ordering medicines right from your mobile phone with discounts of more than 40% on MRP. Also get them delivered right at your doorsteps in no time. 1mg is a leading online pharmacy provider and is present in more than 30 cities in India. Just download the Pharmeasy App on either Google play store or Apple Itunes and make your orders right away.

    For any queries, please connect with our International Patient Services team by dropping a mail at [email protected] or fill the enquiry form on this page.

    Diet & Nutrition Counselling

    Keeping a tab on your diet is one of the most important aspects towards a healthy Journey. With Ovo Health, get a personal Diet and Nutrition expert for diet counseling during your stay in India and even when you are back to your country. There is no substitute for this personalised advice and connect.

    For any queries, please connect with Diet and Nutrition team by dropping a mail at [email protected] or fill the enquiry form on this page.

    What people are saying

    Oluchi Rose:
    Ovo Health made our travelling experience smooth and memorable. They provided us assistance in filing visa application, flight booking, accommodation booking and obviously the appointment booking with the fertility doctor.
    Julie Tamang:
    Ovo Health helped us in arranging the donor of our choice. Getting medical treatment overseas was quite fearful for us. But Ovo Health managed every thing end to end and made sure we do not have to worry about any aspect.
    Liliana Silva:
    Ovo Health managed our travelling and accommodation services in an appreciative manner. Infact, when we reached at the airport, we found Ovo Health officers waiting for us who provided us the entire support throughout the treatment.
    Tahir Khan:
    We did not feel like as we are getting treatment in any other country. We felt it homelike because of Ovo Health’s warm greetings and support throughout our journey of becoming parents. Thank you for everything.