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    What Our Patients are saying

    Medical Tourism in UAE

    UAE has ranked first in the Arabic world concerning their main dimensions for its best healthcare services to the medical tourists. The country has also received the highest scores for providing high-quality facilities and services to its patients in different medical treatments. The country is on top because of its healthy environment and for its expanding medical tourism industry. The amazing views, low corruption, affordable cost, and positive economic conditions make this country to be the favorite destination for medical tourism. UAE is a country with so much potential, especially having the destination attractiveness as a positive point for the growth of the medical tourism sector. Another positive point of being the most popular country for medical tourism is that UAE is growing at a steady pace with the correct vision to serve the best possible treatments to its patients. The UAE government is focusing on various dimensions such as providing the best experience to every patient, affordable cost, and a positive healthcare environment to increase the revenues gained from medical tourism. (Source:Medical Tourism Index) UAE is served by highly qualified medical experts who focus on providing the best treatment as per the patient's medical case. Medical tourism in the UAE is high because of the affordable cost, comfortable, and attractive locations.

    Dubai which is a well-known city in the United Arab Emirates is a leading healthcare destination that offers access to sophisticated infrastructure, which includes the latest equipment and systems for health transparency. The country also provides international standards for efficient patient care. It organizes various activities and programs promising and delivering the best healthcare, personal growth, extraordinary experience for the patients in the safest and most secure environment. Dubai has more than 90% of internationally accredited hospitals with medical professionals who have origin from 110 different nationalities. Every medical professional aim in providing a warm reception to every patient in their own language. (Source:Health Tourism)

    Concept of Medical Tourism:

    Medical tourism can be determined as the process of traveling outside the country receiving the best possible medical care with success. Also, the increase in the popularity of medical tourism has grabbed all the attention of policymakers, researchers and media as well. Generally, the term refers to the transit of the patients from developing nations to well-developed nations in search of treatments that are not available in their homeland country. (Source:What is Medical Tourism?) Medical tourism is most commonly for cosmetic surgeries or similar treatments, though many people also travel from one country to another for dental tourism or fertility tourism. However, many times people with rare medical conditions also travel to countries where the treatment is better understood. Health tourism is an extensive term for traveling which focuses on various medical treatments. Health tourism is a broad field of health-oriented, tourism ranging from protective and health conductive treatment to rehabilitation. (Source:Medical Tourism) Fertility tourism is also referred to as 'Reproductive tourism', the use of which is successfully growing. It is a type of medical tourism in which couples travel to another country or to another region within the same country. Couples travel seeking the state of the art infertility treatments such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), and Preimplantation Genetic Screening test (PGS). (Source:Fertility Tourism)

    The Present scenario in UAE:

    The UAE has steadily maintained its position as the harbor of choice for medical tourism. It is becoming a leading destination for medical tourism, both regionally as well as globally. (Source:Dubai Medical Tourism Market) This is because of its wide range of advanced state-of-the-technology, highly specialized professionals and treatments at an affordable cost. Medical experts practicing across the country's medical sector are very positive about the UAE's progress in becoming the world's top destination for providing quality healthcare services to its patients. The global medical tourism market is currently reported to be around $100 billion and is rapidly increasing at the rate of around 20 percent when calculated on a yearly basis. According to Alpen Capital, which is a popular financial institution, the UAE is set to rise at a rate of 9.6 percent between the year 2017 and 2022 in the healthcare industry. As a result, the UAE has been previously noticed to be the most popular country in medical tourists ranging from major surgeries to cosmetic corrections. The growth of the UAE medical tourism industry has been phenomenal and impressive for patients and medical experts as well. This is because transforming the country into a successful medical tourism hub of the region is truly an extraordinary achievement. As per the words of Dr. Thumbay Moideen, who is the founder and president of Thumbay Group states that "UAE has been mainly focusing on increasing the healthcare infrastructure in terms of improving quality". (Source:UAE Set To Become Medical Tourism Hub)

    The UAE has risen to the list of top 20 popular medical tourism destinations worldwide. It is proof of an increase in the number of medical tourists rapidly in the UAE. The Government of UAE desire to turn the country into one of the top five global medical tourism destinations. The Dubai government had also launched "Dubai Health experience" to attract more medical tourists efficiently in their country. UAE is famous for providing the best treatment at an affordable cost for the convenience and comfort of the patients. The country also uses advanced technologies and techniques to treat its patients efficiently. The medical tourism in expanding its wide range of medical services to provide the best possible healthcare services to its patients. Many hospitals established in UAE provides medical treatment at their accommodation as per their comfort. (Source: Visitors To Dubai Can Now Get Healthcare Facilities In Their Hotel Room)

    UAE - one of the most popular places for Medical Tourism:

    UAE is known as the most popular place for Medical Tourism which includes a wide range of medical treatments and surgeries. UAE is famous for medical tourism because of the rise of medical services cost in various western countries. The Asian countries such as UAE, Philippines, Singapore avail high quality of medical services at an affordable cost which has led to the commendable expansion of the medical tourism industry. Multiple countries are planning to use medical tourism as a strategy to increase their healthcare tourism industry and provide the required services which patients are seeking for themselves. This is possible as by uplifting the market of medical tourism, a country can successfully stimulate its economic growth alongside. This can also lead to increasing the employment opportunities rapidly for the citizen of that particular country. Accordingly, medical tourism in UAE is rapidly expanding and is also expected to expand in the near future. On the basis of research done by the Medical Tourism Association, it was evaluated that a range of 1.6 million Americans has to travel to other countries for medical tourism or healthcare services. The number of Americans who have to visit other countries for medical tourism is expected to increase manifold in the near future. More than 2 million people have visited the UAE so far in the previous year to take the best healthcare services required in their medical case. This indicates a 5 percent increase in the number of persons who have visited the UAE in the year 2017. However, the latest figures updated by the Department of Culture and Tourism in Dubai have shown that the numbers of medical tourists rose by 6 percent as compared to the previous month. The city of Dubai has successfully received a high number of medical tourists. The high number of medical tourism in UAE represents an increase of 9.5 percent over the last year. The most popular area of medical treatment opted by medical tourists was in the medical expertise of Orthopedics, infertility treatments such as IVF, Dermatology, and Ophthalmology. The United Arab Emirates and GCC countries were the second largest medical market, considering 31 percent of medical tourists from Europe. (Source:Dubai Medical Tourism Industry Generated More Than AED 1.4billion For The Emirate)

    Challenges faced by patients:

    International medical tourism is one of the fastest growing and cost-effective parts of the tourism industry. In the past, rich people from the middle eastern countries traveled UAE for their better treatment experience. The country is more popular because of the easily accessible locations, world-class quality of healthcare with the utilization of modern medical technologies and techniques for execution of different types of medical treatments. The city of Dubai has established itself as a popular destination that offers high-quality facilities and services to its patients. One of the recent studies indicated some of the challenges faced by medical tourist such as highly reliable on human resources, medical tourism policies, health insurance transferability and regulating legal issues. (Source:Medical Tourism Development in Dubai: Managing Challenges and Opportunities)

    Some of the challenges faced by medical tourists while Medical tourism in UAE are:

    Fertility Tourism in UAE:

    Medical tourists in the UAE are increasing rapidly for efficient infertility treatments. The demand for IVF is high among all for which the medical tourists are traveling to UAE. Medical tourist from across the world prefers UAE as the best medical tourism destination. It is because UAE aims in proving the world-class quality medical treatments at an affordable cost to every patient. However, many fertility clinics in UAE provide the facility to test for overall chromosomal abnormalities in the embryo during the infertility treatments. This medical test is performed to detect whether there is any kind of genetic disease running in the family. In addition, the UAE government also allows gender selection to maintain a balanced representation of both genders in the family. It is also known as Family balancing, it is only legal in two countries. This is one of the prime reasons that attract medical tourists to the respective country at a high rate. (Source:Fertility Tourism in UAE is Increasing) The demand for infertility treatments in the UAE has boosted over the past few years because of certain medical causes, such as sperm-related problems in men and polycystic ovary syndrome in women to name a few. (Source:IVF Tops List For Medical Tourists in Dubai) In fact, it is stated that the government is very dynamic in promoting medical tourism in UAE. Among all infertility treatments, IVF is the most popular treatment for which medical tourists are traveling to UAE. In fact, one of the famous IVF consultants in UAE has mentioned that medical tourism is definitely set to expand rapidly in the upcoming years. This is because the protocols set for experienced and professional doctors along with the rules set for providing high-quality medical services are getting precise. It was also stated that in future UAE will be the best destination for clinical care. Patients will also appreciate this as UAE is already a popular tourism hub for medical tourists. (Source:Fertility Treatments in UAE Surge Thanks to Medical Tourism)

    IVF in Dubai:

    In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) procedure is one of the leading treatments opted by medical tourists in UAE, more popularly in Dubai. Medical tourism for IVF in UAE lies between 10 percent to 15 percent. The success rates of IVF in UAE is high as compared to several other countries. In addition, multiple patients also visit UAE for gender selection with IVF procedure as gender selection for balancing families is still legal in the country of UAE. Around 15 percent to 30 percent of couples opt for IVF treatment in UAE to have their second baby efficiently. However, in over 50 percent and above of cases have male infertility as the main factor to go for IVF treatment. The main factors that affect male infertility include diabetes, obesity, lifestyle, hypertension, and genetic factors to a certain extent. The average cost of IVF treatment in UAE ranges between Dh 20,000 to Dh 30,000. The cost of IVF treatment in UAE may vary depending on the required treatment for every patient. (Source:Fall In Fertility Rates Spurs IVF Market In UAE)

    Tips for patients while traveling to UAE for medical and infertility treatments:

    Patients need to make sure that they follow certain tips and tricks to make their medical journey to UAE a smooth and successful one. OVO Health is a healthcare facilitator that helps many infertile couples to get the best infertility center or infertility specialist to have their child successfully. Therefore, Ovo Health understands that it would be mind-boggling for couples to undergo Infertility treatments to fulfill their parenthood dream. Such healthcare platforms understand that the patient may have gone through years of immense desperation and fertility challenges for having their baby efficiently. OVO Health ensures its every patient in navigating and assisting them throughout their Fertility tourism in UAE. With the help of OVO Health assistance, a patient can have hassle-free fertility tourism in UAE. Ovo Health supports its every patient from accommodating an affordable hotel until the best fertility center in UAE with high success rate. OVO Health makes the journey of a patient safe and secure. As a fertility team, Ovo Health is all engaged in their patients journey from the start to successful delivery. It is 24/7 available to respond to the queries of the patient and provide them the right direction. Also, Ovo Health endeavors to make it hopeful and fruitful for each and every couple seeking fertility treatment in UAE. OVO Health has a dedicated professional team to help its patients in creating their families with world-class facilities. The team helps all the patient to get the best fertility center in UAE with high success rate. It strives to focus on bringing the best treatment and the couple together through IVF treatment. Below are mentioned some of the benefits of choosing surrogacy in Georgia.