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    Medical Tourism in thailand

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    What Our Patients are saying

    Basics about Medical tourism:

    Medical tourism is at a peak level in the country of Thailand. The government of the country is equally supporting the initiative in providing every sort of help and assistance to the medical tourists. A medical visitor visits Thailand to receive treatment in the most efficient manner at a reasonable cost. The cost of medical tests and treatments is very less when compared to that provided back in the home country. Thailand is also one of the tourist attractions places because of its vast serene places and pleasant weather which proves to be a bonus for the patients visiting the country. Thailand is eminently popular for its economic value of Ultrasound tests, barium stomach X-ray tests, along with some of the major medical procedures such as Lasik surgeries, and sex-change operations. Even cosmetic surgeries, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and entire body check-up are available at extremely reasonable prices. In some of the last years, about 5,00,000 tourists in Thailand came for medical treatment out of 19 million out of total visitors. As per the BBC, a great incline in medical tourism in Thailand has been observed in the last decade. These numbers are progressively increasing every year which clearly indicates that medical tourism in Thailand is rapidly increasing in an appreciable manner. Medical tourism in Thailand is broadly divided into two segments. The first segments refer to the luxurious tourist segment who visits Thailand to rejuvenate, to enjoy the culture, and a beautiful view of the beloved country. The other section is an economic section of the tourists, who visit the country to take benefits of Thailand's pocket-friendly medical care and hospitality. Both the valuable sections dwell to have huge expectations from Thailand as a popular tourist place. These days, there is a steady rise in the medical tourism growth in the second section where patients travel to Thailand for their medical treatments as per the advice of the doctor. Visiting another country as a medical tourist initially feels a great deal of risk, especially, international tourists from developed countries expect reliable facilities and government strict involvement to protect their rights and security. To win the trust of Medical tourism in Thailand, their government has imposed strict rules and regulations on local hospitals and clinics. Thailand provides them with the best, promising, and cost-effective medical treatment in different developed cities in the country. To keep the reliability of the Thai hospitals, the government conducts regular strict audits and checks to maintain significant-high-quality medical care. Thailand has substantial and resourceful arrangements for emergency services in the medical sector. These arrangements help in dealing with emergency cases of critical patients, complex cases, and high profile intricate cases. They have a provident to make immediate arrangements for the world-class services at the top hospitals. The advanced technology and competency of security benefit affluent patients as well who visit the country for their infertility and other medical treatments. These medical patients travel to Thailand to maintain their privacy and achieve their best treatment without answering any questions to their families and friends. The anonymity is mostly seen in people who visit Thailand for a sex-change operation and want to maintain their privacy. The hospitals and popular clinics in Thailand also provide online services, where the experts consult the patients over a video call, phone calls, or emails about further medical procedures and prescription. This is one of the utmost benefits given to patients under the concept of medical tourism in Thailand. This saves the time and insecurity of international patients before visiting and after leaving the country. Most of the times patients visiting for dental and cosmetic surgeries are seen taking advantage of the opportunity to travel around the city and explore its beautiful culture. Moreover, there are patients who especially travel to Thailand to undergo medical treatment, which is unavailable in their own country. (Source: Medical tourism in Thailand)

    Many hospitals in Thailand promote medical tourism through a persistent advertisement of their best hospitals and clinics. This provides conveniences for the tourists as they receive beneficial comprehensive packages for the required treatment and relaxing facility at the same time. Moreover, many hospitals in Thailand provide medical treatment packages which include treatment cost, nutritious food, luxurious rooms, spas, travel convenience, and fitness facilities. Apparently, the overall cost of these healthcare packages is either less or equivalent to the overall cost of treatment in their own country. Thailand's government is supporting medical tourism in Thailand from the beginning of the era when tourists started going out of their country to get medical treatment. It has developed a vast innovative market for every type of medical treatment. Moreover, the government body, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TOT) has also made sure, that the treatment packages include amenities, comfort, flexibility, and security at minimal cost in every city of Thailand. Thailand has built a high standard in the niches of medical tourism and post medical holiday vacation. There is a vast number of tourists, who come to Thailand for post-medical vacation and enjoy their medical break. To assist these medical tourists, marketers of Thailand have prepared several offers and packages for their post-check-up through several medical tests at different medical clinics. These packages offer many essential medical tests such as body-fluid assays, body mass index test (BMI), cholesterol checks, blood work test, bone density scans, fecal occult blood tests, antioxidants, and free radicals tests. These types of post-medical check-ups assist the medical tourists in maintaining their fundamental level of adequate nutrition and save them from any prevailing health-related problems.

    Fertility tourism in Thailand:

    One of the high demand sectors of medical tourism in Thailand is fertility tourism. The demand for medical tourists coming to Thailand is prominent due to its expensive and prolonged medical procedure. Infertility represents a condition when a couple is incapable to conceive due to their health issues. These health issues are seen in both male and female partners. To achieve pregnancy, these health issues necessitate to be treated first, and then Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) or In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment is performed. The cost of these medical treatments in developed countries is remarkably higher and the success rate remains low. Many times, numerous repeated cycles are performed, when the desired results are not achieved in the first place. In Thailand, not only experts, perform the treatment professionally, but provide the treatment at a very economical cost. The reliable IUI, IVF, and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection treatment (ICSI) treatment does not hurt the pockets of infertility medical tourists and provides them a chance to pursue advanced technology treatment, which they might not afford in their own country. For instance, it is observed that more than ten times Japanese couples are visiting Thailand in search of ova donations. The cost of ova, sperm, and embryo is comparatively pocket-friendly in Thailand to incorporate in infertility treatment like IVF, IUI, procedures. Once, it was identified that ova brokering in Thailand was progressing because many women from Japan started coming to Thailand for donating their ova in Thailand to receive a good amount of money. Due to this reason, many strict laws have levied now on the ova donation services in the country. Likewise, many tourists from the US also visit Thailand for their fertility treatment services. The reason behind this is that fertility treatment in America is way more expensive than Thailand or any other country. In Europe and America, the treatment of IVF costs around $10,000, whereas it costs more than half of the same amount of IVF procedure in the country of Thailand. Many couples in the need of sex determination come to Thailand and prefer to stay here till delivery. The potential patients for PGD and sex determination came from Australia and even from India, as sex determination is banned in their countries. As per records, about 60 percent of the foreigners occupy different hospitals in Thailand every month. (Source: Fertility tourism: The choice is yours in Thailand)

    Surrogacy and selling of an ovum/ova, embryo, and sperm in Thailand have outlawed recently. The initiative was taken to protect the rights of surrogacy child, surrogate, and intended parents. The government of Thailand positively forbade commercial surrogacy to restrict unlawful acts in the country. The law further intended to prevent the illegal trafficking of a surrogate mother in Thailand. The insightful new rules only promote surrogacy for Thai heterogeneous couples. As per Thailand's law, it is mandatory for one of the partners to have citizenship of the country of Thailand, to undergo the process of IVF. Also, both of them must be married for at least three years. In fact, the surrogate should be a relative of one of the intended parents. Moreover, the surrogate should be lawfully married and have one legitimate child already. This law has specifically prevented foreign couples to exploit the benefit of surrogacy at reasonable cost from Thailand. (Source:New Thai surrogacy law bans foreigners)

    Infertility befalls as a matter of special assistance for patients visiting the country. This is because of several valuable lawful elements depending upon country to country. The patients visiting Thailand for infertility treatment require a number of facilities and advanced medical treatments. Thailand popularly holds some of the best infertility doctors, leading specialists, specialized laboratories, and excellent hospitals. These hospitals and specialists utilize the best state-of-art technology to treat their patients. Additionally, the cost-effectiveness of the medical procedures has offered a significant boost to many infertile couples visiting Thailand for their infertility treatments including IVF procedures. Last year, China eased the laws of having two children per couple in the country. Consequently, many hospitals in Thailand opened an extra IVF ward to help numerous couples from China for their IVF treatments. The city of Bangkok in Thailand is typically preferred for IVF treatment, as international couples seek more convenient accommodation and traveling connectivity in the city. Depending upon different types of infertility causes and treatments average costs of IVF, IUI, and ICSI are finally decided. One IVF cycle includes about an average cost of $7,500 including ultrasound, ovarian stimulation, fertility drugs, and hormone tests in the developed countries. The success rates of an IVF cycle naturally depends upon the excellent quality of viable eggs and viable sperm. However, Thailand possesses about 70% of the success rate if the patient's body accepts effective treatment. The infertility treatments work according to the condition of the patients and their capability to accept the treatment. Sometimes, different sub-conditions like blockage of fallopian tubes, endometriosis, and poor working of ovaries necessitate being treated foremost to achieve successful results in IVF procedure. (Source:Thailand s fertility industry is booming)

    Benefits of medical tourism in Thailand:

    The numbers representing medical tourism data from the year 2010 to 2011 signifies that Thailand was standing number one in comparison to other countries. It encountered 1.2 million tourists as part of medical tourism in Thailand, while Singapore covered 600,000 tourists stands second. Additionally, the United States third with 4,00,000 tourists followed by India and Malaysia. The leading services and high success rate of the 15 reputed hospitals in Thailand have persuaded them official recognition through The Joint Commission (JCI) around the world. It made them Thailand as Asia's primitive country to achieve the honor. (Source:Medical & Spa Services in Thailand)

    The ethical standard of Hospitals in medical tourism in Thailand:

    Medical tourism challenges around the world:

    Apart from the rising industry of medical tourism in Thailand, it accomplishes several medical challenges occurring in the path of patients around the world. Thailand fulfills the demand of the medical tourists such as an inappropriate number of medical professionals in their country, the availability of skilled medical staff with fluent English language in other developing countries, and lastly, mounting medical costs of infertility and other treatments. As a solution to these problems, Thailand became a premier destination of medical care. Through its number one position in the international market, it is leaving behind many countries lacking skills to bring the medical facilities in front of the patients in need. Advertising and marketing are one of the big reasons for overlooking some of the potential medical tourists around the world. Thailand offers strong marketing offers, discounts, and lucrative packages attract more and more patients with their professionalism and innovative thinking. It is widely known that medical and infertility experts who possess sufficient knowledge of the medical background awareness are very less in many competing countries. Many developing countries' authorities and organizations lack the required number of international marketing experts who are associated with government bodies. Many countries also lack certain facilities related to medical and infertility treatments, which is easily available in different cities in Thailand. The outsourced agencies are also not enough capable to persuade the maximum potential patients. These outsourced agencies possess insufficiency of international marketing skills, which indirectly benefits Thailand. Eliminating such countries from the list of many potentially high paying patients because choose Thailand. Medical tourism in Thailand has collaboration with some of the best and renowned international marketers and professionals.

    Speaking English is another major challenge in some of the competitive countries. It makes it difficult for international patients to communicate clearly with medical specialists and staff, while in Thailand, Hospitals and hotels hire special professionals to cover the communication gap. There are many hospitals in Thailand that have the best English speaking doctors. In fact, the supporting staff is provided with special training to speak English fluently enhancing medical tourism in Thailand. Worsening the first marketing problem, many government hospital's websites of the competitive countries are even not translated in the English language. This becomes a big problem for patients seeking treatment abroad. Communication hindrance is a huge problem, which is shifting several medical experts for practicing and patients for treatment, from other developing countries towards Thailand. This is because several English speaking staff, translators and interpreters are available in the country to help Medical tourism in Thailand. Somewhere, hiring substandard English speaking staff and to cooperate with their poor accents, many valuable international patients feel agitated. Moreover, they drop the idea of experiencing hospitality in poor countries and shift towards Thailand to achieve the desired results.

    Due to the increasing demand for medical tourism in Thailand, the employment of local people in the field of foreign exchange and medical treatments has increased in the country. Moreover, it encouraged the government of Thailand to improve the policies and convenience of applying for a visa. Ease in visa policies and fees has encouraged a huge number of patients around the world to visit Thailand for medical care.

    The Infrastructure of hospitals and clinics in Thailand:

    Thailand has a huge infrastructure in terms of reputed hospitals and their supporting services in the healthcare sector. It consists of 68 million populations. At present, about 927 government hospitals are working with success in comparison to 363 private hospitals. Moreover, Thailand has about 9,768 government health clinics and considerable 25,615 private clinics. These numbers prove that the government is increasingly working on fulfilling the demand for medical tourism in Thailand. Thailand is also taking care of their own people and has covered more than 99 percent population under health protection cover. This shows that the country is dedicated not only towards medical tourists but also to local individuals of the country. Many hospitals in Thailand are generally operating under the Ministry of Public Health. However, private medical hospitals are governed by the Medical Registration Division. There are several other government bodies, which also keep a glance at several activities of all the hospitals, clinics, and medical training center. The government has divided under several districts to provide health benefits to each and every citizen in the best possible way. The compassion of the country towards its citizens built strong feelings among many medical tourists about their safety and security in the country.

    Tips for patients visiting Thailand for medical and Infertility treatments:

    Slowly and gradually, the government of Thailand has proved that Thailand is the most established, reputable, and affordable service provider in terms of medical tourism. Therefore, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) took the initiative in promoting medical tourism in the country. It has significantly launched a website, to effectively promote medical tourism programs through advertisement. The website authentically provides detailed medical facilities, best hospitals, clinics, and a wide range of treatments and their average costs available in Thailand. There are several other government and private websites listing the best hospitals and hotels including their costs and facilities in relevant medical tourism packages. Ovo Health is one of the healthcare platforms which helps in providing best doctors and clinics in Thailand. Ovo Health has many services listed on its websites, which helps the medical tourist in finding the correct place for their treatment in Thailand. Most of the packages provide round trip tickets, hotel costs, hospital costs, treatment costs, and travel expenses. The Thailand government has partnered with the National Bank of Thailand to launch a medical debit card specifically for medical tourists. This debit card will work all across the country of Thailand. This productive move represents Thailand as the capital of medical tourism possessing its innovative futuristic thinking. The card is also recognized as the 'Miracle Thailand Card'. It offers many benefits like medical coverage and life insurance to cover accidents during the tenure. The medical tourist visiting Thailand can take help from the experts at Ovo Health to search most affordable hospitals in Thailand. In fact, it maintains significant transparency in costs and fees of the reputed doctors according to their healthcare services. Ovo Health has rated many doctors according to their genuine success rate and educational background authentication by top authorities in the country. To find more information and receive assistance for your medical treatment. you can visit our website ovohealth.