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    What Our Patients are saying

    Medical Tourism in India:

    Medical tourism is one of the crucial components in the field of medicine. In the present times, an increasing number of patients are searching for some of the innovative ways to improve their treatment experience and save money alongside. Medical tourism has served a wide range of population from different corners of the world. The concept of medical tourism came into existence to make sure that every patient can receive affordable medical treatment irrespective of their current location. The doctors and associated medical professionals working in different hospitals in India have received education and expertise from the top medical institutes and organizations in India. Along with this, some of the best medical diagnostic and surgical devices and equipment manufactured by globally renowned manufacturers are introduced and utilized at different hospitals in India. This makes them offer the best quality treatment facilities and services in the field of infertility medicine. As per one of the latest reports, it is found that there are 1000+ nursing centres which train the upcoming generations of nurses. Every year 10,000+ nurses with expertise are added to the field of medicine. This proves that the medical teams at various hospitals in India comprise of some of the fine and well-trained medical aids along with top medical professionals to serve the patients getting treated at the respective centres. In this way, medical tourism in India is contributed by several crucial aspects which play an important role which results into a successful medical treatment. (Source:Wellness and Medical Tourism)

    Statistics and Growth of Medical Tourism in India:

    Medical tourism in India is improving and growing at a steady rate in recent years. Even Government and corporate organizations are taking the best step ahead to make sure that patients from different parts of the world receive top quality infertility treatments. As per the latest statistics depicted for the appreciating growth of medical tourism in India in the year 2017, the medical tourists visiting India are mainly from Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Maldives, Iraq, and Oman. Other countries from where patients visit India for their chosen medical treatments at best possible costs include Nigeria, Kenya, Yemen, and Tanzania. In the span of 2015 to 2017, it is observed that the number of medical tourists has increased effectively. (Source:India Medical Tourism Industry)

    Government policies support for Medical Tourism:

    Since last decade, the private sector has dominated the field of medical care. This has provided a lot of benefits to the patients travelling from different parts of the world to India for their respective medical treatments. On a positive note, in the year 1991, government policies have come into existence which are now supporting several medical corporate organizations to improve their medical services and offer patients with the best cost and quality medical services. One of the best improvements which has been observed in the field of medical care and treatments include the focus of the public expenditure in the healthcare sector which is presently up to 0.9 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of India. (Source:Medical Tourism in India, Indian Journal of Medical Ethics) India is one of the prime countries listed among the top 20 countries which are known for their best quality medical tourism services over the recent years. The neoliberal policies laid by the government ensures that the patients receive the deserving healthcare services at the chosen medical centre in India. The medical professionals and supporting medical staff are contributing successfully to the growth of medical tourism. They ensure that patients receive the desired results with the performed medical treatments at affordable costs. This has lead to steady growth in the private medical care's high-end section for patients who are able to afford the medical treatments in these hospitals. Infertility treatments are one of the top medical treatments which are in high demand under the concept of medical tourism in India.

    Challenges patients face concerning infertility treatments:

    Patients located in different parts of the world seek medical expertise in a specific field of medicine to ensure that their present health condition gets normalized with the required medical treatment. Infertility issues pose to be one of the prime reasons for financial burden on couples who are unable to conceive for long without any medical assistance. As per the National Infertility Association, a national survey was conducted among infertile couples in a certain population. It was found that financial aspects of infertility treatments were one of the major factors associated with the decision of opting for one of them. (Source:Markets Insider) One of the top infertility experts who was associated with this national survey specifically mentioned that financial stress should not be a part of a couple's life when finalizing for infertility treatment. Proper measures need to be taken to make sure the financial burden can be reduced over time with the help of proper planning and financial assistance. Removing the financial barriers linked with the infertility treatments must be the priority of the corporate healthcare agencies and government organizations as well. This has made several infertility centres introduce refund programs associated with infertility treatments for the welfare of the couples choosing for the advised infertility treatment. Poor patient education is also one of the major factors which increase the doubt and increased worry about their respective infertility treatment. Therefore, it is important to understand that genuine efforts need to be taken concerning educating patients about different aspects of infertility diagnosis and treatments. The reality, as well as assumed financial risks, need to be considered and patients must be educated about the same for their own welfare. Also, infertility experts and medical specialists need to understand the importance of educating the patients in the best possible manner. This will help them in receiving the best possible experience during their respective infertility treatment in India. In most of the countries across the world, infertility treatments are not added in healthcare insurance plans. Only 30% of the centres receive insurance coverage for infertility treatments only because the respective employee has asked for it. (Source:The Cost to Conceive: Financial Costs of Infertility, Health Journal)

    Fertility Tourism in India:

    Fertility tourism in India which is a part of medical tourism is rising at a steady rate which has supported a huge audience of couples who are unable to conceive in the natural manner. India is now one of the top countries which provides a wide range of healthcare services associated with infertility treatments. India along with several other countries are now considered as some of the top destinations for infertility treatments. (Source:Market Reporter)This ensures that more number of patients are able to reap the benefits of infertility diagnosis and treatment services available at different infertility centres. Some of the most important reasons of rising of fertility tourism in India include lack of availability of infertility treatment in the respective country, legal restrictions which revolve around the infertility treatments, and comparatively low cost of the chosen infertility treatments in the country with fertility tourism services. Fertility tourism has increased performing of several infertility treatments including In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) procedures which provides excellent success rates to the cases of infertile patients. Several other treatments in the field of infertility medicine are also utilized as per the case of the patients and complications associated with the same.

    The cost of the advanced infertility treatments is one of the important factors which determine the usage of infertility services in a country, especially in India. As per one of the latest medical research, it is found that the final cost of infertility treatments such as IVF in India is considerably low and affordable for most of the foreign patients at the same time. This is when the costs are compared to the developed countries like the UK and US. The cost of infertility treatments is one-third of the total cost of infertility treatments in the developed countries such as the United Kingdom. (Source:Growing Fertility Tourism drives the Sperm Analysis Market) This concludes that the cost of the infertility treatments is one of the prime factors which lead to the final decision of the couples to opt for medical treatment. Semen analysis test is one of the most advanced infertility procedures which is performed in cases where male infertility is doubtful and the concerned infertility specialist wants to get it diagnosed and confirmed. In brief, the semen analysis test is performed to check for certain aspects of the sperm in the male partner. Some of these important features include concentration, volume, motility, and morphology. Each of these features is explained in detail with the assistance of sperm analysis test. According to one of the latest medical research, it is found that the semen analysis market is all set for steady and advanced growth at a CAGR of 8.9% from the year 2017 to 2022 at a global level. The factors which contribute to the growth of this section of the fertility tourism in India include the rise in the healthcare disposable income in several developing countries across the world and constant changes in the lifestyle of the modern couples. According to Dr. Pai who is one of the top infertility experts in India who has a prime role in the field of infertility treatments especially that of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) procedures mentions that the highest number of patients who visit infertility clinics in the metro cities such as Delhi and Mumbai are from countries such as Russia, Middle East, and Africa. (Source:The rise of Fertility Tourism in India)

    Medical Tests associated with infertility treatments:

    A particular medical case starts with a medical test which aids in proper diagnosis of the concerned patient. A series of medical tests are performed separately in men and women to find out the present fertility levels of the body.

    Tests to check for Male Infertility:

    Male infertility can be efficiently tested with the help of the following result oriented medical tests. These medical tests provide the best possible results which guide the infertility diagnosis and treatment as well.

    Tests to check for Female Infertility:

    Female infertility contributes to the cases where a couple is unable to conceive with success. Here are some of the advised medical tests which are performed to make sure that whether there is a presence of female infertility issues in the respective medical case.

    Popular infertility treatments in medical tourism in India under the segment of infertility medicine:

    Infertility treatments are in high demand these days among couples who want to seek medical treatments to have their own babies. Here are some of the best infertility treatments which has achieved a record of high success rates and helped several couples in having their own babies. IVF, IUIare the main infertility treatments which are in great demand in the recent years. (Source:Understanding Infertility - Treatment)

    Regulations associated with Infertility treatment in India:

    Infertility treatment laws in India are one of the significant aspects which are considered at the time of choosing for the best infertility treatment in the respective city. Certain legal laws surround Surrogacy procedure which is followed during the treatment itself and even after the birth of the baby. Even infertility clinics need to follow certain rules and regulations laid down by the top infertility organization in the country. The first guidelines were laid by National Guidelines for ART Clinics in India in the year 2002 when a lot of ART clinics were established and came into existence. (Source: IVF in India) Effectively to provide infertility treatments to patients with different infertility issues. This helped in controlling the number of infertility clinics and accordingly keep a check on the performed infertility treatments at these centres. All of the ART or infertility clinics must be registered with the recognized infertility body in the country. Each of the treatments performed at a respective infertility centre must be started only after receiving written consent from the couple. A code of practice is also implemented to make sure that the qualifications and at times the experience of the healthcare professionals are also verified by the Institutional Ethics Committee. (Source:Cost of IVF Treatment in India and the laws you must know)

    Checklist for choosing the best infertility centre:

    The process of having a baby is a tedious and long term one for most of the couples. Therefore, proper planning must be done before choosing a particular treatment. Every couple thinks that how they can find out the most recommended tips to have a peaceful infertility treatment when they visit another country. Medical tourism in India has evolved over the years and ensured that more number of patients can receive quality infertility treatments when they visit India. Couples need to ensure that their roller coaster ride is dealt with in the best possible manner and helps them reach their real goals linked with parenthood. To make sure that the infertility treatment begins and ends smoothly, it is important to take note of certain specific points which will aid in the success of the chosen infertility treatment - IUI, IVF, or Surrogacy procedures.

    Thus, medical tourism in India is one of the most progressive segments of the healthcare sector in the country. In fact, it is growing to a great extent which is offering patients with the ease to receive affordable treatments in the field of fertility medicine. The concept of medical tourism in India is steadily evolving and improving at the same time to make sure that patients can receive quality IVF treatments irrespective of their current location and financial capabilities. Patients from different parts of the world can reap the benefits of the various useful aspects of the infertility treatments under the concept of the medical tourism in India.