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    What Our Patients are saying

    Medical Tourism in Georgia

    Introduction of Medical Tourism:

    Medical tourism is a crucial segment of the overall tourism sector. This primary goal of medical tourism is to ensure that patients can receive quality and affordable medical treatments without facing any hassles just because of the current location of the patient. There are certain push and pull factors associated with medical tourism in the top destinations ranking for the same. The push factors include changing lifestyle with the inclusion of health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and infertility issues to name a few. This is also combined with long waiting times of the chosen treatments and lack of availability of some of the medical treatments. This occurs because of strict laws and regulations laid by the government of the country associated with the execution of the medical treatments. The push factors of the respective country are balanced with the pull factors of the medical tourism country which includes quick access to medical treatments right from basic consultation to complex surgeries for the right treatment of the patients. Certain procedures which require medical expertise and next-level medical technology are available in the countries ranking at the top of the list of medical tourism services. Patients also receive an excellent chance to have a vacation in the chosen location after they have completed with the medical treatment in the country. Medical tourism in Georgia is improving because of these pull factors associated with the medical treatments and providing the desired medical facilities to patients. (Source: Medical Tourism: Push and Pull Factors) Global commercialization of the healthcare facilities and procedures becomes possible with the medical tourism in the developing nations which create pocket-friendly healthcare packages.

    Growth of Medical Tourism in Georgia:

    Medical tourism in Georgia is one of the significant aspects of the healthcare sector in this European country. According to a top publishing organization, it is believed that medical tourism in Georgia is all set to raise its standards concerning medical treatments offered at the best hospitals. This will be contributed by the effective implementation of the high technological-based diagnosis of the current condition of patients until treatments of such medical conditions. This is efficiently combined with complicated surgical techniques and unique approach to a wide range of medical treatments. (Source:Potential of Georgian Medical Tourism) As per the views of the President of the country, medical tourism proves to be an asset for the country as the field of medicine forms a historic direction for the country itself. He also believes that medical tourism long with conference tourism form two strong pillars of the complete concept of tourism in the country. The authorities of the country are also planning to develop the resorts spread across different locations of the country to ensure that Georgia emerges as one of the top medical tourism destinations across the world. Several efforts are taken to ensure that the planning to achieve the same is successfully executed and the aim is achieved with success. The Government officials are motivating currently present practitioners, clinics, and hospitals to step ahead and take measures to improve their services in the medical and healthcare sector for the benefit of the patients visiting the country from across the world. (Source:President Zurabishvili: Georgia Needs to Develop Medical Tourism)

    There are certain key features associated with medical tourism in Georgia which has helped the country reach the heights of success in the field of medical tourism. Georgia is known for its pleasing climatic conditions which motivate patients to have a successful treatment in the country. The country also comprises of recreational health resorts in different specialties of medicine. The medical clinics in Georgia charge around 5 times less than the developed countries like Europe and U.S.A. Despite this, the medical treatments performed in each of these clinics comprise of international standards which boost the success rates of the chosen treatments. This eastern Europe country has implemented European level infrastructure, hotels, and the best possible class of treatments in different medical specialties. (Source: Medical Tourism)

    Statistics for current growth of Medical Tourism in Georgia:

    Medical tourism in Georgia is growing at a steady rate when the statistics of the country of the past few years are taken into consideration. When the number of tourists who visited the country in the year 2017 and 2018 is compared, there was a positive rise of 61.2% which is a commendable rate of growth. In the year 2017, the number of medical tourists visiting the country was up to 13,900. These tourists visited the country of Georgia for medical, surgical or recovering from their current health conditions after the treatments are performed under the expertise of medical specialists. Some of the top medical treatment services which are provided in the country include dentistry, plastic surgery, cosmetology, and infertility treatments. The countries from which medical tourists visit Georgia and utilize the features of medical tourism in Georgia include Saudi Arabia and Russia. The list of individuals who are now using useful facilities under medical tourism in Georgia also includes emigrants from other countries who have moved to England. It is highly expected that if the authorities and concerned healthcare organizations of this eastern European country take the right and best measures, then Georgia can reach to the position of one of the top healthcare destinations across the world. Georgia has made good improvement in the medical tourism sector which has helped not only the medical tourists but also the healthcare organizations of the country. (Source:Medical Tourism increases in Georgia)

    Factors which contribute to the growth of medical tourism in Georgia: The growth of medical tourism in Georgia depends on the range of factors which include the availability of the affordable costs for the medical treatments in the country. Some of the medical treatments such as stem cell therapy are available at an affordable cost in the countries offering medical tourism services in their respective country. Also, some of the countries have strict laws associated with certain medical treatments which makes it difficult for the patients to get the desired medical treatments in their home country. Patients also get to visit various locations with luxurious surroundings at the most affordable costs. This is also one of the key factors which contribute to the steady boost in the medical tourism sector in Georgia. In one of the detailed industry and market overviews published by Georgia Healthcare Group, the statistics of the growth of medical tourism in Georgia is explained in detail in between the year 2011 to 2021. Inpatient services are presently treated as more priority than the outpatient services when the complete statistics of the healthcare industry of Georgia is highlighted. Medical experts practicing in the country expect that there will be a positive rise of an average of 7 to 10 percent in some of the important segments of the healthcare industry in Georgia. (Source:Industry and market overview)

    Fertility tourism:

    Fertility tourism is one of the parts of medical tourism which has gained a lot of popularity along with the growth of the respective healthcare sector. Fertility tourism mainly involves the usage of the infertility treatments such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to advanced medical tests such as Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) test which provide the best and desired results to the couples visiting the infertility centre in the respective city or country to have a baby. Some of the other important treatments because of which couples or patients travel to other parts of the world include Surrogacy procedures as these third-party reproductive techniques have a varied range of laws in most of the countries. Countries which motivate infertility treatments such as Surrogacy procedures offer such services to the patients without making them face any hassles in any manner throughout the treatment. Georgia is now taking Fertility Tourism which is also known as Reproductive Tourism to the next level for the benefit of the couples visiting the country for their infertility treatments. One of the assets of the country is that there is an increase in the number of female candidates which ensures that they take the right step to prioritize the women's health in the country. Including some of the best quality of women's health services in the healthcare policies of the country is the present focus of the top healthcare authorities of Georgia. Various healthcare organizations are suggesting and taking the best measures to make sure that each of the medical tourists coming to the country for infertility treatments can reap the benefits of medical tourism in Georgia. Fertility tourism has ranked at the top of the types of medical tourism in Georgia which has ensured that patients from different parts of the world can now seek the quality infertility treatments in some of the best infertility centres located in this eastern country. This infertility centres in the country of Georgia are taking some of the most effective measures in the recent times which includes improving the quality of the medical services, motivating medical staff of the respective centres to seek advanced training in their related field of expertise. Also, these infertility clinics in Georgia implement some of the latest medical techniques and procedures which help patients to receive the best possible results to their infertility treatments. (Source:Georgia Needs to Develop Medical Tourism)

    Georgia over Asian countries for infertility treatments:

    Infertility treatments have taken a significant place in the medical tourism in Georgia especially that of fertility tourism in Georgia. There are several countries across the world which offer infertility services, but then there are certainly notable and useful differences which revolve around the results of these infertility treatments. Infertility treatments include various procedures such as IUI, IVF to name a few. These treatments are utilized with the combination of the additional treatments such as donor egg or sperm, and treatments such as ICSI. This completely depends on the case of the couple and the infertility issues present concerning their case. As the laws related to surrogacy has got strict in most of the Asian countries, therefore increasing number of couples are turning to the European countries such as Georgia to opt for Gestational Surrogacy procedures to start their own family. Most of the couples visiting the country of Georgia have observed and realized that the surrogacy procedure in the United States is several times expensive than that in a country like Georgia. Now, cross-border reproductive care is helping several couples to receive affordable infertility treatments for their respective case and move ahead with a positive approach towards having a healthy baby. (Source:Locked out of Asia, Americans are Turning to Eastern Europe to Hire Gestational Surrogates)

    Infertility treatments in Georgia:

    Georgia serves the medical tourists with the best quality and affordable infertility treatments which aid in achieving success rates in the form of positive pregnancies. Here are some of the most commonly available and offered infertility treatments in this country under the concept of medical tourism in Georgia.

    IUI:IUI is one of the basic infertility treatments which serves the purpose of injecting sperm directly into the woman's body for the process of fertilization at the chosen infertility centre. This procedure is well-known as Intrauterine Insemination. Several medical centres in Georgia are now motivating patients traveling from other parts of the country under the concept of medical tourism in Georgia to undergo infertility treatments in the recommended infertility centre. One of the appreciating aspects of this advanced infertility treatment is that the procedure gets completed within a time frame of 10 to 15 minutes. This ensures that patients do not waste a lot of time and proceed with their treatments in peace and achieve success. There is hardly any kind of side effects which can be seen in patients except mild cramping in some patients after the procedure is completed. IUI specialists in Georgia perform the best quality IUI treatments which help patients seek the desired results with their infertility procedures. (Source:What is IUI?)

    IVF:IVF has emerged as the most effective and highly recommended infertility treatments in recent times. The cost of IVF procedures in various medical centres in different cities of Georgia is multiple times less than the developed countries offering the same healthcare services. Insurance policies are also one of the pillars which aid in financing infertility treatments such as IVF procedures. In the cities of Georgia where such healthcare insurances are not accepted, discount packages and refund policies come into the limelight and patients seek information about the same. To make patient experience an important part of the medical tourism in Georgia, an increasing number of infertility centres are now introducing flexible IVF programs for the benefit of the patients. Such packages also include the cost for the ultrasound, hormone tests, egg retrieval and embryo culture with transfer procedures. The inclusion of the cost of cryopreservation procedures depends on the financing policies of the respective infertility centres. (Source:IVF cost in Georgia)

    Surrogacy: Surrogacy is a third-party reproductive procedure which was introduced to build families for couples who are unable to conceive naturally or even with the assistance of infertility treatments. Here, the surrogacy procedure will play an important role in helping couples in having babies. One of the appreciating aspects of Surrogacy procedure in the country of Georgia is that this infertility treatment is available in this eastern country from the late 1990s. Various regulations and laws were implemented and modified but then over the years, the implementation of the surrogacy procedure is still available at some of the top infertility centres in the country. The usage of egg donors and sperm donors are also permitted in the surrogacy procedures conducted in the chosen infertility centres. (Source:Surrogacy in Georgia)

    Pregnancy Care: Once pregnancy is achieved after several trials and errors with infertility treatments, pregnant women need to check for the proper measures which they can implement during their pregnancy tenure. Georgia Department of Public Health has come up with several healthcare programs and concepts for the welfare of the pregnant women in the country. Georgia Women, Infant and Children (WIC) program is one such program which aims at providing support to the pregnant, breastfeeding, along with postpartum women who have very low income or fall below the federal poverty level. This assists such women to receive required nutrition during the critical phases of their lives at the required levels. (Source:Pregnancy Resources)

    Increase in the number of fertility centres:

    Several infertility centres in the country of Georgia are putting their best foot forward to make sure that the patients visiting the centres receive the top quality infertility treatments at the best possible prices. Some of the top infertility centres in the country are taking a step forward to make sure that patients receive the required treatment without facing any kind of trouble. The prime aim of the team at these infertility centres is to offer high success rates, a simpler process of treatment access for patients towards several infertility treatments. These days, the medical centres with infertility related treatment services are working on introducing new financial programs to aid the infertility treatments of the patients. Each of the team members at the infertility centres makes the best efforts to provide patients with the best patient experience as they understand that dealing with infertility issues is not an easy task. The challenges faced by patients at the time of infertility treatments is dealt with in the best way under the guidance of infertility specialists. These days, even the government agencies and related healthcare organizations are creating plans and executing the same to boost the functioning of the medical centres. This has helped several centres expand and flourish into full-service infertility centre which also comprises of embryology lab. Each of the infertility centres ensures that transparency is maintained with the patients concerning treatment steps and the cost of the same. This helps number of couples to seek the assistance of the expert services available at these centres which ensure successful treatments of the patients. (Source:New Locations and Easier Financial Access Mean More Babies Born)

    How to plan for a medical trip to Georgia?

    Often patients get confused when they decide and start planning for medical treatment in some other country. If you are also in the same state and want to receive some relevant guidance, then you can read the following guidelines from the experts of medical tourism in Georgia and proceed with your medical treatment. Here in the following list, you will find some of the most important factors which are prioritized at the time of planning of a medical trip to Georgia under the concept of medical tourism in Georgia.

    Thus, medical tourism in Georgia is growing at a rapid rate which is enabling several couples to step ahead and utilize the infertility procedures available in the top infertility centres of the country. Patients or couples traveling to visit Georgia for medical or infertility treatments can take assistance of the guidance of infertility experts of ovohealth. For more details and improved inputs about your treatments, you can also visit our international patients page on OVO Health website to find detailed information about the travel to other countries such as Georgia and reap the benefits of medical tourism in Georgia.