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    Best IVF with Semen Freezing Centres in Minsk

    Top IVF with Semen Freezing Centres in Minsk with options to book your first appointment FREE. Check Reviews, Fees, Cost, Success rates, Contact Number and Address for all IVF with Semen Freezing Treatments.

    Neovit Medical Center  clinic
    Gynecology Hospital

    vulica Dahabrodskaja, Minsk

    Patients Recommended
    62% (1 reviews)
      • Fee: - Br25
      • IVF with Semen Freezing Cost: - Br 5,830
    • Success Rates-  IVF: 31%,  IUI: 12%, 
    • Services -
      • Obstetrics and Gynecology
      • Infertility Assessment …
      • Normal and Cesarean Del…
      • Pregnancy Related Probl…
      • Female Gynecological Pr…
      • Obstetrics Care
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    3.5/ 5

    Postpone Parenthood with IVF with Semen Freezing Centres in Minsk

    Fertility specialists at IVF with Semen Freezing Centres in Minsk offer cutting-edge vitrification method of cryopreservation or sperm freezing. This revolutionary sperm freezing technique does not damage the sperms as they are instantly frozen to pause motility and biological activity thereby bringing the process of aging to almost an end. Vitrification is a unique method of freezing sperms as the sample can last for several years.

    In IVF with Semen Freezing Centres in Minsk, sperm samples are collected in a private room through masturbation or through surgical procedures like TESE and TESA in an andrology unit. Scientists prepare and freeze these sperms in a lab before they are exposed to contamination. Sperms once frozen are kept in special containers to preserve their quality and pause morphological changes. IVF with Semen Freezing Centres in Minsk offers sperm freezing and storage by vitrification to improve survival rates.

    Semen Freezing

    Semen freezing or sperm cryopreservation is a technique designed to preserve & store sperms in a sperm bank. It begins with the collection of sperms which are examined and preserved. The sperms are kept in liquid nitrogen at -196°C and monitored for signs of degradation. When the recipient of sperms is ready for pregnancy, the sperms are thawed and used according to ongoing assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatments. The samples are either stored for own use in the future or are donated for other infertile couples.

    Preparing for Semen Collection

    Semen collection is an integral part when it comes to treatment of male infertility. Semen collection is done for diagnosis, ART treatments or freezing but it may not be easy for the man. It can make the man uncomfortable as something like this is a very private thing. It is important for the man to realize that he is doing this to be treated and start a family. Most men are unaware about what to expect during semen collection. Consulting a doctor about it can make things a lot easier for them.

    SpermFreezing Procedure

    Some people think of semen collection as simple as masturbation, but there is a long list of instructions, precautions, and tests that a candidate must go through. The andrologist also has to make sure that the sample is suitable for treatment, therefore, the candidate is recommended to avoid ejaculation or sexual intercourse for a few days prior to semen collection.

    The sample is collected in complete privacy and in a sterile environment to prevent any contamination that may hamper sperm quality. Use of lubricants or contact with bodily fluids should also be avoided to prevent sperm damage.

    Semen Analysis

    A computer-assisted method of semen analysis is performed at IVF with Semen Freezing Centres in Minsk as it is simple, sophisticated and provide accurate results of sperm quality and quantity. Quality of sperms is diagnosed as per the below-mentioned parameters:

    VitrificationMethod for Freezing Sperms

    At IVF with Semen Freezing Centres in Minsk, the preferred ART technique of vitrification is used to freeze sperms. Vitrification is an instant freezing method that rapidly freezes the sperms for cryopreservation. The sperms are frozen quickly to prevent any ice crystals from forming between cells. Survival rates of sperm frozen using vitrification technique are higher than traditional slow-freezing method.

    A step-by-step process of the Vitrification method

    At IVF with Semen Freezing Centres in Minsk, cost-effective and successful IVF cycles are achieved through sperm freezing during treatment. One frozen semen sample can be selectively thawed and used for several IVF cycles. Frozen semen eliminates the need to coordinate with sperm collection with the timing of egg retrievals or IVF procedures.

    Right Candidates for Sperm Freezing

    Sperm freezing is commonly done in conjunction with ART treatment to provide men with an opportunity to father biologically related children. The most common reasons that patients from throughout Minsk and other states visit IVF with Semen Freezing Centres in Minsk include:

    Benefits of Sperm Cryopreservation

    More and more men are choosing to freeze their sperms in an effort to ensure they can father healthy babies later in life. This scientific breakthrough has made sperm freezing or sperm cryopreservation an effective, affordable and convenient way for men to preserve their fertility. There are a number of reasons a man may choose to freeze his sperms.

    The sperm freezing process involves:

    The entire process of sperm cryopreservation takes one or two days to perform, as the sperms are frozen on the same day of collection.

    Thawing Frozen Sperms

    Before thawing frozen sperms, it is made sure that it is synchronized with egg retrieval process or the time of ovulation in case of IUI. The embryologist removes the sample from the storage vessel and does a double check to confirm it is the right sample. The vile of sperm sample is placed at room temperature for 30 minutes or sometimes put in the water at 37-degree Celsius for 30 seconds. After the sperms are thawed, it is put in a centrifuge to activate the sperms’ morphology.

    Survival Rate of Sperms After Cryopreservation

    The survival rate of sperms after cryopreservation can vary among individuals as it depends on the quality of semen sample, duration of storage, freezing method used by andrologists and the care it receives during storage. Depending on the number of sperms, the andrologist may thaw one of the samples to examine how successfully an individual’s semen can be stored and thawed.

    Sperm cryopreservation is carried out by expertise IVF specialist and andrologist in IVF with Semen Freezing Centres in Minsk who are well equipped with specialized freezing and storing equipment.

    Use of Frozen Sperms

    There are many treatment options available for couples who want to achieve a pregnancy with frozen sperms. The type of treatment recommended by the infertility specialist can vary depending on the quality and quantity of sperms and the survival rate after thawing. As part of this process, one’s partner must also go through some basic fertility investigations.

    Frozen sperms can be used for Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI) if the quality is good enough. If the sperm quality is reduced due to illness or other factors, the specialist may recommend undergoing In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), a specialized associated treatment of IVF whereby individual sperms are injected directly into the eggs. The embryologist provides information to the doctor about post-thaw quality.

    Before going for any of the ART treatments, couples are recommended to inform the concerned sperm bank so that the sperms can be thawed and prepared in conjunction with fertilization treatment.

    Leftover Sperm Samples

    If the sperms result in successful pregnancy in the first cycle of fertility treatment, there is no need to perform another IVF cycle. In these cases, the leftover sperm samples are either discarded or donated in the consent of the couple. The frozen samples are only accepted for a donation if the reason for sperm freezing is other than that to treat male infertility.

    Cost of Semen Freezing at IVF with Semen Freezing Centres in Minsk

    In spite of having advanced sperm freezing technology and qualified embryologists, the cost of sperm freezing in IVF with Semen Freezing Centres in Minsk is very affordable. The cost of semen freezing in IVF with Semen Freezing Centres in Minsk normally costs around Rs.4,500 to Rs.10,100.

    IVF with Semen Freezing Centers in Minsk

    In IVF with Semen Freezing Centers in Minsk, the frozen sperms are regularly monitored for quality, contamination, and rise in temperature. The thawing process is also carefully conducted to ensure a high survival rate and minimum loss of sperm cells.

    If you have any queries on sperm freezing and its procedures, you can consult ovohealth. We have a vast list of the best IVF with Semen Freezing Centres in Minsk who are renowned and reliable in performing infertility treatments.