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    Best IUI Doctors in Minsk

    Below are the Top IUI Doctors in Minsk with options to book your first appointment FREE. Check Reviews, IVF Cost, IVF Success rates, Fees, Address, Contact Number for all treatments they offer. Find details to affordable test tube baby costs.

    IVF Doctor


    21 years Experience Overall

    vulica Dahabrodskaja, Minsk

    Patients Recommended
    62%(1 reviews)

      • Fee: - Br25
      • Intrauterine insemination (IUI) Cost: - Br 600
    • Success Rates-  IVF: 37%,  IUI: 12%, 
    • Services -
      • Gynae Problems
      • Infertility Evaluation a…
      • Pregnancy Diagnosis & Tr…
      • Antenatal Care
      • Normal Vaginal Delivery
      View All Less All
    3.5/ 5
    IVF Doctor


    6 years Experience Overall

    vulica Hiercena 12, Minsk

    Patients Recommended
    62%(1 reviews)

      • Fee: - Br25
      • Intrauterine insemination (IUI) Cost: - Br 582
    • Services -
      • Embryo freezing
      • Egg Pickup & Embryo Tran…
      • Embryology
      View All Less All
    3.5/ 5
    IVF Doctor


    19 years Experience Overall

    vulica Hiercena 8, Minsk

    Patients Recommended
    62%(1 reviews)

      • Fee: - Br35
      • Intrauterine insemination (IUI) Cost: - Br 500
    • Services -
      • Infertility Evaluation a…
      • Gynae Problems
      • High Risk Pregnancy Care
      • Pregnancy Care and Deliv…
      • Pregnancy Diagnosis & Tr…
      • Prenatal and Postnatal C…
      View All Less All
    3.5/ 5

    Find the Best IUI Doctors in Minsk

    Dealing with infertility can be a very emotional experience especially for women. Finding the right infertility specialist under these circumstances can be a daunting task because of many concerns about infertility. The couple or patient is challenged with complicated medical decisions but once the right infertility doctor is found, the process of infertility treatment can be much easier. In male infertility, the first procedure the doctor recommends is Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) as this one is used for an infertility condition that is not too severe. IUI doctors in Minsk are highly experienced in procedures and treatments involved in male infertility cases.

    IUI doctors in Minsk are associated with renowned hospitals and clinics which are affiliated under medical standards. The doctors are well-equipped with the latest technology advancements in the field of infertility treatments. They are also reputed for their excellent services and care. IUI doctors in Minsk offer personalized IUI treatment, tailor-made to the patient’s individual needs.

    Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

    Intrauterine insemination (IUI), also known as artificial insemination, is a treatment for female infertility where sperms are placed inside a woman’s uterine cavity to increase the chances of fertilization and eventually, a pregnancy. In the procedure, a sample of healthy sperms is prepared by the embryologist and implanted inside the uterus using a very fine catheter.

    For couples facing problems with natural conception, IUI treatment serves as a simple, affordable and effective fertility treatment option. Since IUI treatment involves selection of healthy motile sperms and introducing them directly to the mature female egg, it is particularly helpful in mild male-factor infertility like low sperm motility. In rare cases, the procedure is also used for female infertility cases if the woman suffers from ovulation and cervix related disorders.

    IUI Procedure

    Before beginning with the treatment, a doctor examines the sperm samples and run diagnostic tests to assess the health of uterus. The male partner provides a specimen of sperms which is carefully washed to remove seminal fluid and any dead sperms. The semen sample is then prepared for insemination. Prior to treatment, the doctors administer fertility medication to stimulate ovulation and menstrual cycle is closely monitored. The number and size of follicle are measured by the doctor using ultrasonography to determine the exact time of ovulation. Human Chorionic Gonadotrophins (HCG) injection is given to mature the eggs when the follicles reach a certain size. Careful monitoring is also necessary to determine when the eggs are matured.

    IUI treatment is generally performed within 6 to 24 hours of ovulation, after the surge in LH hormone to ensure high success rate of conceiving. The doctor places the washed sperm into the uterus using a soft, thin tube called a catheter. This procedure maximizes the number of sperms that are placed in the uterus, thus increasing the possibility of conception.

    The process of sperm insertion is fairly painless, takes about five minutes and does not require anesthesia. You may experience minor discomfort as the vagina is held open using a speculum, however, it subsides quickly and you can resume your routine activities soon after.

    Once the eggs are fertilized, your doctor may prescribe progesterone suppositories to strengthen the endometrial lining and support implantation of an embryo, which generally occurs 6 to 12 days after IUI treatment.

    Things to be checked before performing IUI:

    Candidates for IUI

    Once a fertility specialist establishes the root cause of infertility through standard testing, he/she may recommend IUI in the following situations:

    For some patients, it may take more than one IUI cycle to achieve pregnancy. Also, IUI is generally more successful for women under 40 years. Based on the individual diagnosis, women over the age of 40 may need more intensive treatment such as IVF treatment or ICSI treatment.

    Benefits of IUI Treatment:

    Choosing the Right IUI Doctors in Minsk

    Choosing the best IUI doctors in Minsk can be a complicated task. The search can be even more complicated if you have many potential causes of infertility as the best treatment approach may be unique to each patient. OVO Health offers a few tips on what to look for when choosing IUI doctors in Minsk.

    After IUI Treatment

    After IUI, the patient is recommended to take healthy diet and other precautionary measures. Things to do after undergoing IUI treatment:

    Success Rate of IUI

    The success rate of pregnancy through IUI depends on several factors. It depends on variables such as female age, the reason for infertility, and whether fertility drugs were used and also the health and motility of male sperms. Recent studies show that couples suffering from unexplained infertility, the pregnancy rate through IUI cycle are about four to five percent. With the stimulations of fertility drugs, the pregnancy rate goes up to 7 to 16 percent. Usually, women have 10 to 20 percent chances of getting pregnant with just one IUI cycle, but the success rates keep on increasing with the number of cycles performed. With 4 to 6 cycles of IUI, pregnancy rates can be as high as 80 percent.

    IUI Treatment Cost

    There are many things that need to be considered when deciding on a fertility treatment method. While age, medical history, and a reason for infertility are among the most important factors, the cost is also no less important. The cost of the treatment varies from case to case. Some fertility treatments such as IVF are more expensive, but they have a higher success rate. However, if a couple is suffering from mild infertility factors, IUI is the best and recommended procedure.

    The fees of IUI doctors in Minsk is very low and comes between Rs.200 and Rs.1,600 per cycle. However, if a couple is unsuccessful, they may be recommended to go for additional cycles which can add to the cost of IUI. The cost of IUI treatment also depends on the reputation of the clinic, the qualification of the doctor, fertility drugs used and complications in treatment. The IUI treatment Cost in India can also vary greatly depending on location.

    Best IUI Doctors in Minsk

    Many patients rely on the recommendations of their friends, family, internet and primary Ob/Gyn, with whom they already have a long-term relationship and on whom they rely for effective medication and good advice, while others depend on healthcare facilitators to direct them.

    OVO Health is another option which you can trust in finding the best IUI doctors in Minsk. We provide a list of experienced and reliable IUI doctors in Minsk who can offer the best treatment facilities and services.