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    Best Obstetricians in Minsk

    Find Best Obstetrician and Gynaecologist in Minsk. Get first appointment FREE, check Reviews, Cost, Success rate, Fees, Address for all Obstetrician and Gynaecologist.

    IVF Doctor


    21 years Experience Overall

    vulica Dahabrodskaja, Minsk

    Patients Recommended
    62%(1 reviews)

      • Fee: - Br25
      • Pregnancy Antenatal Package Cost: - Br 1,250
      • Normal Delivery Package Cost: - Br 950
      • Cesarean Delivery Package Cost: - Br 2,500
    • Success Rates-  IVF: 37%,  IUI: 12%, 
    • Services -
      • Gynae Problems
      • Infertility Evaluation a…
      • Pregnancy Diagnosis & Tr…
      • Antenatal Care
      • Normal Vaginal Delivery
      View All Less All
    3.5/ 5

    Things to Know Before Visiting the Best Obstetricians in Minsk

    Following a healthy lifestyle and staying fit are challenges for almost everyone in this fast moving chaos of human’s life. It seems like following a health and diet regime has taken a back seat due to work pressure and busy schedules. Both men and women should maintain healthy eating habits and regular exercise regimen in order to lead a stress-free and longer life. Bodies of both men as well as women undergo several changes and experience biological functions after a certain age and with these changes, there is a need of appropriate nutrients, vitamins and minerals in order to lead a healthy life. The functioning of both male and female body is different and so are the complexities related to their health. Various studies have revealed that women have higher heart attack deaths as compared to men. Women are also prone to urinary tract conditions, sexually transmitted diseases, depression and anxiety. A lifestyle comprising healthy habits can help women in eliminating the risk of such diseases and help them live a healthy and happy life. For a woman, scheduling timely appointments with the best obstetricians in Minsk is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. It’s important for women to visit their obstetricians in Minsk to ensure that everything is going fine with their body. If you have any queries related to obstetrics or if you want to schedule an appointment with the best obstetricians in Minsk, ovohealth.com can help you find the best obstetricians in Minsk, suitable to your location.

    What is Obstetrician?

    An obstetrician means a doctor who specializes in the field of Obstetrics. Obstetrics is a field of medical study that is concentrated on conditions like pregnancy, postpartum period, childbirth and deals with a woman's reproductive system. Your obstetrician in Minsk can take care of you and your baby throughout your pregnancy term and can arrange follow-up care schedules like annual Pap tests for years ahead. Obstetrics is a branch of medication and surgical procedures concerned with the well-being of an expecting mother and successful baby delivery. Obstetricians in Minsk endeavor their specializations with pediatricians and neonatologists in order to keep a track of the newborn baby’s health to reduce chances of risks and diseases. Generally, girls at the age of 13 years or more can decide their first visit to an obstetrician in Minsk. You can book an appointment and can know more about the best obstetricians in Minsk at ovohealth.com.

    Difference between Obstetrician and Gynecologist

    Obstetrics care is a field of medical study which deals with the medical and surgical care before, during, and after a woman gives birth. Obstetrics study is concentrated and focused on caring for and maintaining an expectant mother and her baby’s overall health during the pregnancy term. The area of services includes labor, pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. Gynecology is a study which is concentrated on focusing on woman’s reproductive health and system. The term and study related to gynecology has more to do with surgeries, treatments, evaluation and diagnosis of female reproductive system. Organs involved in the study of gynecology are uterus, vagina, fallopian tubes, cervix and ovaries. Gynecology also includes screening for and treating problems or conditions associated with women’s breasts. Female body undergoes several hormonal changes at the time of puberty and perhaps this is a time when a woman should receive the best advice and appropriate care measures from the best obstetricians in Minsk. The obstetricians in Minsk deal in pregnancy and procedures and complications related to pregnancy whereas gynecology along with treating the reproductive tract disorders treats the problems of infertility in women as well. Obstetrics and gynecology are related terms which deal in pregnancy and baby delivery.

    When to Visit an Obstetrician in Minsk?

    A woman’s body experiences several mental, hormonal and physical changes throughout her lifespan, especially at the time of puberty, in which girls sometimes seek medical help for having severe physical and mental ups and downs. Some other reasons to schedule an appointment with the best obstetrician in Minsk are as follows:

    1. Overall Physical Examination:Visiting an obstetrician in Minsk will surely make a difference if you are experiencing something unusual with your body especially in terms of reproductive or sexual health factors. Most of the times, the concerned mothers of girls aging between 13-15 years, decide to visit an obstetrician in Minsk for various concerns about reproductive health. Before planning your daughter’s first visit to an obstetrician or having a pelvic examination, you must educate and inform her about the importance and significance of such physical examinations and what role does it play in the overall physical health of a woman.
    2. OB Visits During Pregnancy:During the pregnancy term of a woman, her obstetrician in Minsk checks for any persisting health conditions of the expectant mother that may affect the baby’s health such as conditions like infections, high blood pressure, diabetes, and genetic disorders. The obstetricians help the expectant mother in coping with restlessness, pregnancy complications, morning sickness, backache and other conditions related to pregnancy. Throughout the pregnancy term, the obstetrician guides and suggests the expectant mother about do’s and don’ts to be followed and advice about the medications and dietary habits which is good for both the mother and the baby.
    3. Pelvic Examinations:The obstetricians in Minsk suggest that women who are 21 years old or above should get their annual pelvic examination done, especially the ones who are experiencing problems related to irregular menstruation cycle, smelly vaginal discharge, pelvic pain and women experiencing infertility related issues. Pelvic examinations are also advisable for women who have abnormal uterine bleeding, bowel system change, bladder dysfunction, and vaginal discomfort.
    4. Irregular Menstruation Cycle:Women experiencing irregular menstrual cycle can book an appointment with the best obstetrician in Minsk at ovohealth.com. The irregular menstrual cycle can lead to serious reproductive problems in the later life. The conditions in irregular menstrual cycle may include missed or heavy periods, changes in blood flow (low to high or vice versa) and other unusual activity you may notice with your periods. The other conditions may include the severe period cramps and pelvic pains and extra heavy periods that last more than a week. You can also visit an obstetrician if you have sores, redness, unusual odor and swelling in the vagina.
    5. Pain During Sex and Painful Cramps:If you have been on painkillers for cramps or experiencing pain during sexual intercourse, scheduling an appointment with the best obstetrician in Minsk is the best solution for you to get the problem detected and treated as soon as possible. Painkillers are not the ultimate solution for the cramps or any other pain because too much consumption of painkillers affects the liver.
    6. Pap Smear Tests:A pap smear or a Pap test is performed to determine cellular changes in the cervix by detecting cervical cancerous cells in order to start an early treatment for the condition. A Pap smear is usually performed in conjunction with a pelvic examination. The Pap test is as important for a woman as breast examinations to lead a healthy life. Therefore, the obstetricians in Minsk women should get their Pap test done at the age of 21 years or above to cut all the chances and risks of such serious diseases.

    Specialties of Best Obstetricians in Minsk

    The qualities or specialties of the best obstetricians in Minsk which distinguishes them from other general physicians can be the special skills and knowledge they possess in the field of obstetrics and gynecology in understanding and dealing with the female reproductive system and disorders. Some of the specialties of obstetricians in Minsk are listed below:

    Surgical Procedures Performed by Best Obstetricians in Minsk

    The board-certified obstetricians in Minsk have their expertise in medical conditions like labor and childbirth, pre and post pregnancy care, neonatal care, health issues post delivery and genetic counseling. An obstetrician is trained for both outpatient and inpatient treatments and procedures. The major outpatient and inpatient procedures include hysterectomy (uterus removal), biopsy, laser surgery, myomectomy (removal of fibroids), dilation and curettage (D and C). The other such procedures include In Vitro Fertilization, forceps and vacuum deliveries, normal and cesarean deliveries. The best obstetricians in Minsk are responsible for conducting tests and screenings such as cancer examination and tests, Pap test, mammography, pelvic examination and clinical breast exam. Prevention is better than cure. Even if you aren’t experiencing any reproductive health problem, you should once consult an obstetrician in Minsk in a year. The obstetricians at the obstetrics clinics in Minsk perform certain tests such as immunizations and others, depending on age and medical history. Apart from the annual examinations, you should also visit the best obstetricians in Minsk when you experience sudden and unusual changes in the reproductive cycle such as pregnancy, menopause, perimenopause and at the time of your first menstrual cycle.

    Fees of Best Obstetricians in Minsk

    There are various factors on which the cost of treatments provided by the best obstetricians in Minsk depends such as the type of obstetrics care or treatment, location of the maternity hospitals, qualification, expertise and success rates of the best obstetrician in Minsk along with the infrastructure of the maternity hospital in Minsk. Some maternity hospitals in Minsk include the expenses of maternal and neonatal care in their packages whereas some other maternity hospitals have their different packages which do not include the obstetrician consultation, neonatal and maternal care and test examinations in their packages. The average fees is subject to change based on the location and type of the hospital. To know more about fees of the best obstetrician in Minsk, you can visit ovohealth.com.

    Find the Best Obstetricians in Minsk on ovohealth

    At Ovo Health, our fertility experts understand that the patients cannot trust any random doctor for the treatment of intricate and sensitive body parts. That’s why the fertility experts at ovohealth.com have a prepared list of the best obstetricians in Minsk who are highly qualified and have the highest success rates in Minsk as compared to other places. OVO Health can help you find the best obstetricians in Minsk at your preferred location. Ovo Health does not rely upon randomly pulling an obstetrician’s name from the list rather obstetricians are selected and recommended to you based on your treatments and accessibility. If you want to give Ovo Health a chance to serve you, you can contact us at ovohealth.com.