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    Best IVF Doctors in Minsk

    Below are the Top IVF Doctors in Minsk with options to book your first appointment FREE. Check Reviews, IVF Cost, IVF Success rates, Fees, Address, Contact Number for all treatments they offer. Find details to affordable test tube baby costs.

    IVF Doctor


    21 years Experience Overall

    vulica Dahabrodskaja, Minsk

    Patients Recommended
    62%(1 reviews)

      • Fee: - Br25
      • In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Cost: - Br 5,500
    • Success Rates-  IVF: 37%,  IUI: 12%, 
    • Services -
      • Gynae Problems
      • Infertility Evaluation a…
      • Pregnancy Diagnosis & Tr…
      • Antenatal Care
      • Normal Vaginal Delivery
      View All Less All
    3.5/ 5
    IVF Doctor


    6 years Experience Overall

    vulica Hiercena 12, Minsk

    Patients Recommended
    62%(1 reviews)

      • Fee: - Br25
      • In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Cost: - Br 5,500
    • Services -
      • Embryo freezing
      • Egg Pickup & Embryo Tran…
      • Embryology
      View All Less All
    3.5/ 5
    IVF Doctor


    19 years Experience Overall

    vulica Hiercena 8, Minsk

    Patients Recommended
    62%(1 reviews)

      • Fee: - Br35
      • In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Cost: - Br 5,000
    • Services -
      • Infertility Evaluation a…
      • Gynae Problems
      • High Risk Pregnancy Care
      • Pregnancy Care and Deliv…
      • Pregnancy Diagnosis & Tr…
      • Prenatal and Postnatal C…
      View All Less All
    3.5/ 5
    IVF Doctor


    15 years Experience Overall

    Volcano Filimonava, Minsk

    Patients Recommended
    62%(1 reviews)

      • Fee: - Br30
      • In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Cost: - Br 5,400
    • Services -
      • Intrauterine inseminatio…
      • Intracytoplasmic Sperm I…
      • Infertility Evaluation a…
      • Infertility Management
      View All Less All
    3.0/ 5

    Role and Responsibilities of IVF Doctors in Minsk

    Infertility can be present when a couple has been actively trying to conceive for a year with no success despite having unprotected intercourse. As a woman heads towards her reproductive twilight, she starts running out of eggs. With time, as we grow older, the likelihood of having a pregnancy decreases. So for women of the age of 35 years and older, the IVF doctors in Minsk recommend that they should consult a fertility specialist or an IVF specialist doctor after attempting for six consecutive months. For women under the age of 34, a time period of twelve months is accepted before seeking consultation. There are certain situations in which women may want a consultation early. Those who have a history of pelvic pain, ectopic pregnancy, or two or more miscarriages may seek an early consultation with IVF Doctor or fertility doctor. Life is surprisingly complex for those who are struggling with the phase of infertility. If you are suffering from the inconsistencies with trying to conceive with no positive outcomes, OVO Health can help you find the right IVF doctor in Minsk. The IVF centres in Minsk comprise of a well-qualified, experienced and board-certified medical personnel and IVF doctors in Minsk. They are serving in the field of reproductive endocrinology and infertility for years now. OVO Health makes sure that their patients get the most appropriate and cost-efficient treatment from the best IVF doctors in Minsk in order to give you total satisfaction.

    What is IVF Doctor?

    An IVF doctor or fertility specialist is a reproductive endocrinologist who has studied or taken his or her training in Obstetrics and Gynecology and has undergone a three year’s fellowship of training in dealing an understanding the complexity of endocrine disorders of the reproductive system. These doctors practice their skills in treating infertility, reproductive and sexual disorders. The IVF doctors in Minsk ensure their patients walk on the right path to achieve a healthy pregnancy. The treatments in which an IVF doctor in Minsk specializes are In Vitro Fertilization, Male and Female Factor Infertility, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, Fertility Preservation, Tubal Factor Infertility, Congenital Uterine Anomalies and other diseases related to the female reproductive tract.

    Credentials of IVF Doctors in Minsk

    The IVF doctors in Minsk are required to pass both written and oral examinations in both the fields of Obstetrics and Gynecology as well as Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. The IVF doctors receive board certification in their respective medical fields. The following list best defines the credentials of IVF doctors in Minsk:

    1. The IVF doctor examines a patient to ascertain the reason/s for infertility and prescribes the best IVF treatment or procedure the patient needs to undergo
    2. The IVF doctor thoroughly evaluates the test examinations and discusses the results of the tests thereby educating the patient about the normal and high range of test results
    3. A fertility specialist recommends treatment based on the severity of the patient’s case and his or her first resort to treat the problem should be providing the patient with medications like hormone stimulating medicines in women
    4. He or she should keep a track of the progress in each and every case and should plan the further treatment needed
    5. An IVF doctor should have a blend of expertise in both, medicine and surgery. It has been estimated at the IVF centres in Minsk, a typical IVF doctor spends half of his time in patient visits while the rest of his time, he spends in performing ultrasounds and surgeries
    6. Although the reproductive emergency situations are rare, an IVF doctor should be available on call for his patients to assist them with all their queries and doubts whenever they require it
    7. An IVF doctor should have a compassionate and caring approach towards his or her patients as an infertile patient is already going through a tough time in life. A patient undergoing fertility treatments needs respectful, responsive and supportive attitude as this an emotional phase of life
    8. The IVF specialist doctor should be open and transparent in terms of documentation of all the fertility treatment, including photos of embryos
    9. He/she should also be clear in terms of the cost of the treatments and should make sure that no hidden costs are attached to the treatments that may surprise the patient later
    10. An IVF doctor in Minsk should have a high success rate of pregnancy so that the patients can confidently come up with their queries infertility related problems
    11. A fertility doctor uses state-of-the-art technologies in order to obtain the highest standard results and outcomes of the procedure
    12. He or she should be competent enough and should accept the challenging cases of failed IVF treatment; generally, the patients lose their trust after having failed IVF treatments

    IVF Doctors in Minsk at IVF Centres

    When a patient or a couple visits an IVF centre in Minsk to meet an IVF doctor for the very first time, at times, they know nothing about infertility that may lead them to take it as an unusual condition that’s preventing pregnancy. At this time, IVF doctors in Minsk are probably the only ray of hope they can rely on. The IVF doctor in Minsk should be calm and supportive enough to answer all the basic questions the patient is expected to come up with. It doesn’t go without saying that the fertility treatments are expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, the IVF specialist doctors should make their patients believe that they are putting their time and money in the right place. The success rates of an IVF centre in Minsk and the IVF doctors are Minsk are the key factors on which a patient relies the most. The eagerness and curiosity of having a baby of a patient await a positive outcome as soon as possible. Usually, the patients with such problems or disorders come up after trying for a year or two. Therefore, the higher the pregnancy success rate goes; the larger the number of patients would like to visit a particular IVF centre or doctor. IVF doctors with a good rapport attract patients the most. A recognized IVF doctor who has a good rapport and position is the choice of patients seeking an infertility treatment. Also, it is important to know what kind of IVF specialist doctor a patient requires based on gender. For example, a woman, in a major number of cases, prefers to be treated by a female infertility specialist throughout her procedure. A patient has a right to opt out their doctors.

    Roles and Responsibilities of IVF Doctor in Minsk

    IVF doctors in Minsk are responsible to carry various tasks in the treatment of a vast array of infertility disorders. In the cases where women want to conceive later in life, the IVF doctors plans for the fertility preservation techniques. When you visit ovohealth.com and schedule an appointment with the best IVF doctor in Minsk, our recognized IVF specialist doctors do infertility work-up, including a session of understanding the patient’s medical history and physical examination. The IVF doctors in Minsk also schedule certain test examinations to determine whether a woman is ovulating with adequate progesterone stimulation of the uterine lining and to ascertain if she has any endocrine disorders.

    An IVF doctor also includes a hysterosonography in infertility work-up in order to diagnose the presence of conditions like fibroids, blocked fallopian tubes or polyps. The infertility work-up sometimes is also accompanied by an endometrial biopsy to ascertain if the imbalance hormone levels are affecting the endometrium.

    Once an IVF doctor is done with obtaining the required information from the test examinations and infertility work-ups, the accurate and suitable fertility treatments are recommended to the patients.

    When to visit an IVF Doctor in Minsk?

    The birth of a child brings a lot of excitement in the life of a couple and all those connected with the child. It helps in improving the bond of a relationship between two partners. It’s both, an exciting as well as nervous experience, coping with the sexual and emotional changes that come with child rearing. Always thinking out of the box to give that little life, each and everything he or she deserves. The transition to parenthood helps in strengthening the relationship between couples. There are many couples who are still deprived of having the experience to share that “good news” with their families and friends. This is the time when you need to schedule an appointment at ovohealth.com. Studies have found that one of every six couples experience the condition of infertility. OVO Health helps you finding the best IVF doctor in Minsk. Below are explained some conditions which define the signs and symptoms of infertility. The only symptom infertility shows is that, you are not getting pregnant. Symptoms are also affected by numerous causes of infertility. Here is a description of infertility in men and women.

    Infertility in Women

    When the cause of infertility is diagnosed in the female partner, the condition is called infertility is women. Female infertility is responsible for an approximate one-third ratio of all infertility conditions in couples.

    Causes of Infertility in Women

    The first and foremost questions an IVF specialist doctor in Minsk asks his or her patient are about whether she is ovulating or not and checks for any damage to the uterus or fallopian tubes. Factors affecting ovulation can be problems related to thyroid glands, obesity problems, the presence of a tumor or cyst, vigorous exercise or work out, brief menstrual cycles and eating disorders. Damage to the uterus can be caused by the presence of polyps in the uterus, a birth defect or abnormal cervical mucus. To diagnose female infertility, physical examination and a session about the medical history of the patient is done in order to decide on the tests to be conducted. Female infertility is also diagnosed via obtaining urine and blood samples to determine the presence of infections or hormonal imbalance.

    Infertility in Men

    Infertility in men accounts to the male partner when he is unable to impregnate his partner. A man is said to be infertile when the quantity and quality of his sperms are not good enough to help his partner in achieving conception. If the number of sperms is low in the ejaculate or they are of poor quality, in such a case, the male partner is unable to cause pregnancy. Male infertility happens when the diagnostic results show reproductive problems in the male partner. Medical tests are performed in order to detect infertility or the type of reproductive disorder as there are no symptoms which can be seen by the naked eye. Some causes of the male infertility are erectile dysfunction, prostate surgery, pituitary tumors, the absence of vas deferens and varicocele.

    Consult OVO Health to get Best IVF Doctor in Minsk

    Having a baby is a big event for a woman and her family. OVO Health assists you with childbirth education and excellent care before, during and after pregnancy with the utmost compassion and care. To make it easy for you and your baby, OVO Health offers you the best IVF doctors in Minsk and the best fertility centres in Minsk with a variety of birthing options and neonatal care at an affordable price. OVO Health keeps a record of your details from initial consultation, clinical consultation to financial consultation for IVF treatment. If you’d like to give Ovo Health a chance to help you in your journey to parenthood,visit ovohealth.com to know our fertility experts to book an appointment with the IVF specialist doctor in Minsk.