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    Medical Tourism in ukraine

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    What Our Patients are saying

    Introduction to Medical Tourism in Ukraine:

    Medical tourism is a relatively new concept which is taking up a significant portion of the healthcare sector in recent times. These days, medical tourism has flourished to a great extent at the inter-cities and international levels as well. Medical tourism where the patients travel from one city to another for their medical treatments, it is known as domestic medical tourism. International medical tourism is the type of medical tourism where patients from other parts of the world visit the respective city or country for the respective medical treatment. The facilities available under the concept of international tourism are worth appreciating and various evolvements occur in the respective medical segments. Most of the patients get confused and do not receive the right information when they think for opting a medical procedure as per their requirement. There are various parts of the medical tourism segment which contribute to the efficient functioning of the medical tourism sector. Such unique features benefit not only the patients but also the healthcare firms and organizations in the long term. Medical tourism facilitators also play a crucial role in the successful execution of medical treatments in the medical tourism countries. They ensure that only the safe and fruitful regions are recommended for respective medical treatments of the patients. In this way, the respective countries which are in focus of medical tourism which is popularly known as health tourism can offer the desired results to the treatment of the patients traveling from other countries. (Source: Medical Tourism)

    Why choose Ukraine for medical treatment under medical tourism?

    In the 21st century, the demand for affordable medical treatments which lead to the best results is quite high. When talking about Ukraine, patients from other countries visiting this country look for some of the in-focus features which need to be associated with the respective medical treatment performed in the country. In the year 2008, Ukraine ranked 7th in the top 10 list of the countries most visited by medical tourists in the world. The quality and costs of the medical treatments are the prime features which are taken into consideration whether to go for the recommended procedure. One of the important benefits which attract tourists to this eastern European country is that the costs of the medical procedures and surgeries are multiple times less than that of the developed countries. When the costs of infertility treatments are compared to that of the USA and Eastern Europe, then it is found that it is 50 to 80 percent less in different locations of Ukraine. This cost includes the charges of the diagnosis, medical tests, and charges of the medical procedure itself. Medical tourists visiting the country can also go for local tours and have fun as well during their medical trips. Ukraine comprises some of the most attractive churches and cathedrals which includes St Sophia Cathedral and Khotyn Fortress along with Kamianets-Podilskyi Historical Complex. Each of these local attractions is popular among tourists including medical tourists. The private clinics and hospitals in the country are well-equipped with the latest medical technology which aids in the treatment of the patients traveling from across the world. The top medical specialists and surgeons in the country utilize this technology which is used by surgeons and doctors practicing in the USA, Germany, UK, and Japan. The medical specialists in Ukraine offer a wide range of treatment facilities and services for achieving the required success rates. Medical professionals are practicing at the top medical centres, hospitals, and clinics in Ukraine who have achieved academic excellence in their field of medical expertise.

    Ukraine has achieved several milestones in its field of medical expertise especially in that of Stem Cell Research. There are eye surgeons who specialize in result-oriented laser eye surgeries and eye treatments. Even the dental surgeries are performed in Ukraine at a substantially low cost. Thus, patients do not have to waste time in the waiting queue at the chosen medical centres or hospitals in most of the locations of Ukraine. The infertility clinics in Ukraine are well-equipped with the required best quality facilities. The professionals at the medical centres also take the right measures to make the treatment of the patients turn into a success without letting them face many struggles. Cosmetic surgeries, medical treatments, and associated procedures are in great demand among medical tourists as they achieve the desired results that too at the best pricing structure. (Source:Why Travel to Ukraine for Medical Treatment?)

    Growth of Medical Tourism in Ukraine:

    Medical tourism in Ukraine is still a topic of concern for the Government and healthcare organizations in the country. Ukraine has not only succeeded in offering quality services to patients looking for medical treatments but it has also offered some of the most affordable medical treatments across the world. MP Irina Sysoyenko mentions that there is a lot of space left for the development of the medical tourism sphere in Ukraine. This development will not only help patients traveling from other countries but also boost the revenue of each of the hospitals which are offering the treatments under the concept of medical tourism. She also agrees to the well-accepted fact that such initiatives in the medical sector in the country require the support of the top healthcare officials of Ukraine. She has also prioritized the fact that it is very important to safeguard the rights of international patients visiting the country for the medical treatments. This is especially valid for the treatments associated with reproductive issues and certain serious medical complications. Such health conditions possess the risk of losing time and money for patients. She has also highlighted that in-country and foreign patients need to understand and value the achievements and technologies used by Ukrainian doctors. The popular political member has mentioned the use of advanced technology for heart coronary - bypass surgery is available in the country of Ukraine. It is one of the latest technologies which is available in the country of Ukraine since the time of its introduction in the field of medicine. Also, the medical specialists practicing in the top multispeciality hospitals possess some of the finest medical and clinical skills which are combined with the valuable experience. This aids in the successful execution of the medical procedures in the respective medical speciality. (Source:Iryna Sysoyenko, "Development of medical tourism in Ukraine will become an important source of revenue to the state budget.")

    Factors for the growth of Medical Tourism in Ukraine:

    There are several factors which are fueling the steady growth of medical tourism in Ukraine. There are several major cities in the country which are providing services under the roof of medical tourism but a few cities have ranked the top of this list. Some of the cities which are most appreciated for the medical services include Lviv, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa, and Zaporizhia. These cities have earned a significant place in medical tourism sector of Ukraine. All this is because of the best quality and most affordable services offered at the hospitals located in these cities of Ukraine. One of the key features which motivate patients to visit Ukraine for their medical treatments include the beautiful locations present across the country. Patients traveling from other countries can visit Ukraine for their medical treatments and also have fun in the form of an exciting vacation in amazing destinations. Patients traveling to Ukraine usually have a keen focus on the costs of the medical treatments. The medical centres and hospitals in Ukraine have designed the medical treatments in such a way that the prices are very affordable to the patients flying down from other parts of Europe and countries such as the USA. The hospitals providing the medical diagnosis till treatment completion comprise of state-of-the-art infrastructure which boosts the success rates of the performed infertility treatments. Health resorts are also one of the attractive features which are growing at a steady pace in different cities of Ukraine. This brings in several patients who want a de-stressing treatment experience during their medical trip. Most of the basic to advanced medical treatments take an average period of 15 to 30 days for the efficient completion of the same. Therefore, patients must consider above-mentioned important factors while choosing Ukraine as the medical destination for medical procedures. Another significant factor which is responsible for the rise in the medical tourism in Ukraine is that the process of receiving a Visa to travel to Ukraine has become simplified for patients in Asia. When the overall scenario is observed, several factors successfully contribute to the appreciating growth of the medical tourism in Ukraine. (Source:Medical Tourism)

    Reproductive Tourism (Fertility Tourism):

    The growth of reproductive tourism or fertility tourism is worth appreciating as it is quite high and provides the international standards in the respective treatments. There is a rise in the number of patients visiting the top cities with infertility treatment facilities for the suggested medical procedures. At present, there are more than 34 reproductive clinics which offer specialized healthcare services for the benefit of the patients. The clinics offering such services have received recognition for performing a wide range of infertility treatments along with diagnosis of the same. Each of the treatments is performed as per the guidelines set by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Association of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE). The Ukrainian doctors who are practicing in the top infertility centres and associated hospitals indulge themselves in proper training and related medical workshops in their respective field of medicine. This ensures that the patients can receive quality treatment services which will yield the desired results. The reproductive tourism sector in Ukraine has flourished due to the implementation of certain best developments in the medical sector in a broad scenario. This includes working together with the pharmaceutical companies which are known to offer the best quality medicines which can contribute successfully in the infertility treatments of the couples. (Source:In Vitro Fertilization IVF Clinics in Ukraine) One of the amazing facts about the Reproductive Tourism segment of medical tourism is that more than 50 percent of tourists visit the country under the concept of medical tourism. The primary goal of the patients is to consult the fertility specialists practicing at the top hospitals in the country. Also, the patients receive affordable infertility counseling with treatment facilities which successfully contributes to the building families for several couples. (Source:Top Reasons Why Tourists Say They Come to Ukraine)

    This shows that performing of the infertility treatments in Ukraine started long back which has helped several patients in seeking the happiness of the family. The Ukrainian Medical Association has specified that medical tourists from other countries visit Ukraine as they receive high-quality treatments. Along with this, one of the factors which control the growth of the infertility treatments niche of medicine is the affordability of the chosen treatments. (Source:Top Reasons Why Tourists Say They Come To Ukraine)

    Infertility treatments in Ukraine:

    Infertility diagnosis and treatment services form a prime part of medical tourism sector specifically that of the reproductive tourism. Infertility treatments in Ukraine have evolved over the years due to several factors taking care and contributing to the same. One of the amazing features of the infertility treatments in Ukraine is that medical technology has helped several couples in having babies despite several health-related challenges. Such treatments have also helped patients who have passed the 60+ age lane to conceive successfully if they are fit to carry the baby throughout the term. The hospitals in Ukraine are seeing an appreciating growth in the treatments of foreigners who visit the respective hospitals or clinics. These hospitals provide a wide range of infertility related treatment services which are ultimately beneficial for the patients traveling from other cities and countries. (Source:Why infertility treatment is booming in Ukraine)

    Here are infertility treatments which are in great demand in the present times and can be utilized in the best possible manner to seek the joy of parenthood:

    How to plan a medical trip to Ukraine?

    Patients who are planning to go for infertility treatments in Ukraine need to understand the execution of medical treatment along with the travel aspect to the respective country. If you are thinking to go ahead with infertility treatment in one of the top infertility centres in Ukraine, then you can follow the following travel and treatment plan for getting treated in the best possible manner.