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    Medical Tourism in sri-lanka

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    What Our Patients are saying

    Introduction to Medical Tourism in Sri Lanka:

    Medical Tourism is a popular segment of the healthcare sector where individuals from other countries can plan their treatment in the country of Sri Lanka. Several destinations across the world are moving ahead with the idea of implementing various improvements in the field of healthcare and medical treatments. Medical treatments offered across different parts of the world need to be considered as per the requirement of the respective case of the patients. Medical tourism segment is still growing in the country of Sri Lanka and is in its development stage. This makes it important for the patients to utilize the available healthcare services and go ahead with the decided treatment plan. Medical tourism proves to be beneficial for medical tourists and travelers coming from other parts of the country for their respective treatments. Several medical centres and hospitals are coming into play to make sure that they can offer the best-quality medical treatments for the welfare of the patients. Different sections of medical tourism in Sri Lanka are gaining popularity among medical travelers and tourists who want to seek and utilize medical treatment services in this country. The healthcare authorities of Sri Lanka are taking the best measures to make sure that medical treatments are performed with the best success rates in the healthcare sector. Sri Lanka is growing at a steady pace in terms of quality healthcare services among the countries situated across Southeast Asia.

    Inclusion of Ayurveda in medical tourism in Sri Lanka:

    Sri Lanka is one of the top countries across the world which has gained popularity for its services in the field of traditional medicine. As per one of the latest reports published via a popular news channel, more than 1,50,000 visitors are opting for ayurvedic treatments. There are more than 150 Ayurvedic centres located across the country. (Source: Sri Lanka's plus in Ayurveda for medical tourism) The visitors come to the country either to learn Ayurveda or to undergo Ayurvedic treatments in the top medical centres spread across various locations in Sri Lanka. Some of the top healthcare organizations serving in the ayurvedic sector ensure that travelers who come to Sri Lanka for business purpose and other short term visitors contribute to the maximum numbers in the tourist population during the winter time. One of the vital features associated with the Ayurveda sector of Sri Lanka is that other fields require more investment when compared to the specialty of Ayurveda. Presently, Sri Lanka has over 9000 Ayurvedic doctors and more than 16,000 traditional doctors for the benefit of the patients who want to go for natural treatments. The healthcare experts practicing across different medical centres in the country believe that ayurvedic field of medicine is all set to grow and flourish over the next few years. Sri Lanka holds a firm base over the Ayurvedic niche of medicine other than countries like India. Even the Government of Sri Lanka is making efforts to steadily progress the field of Ayurveda along with the other medical treatments. In this way, Ayurvedic medicine forms a significant part of the medical tourism sector in Sri Lanka. (Source:The Growing Potential of Wellness Tourism in Sri Lanka)

    Why choose Sri Lanka for medical treatments?

    Several countries across the world provide medical treatments with excellent success rates to foreign patients. Medical tourism in Sri Lanka is taking a front seat in the ride of offering medical treatments to the patients traveling down from other parts of the world. Experts in the field of medicine and tourism sector have specified that Sri Lanka has a promising future in both of these important sectors associated with medicine. It is expected that this Southeast Asian country will give a tough competition to other medical tourism destinations such as Thailand. Not only this but Sri Lanka is also recording rapid growth in the field of medical tourism which offers a wide range of treatments in some of the finest medical specialties. As per one of the latest published researches, it is concluded that the countries from where patients come to Sri Lanka for their medical treatments include the United Kingdom, Germany, France, China, and India to name a few. Presently, Sri Lanka is one of the emerging countries in the Southeast Asia region of the world. Some of the top medical treatments and surgeries which are offered across different parts of Sri Lanka include a Hip replacement, Knee replacement surgery, Spinal Fusion procedures, and Angioplasty procedures. Heart Bypass Surgery is also one of the top medical treatments which are in high demand among the patients. (Source:Why Medical Tourism in Sri Lanka has great potential)

    Growth of medical treatments in Sri Lanka:

    Medical treatments performed across different hospitals and clinics in Sri Lanka are taking the next step towards progression in the sector. This is in the form of growth of the healthcare facilities offered at the top medical centres and hospitals. The medical tourism and wellness tourism are growing together to provide patients with the best-quality treatment services. Earlier, Sri Lanka was known only as a beach destination. Now, it is establishing as wellness and medical tourism destination to travelers coming to the country from other parts of the country. This includes developed countries such as the USA and the UAE. Recently, the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) has released the statistics report that the international trips of patients have grown more than the domestic ones. This is evident with the numbers that luxury trips in the wellness sector have grown by 22% in terms of international patients. Compared to this, the growth as the domestic level is 17%. The revenue growth is 20% and 11% respectively concerning international and domestic patients visiting Sri Lanka. This massive rise in the revenue associated with medical tourism in Sri Lanka is worth appreciating. (Source:The Growing Potential of Wellness Tourism in Sri Lanka) You will be surprised to know that there is a steep rise in the number of medical tourists from 4.5 lacs in the year 2009 to 2.1 million tourists to date. This shows that there is an impressive growth in the medical tourism sector across different parts of the country.

    Factors for growth of medical tourism in Sri Lanka:

    Medical specialties in Sri Lanka have received appreciation in terms of the quality of the health-related services. The main focus is to ensure that patients receive the top-quality facilities at a pocket-friendly cost. Patient comfort and experience are the main priorities of the healthcare authorities working at the medical centres. Medical tourism in Sri Lanka is growing at a good pace thanks to certain important factors linked to this field of medicine. It is said that medical tourism in Sri Lanka is in the beginning stage. But, then the healthcare officials have put their best foot forward in assisting in the progress of the medical tourism sector of this Southeast Asia country. There are some of the major contributing factors are responsible for the rise of medical tourism in Sri Lanka. These factors are unique with the popular healthcare and medical sector in Sri Lanka. This includes cost-effectiveness of the treatments performed at the top medical centres and hospitals located across different parts of the country. The cost of the medical treatments and procedures offered in Sri Lanka is substantially low when compared to other medical tourism destinations such as Thailand and Malaysia. As per one of the reports published recently in January 2019, Government of Sri Lanka and the renowned World Bank have signed up an agreement. This agreement is for the loan amount which has been granted to Sri Lankan Government to take further steps for improving the primary healthcare facilities across the country. (Source:Opinion: Ways for Sri Lanka to fix its healthcare) This will help not only the local individuals residing in cities in Sri Lanka but also patients visiting Sri Lanka for their respective medical procedures. The supply chain management system is also in focus of the healthcare officials. This system must be effectively revamped for the growth in the medical tourism in Sri Lanka. This section will take care of the health supplies required for medical procedures and pharmaceuticals to benefit patients in the long term. Sri Lanka is facing several challenges in its path of achieving heights of success in the medical tourism sector. But, it is constantly taking the best possible measures to ensure that the patients can receive the best-quality medical treatments. One of the most appreciating factors for medical tourism in Sri Lanka rise is the rise of the hospitals which are affiliated with the international hospitals across the world. (Source:Why Medical Tourism in Sri Lanka has great potential)

    Reproductive Tourism (Fertility Tourism) in Sri Lanka:

    Sri Lanka has evolved in a range of medical specialties in terms of medical services such as diagnosis and treatments of the medical ailments. Sri Lanka has also achieved the prestigious award show of the World Travel Awards Asia and Australasia 2017 for becoming the top destination for medical tourism. This popular award show was held in the city of Shanghai. (Source:Sri Lanka named Asia's leading destination 2017) Sri Lanka has established various milestones in the medical sector across the world. One of the interesting facts associated with the medical sector of Sri Lanka is that of beaches, wildlife safaris, and adventure tours. Along with this, the marine life surrounding this country is worth appreciating. This has paved the way for patients to receive some of the finest treatment services for the welfare of the patients. Sri Lanka has created several opportunities for patients to help couples in conceiving successfully. This is especially in the case of couples who are trying for a baby but are unable to conceive due to infertility issues in any one or both of them. The infertility specialists are doing a great job in ensuring that patients get treated successfully in the best medical centres in Sri Lanka.

    Present Scenario of Medical Tourism in Sri Lanka:

    Medical tourism involves several types of tourism under it. The availability of the respective medical treatment services varies from one speciality to another. The expertise of the medical specialists and advanced technology utilized at the medical centres are responsible for this availability of the result-oriented infertility treatments. Fertility tourism which is also known as Reproductive Tourism is popular among couples who are the medical tourists visiting the country. The sector of Reproductive Tourism in Sri Lanka is growing at an appreciating level in recent years. The fertility tourism sector of the country has evolved to a great extent and has helped several couples in having babies with the assistance of infertility treatments. The tourism minister of Sri Lanka, John AE Amaratunga, has declared the introduction and availability of the travel packages for foreigners visiting the country for their infertility treatments. These treatment packages are specially designed for the patients who are doubtful regarding going to Sri Lanka. Such patients require expert guidance about moving ahead with the suggested reproductive treatments. For instance, the political member has also said that it is expected that the footfall of international patients coming from other countries is set to rise 25% than the present numbers. Not only this the Government of the country has also made availability of the discounted packages for the welfare of the patients. These packages are available in the cities of Colombo, Nuwara Eliya, Dambulla, Kandy, Sigiriya, and South Coast. Along with this, the government officials are also improving the healthcare services offered to the medical tourists under the concept of medical tourism in Sri Lanka. Some of the latest and advanced mechanisms are been installed and utilized in the hotels for the security purpose of the medical tourists. (Source:As Sri Lanka tourism limps back to life, special travel packages being offered to Indians)

    Infertility treatments in Sri Lanka:

    Infertility treatments play an important role in helping patients to build their families under the guidance of the best infertility specialists practicing across the country. Infertility treatments available in the cities of Sri Lanka are performed under the expertise of the best infertility specialists. The reproductive specialists in the country are working their best to make sure that they can lead to the introduction of the advanced infertility treatments for the welfare of the couples planning for babies and want to start a family. (Source:Let's Make a Baby)

    Do's and Don'ts for patients traveling abroad for medical treatments:

    Medical treatments of patients traveling abroad from their origin country is a challenging task for themselves. Medical travel experts suggest that patients need to follow certain tips and tricks to ease their medical trip journey and ensure that it's a successful one. Here are some of the do's and don'ts which patients can keep in mind and follow before starting for their infertility treatment journey to other countries.

    How to plan a medical trip to Sri Lanka?

    Sri Lanka is one of the most growing medical tourism destinations which has some of the finest healthcare institutions that yield the best results concerning the medical treatments. Here are some of the crucial steps which will help you out in the proper execution of the medical treatments in Sri Lanka.