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    Best Testicular Biopsy Centres in Minsk

    Top Testicular Biopsy Centres in Minsk with options to book your first appointment FREE. Check Reviews, Fees, Cost, Success rates, Contact Number and Address for all Testicular Biopsy Treatments.

    Neovit Medical Center  clinic
    Gynecology Hospital

    vulica Dahabrodskaja, Minsk

    Patients Recommended
    62% (1 reviews)
      • Fee: - Br25
      • Testicular Biopsy Cost: - Br 500
    • Success Rates-  IVF: 31%,  IUI: 12%, 
    • Services -
      • Obstetrics and Gynecology
      • Infertility Assessment …
      • Normal and Cesarean Del…
      • Pregnancy Related Probl…
      • Female Gynecological Pr…
      • Obstetrics Care
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    3.5/ 5

    Testicular Biopsy Centres in Minsk to Treat Male Infertility

    When women above 35 years of age are unable to conceive for six consecutive months and women below this age are unable to achieve pregnancy after twelve months of sexual intercourse without contraception, there is a high possibility of infertility. Testicular biopsy centres in Minsk estimate that the women of reproductive age have difficulty in getting pregnant due to indefinite reasons and the cases are on an increase. Infertility in women can be due to adrenal gland disorders, age-related issues, benign pituitary tumors, ovulation problems, irregular or absent periods and continuous undefined miscarriages. In men, infertility can occur due to low or no sperm count, varicocele, retrograde ejaculation, the absence of sperms in the ejaculation, environmental and other factors. In case of diagnosing male infertility, a testicular biopsy is performed at the testicular biopsy centres in Minsk to ascertain the cause of male infertility or presence of any cancerous tumors in the testicles.

    Testicular Biopsy is a surgical process performed to take a piece or sample of tissue from the testicles. The tissue sample, is then, examined under a microscope in the laboratories in Testicular Biopsy centres in Minsk. Testicular biopsy or aspiration is usually offered in the cases of obstructive azoospermia. In obstructive azoospermia, usually, sperms are retrieved either through aspiration or through a detailed biopsy. These sperms are then used for In Vitro Fertilization or Intrauterine Insemination injection. Typically, in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), the testicular biopsy is indicated for males having obstructive azoospermia. These same patients have a normal level of follicle stimulating hormone. Testicular biopsy is performed under sedation and local anesthesia. Local anesthetic infiltration is given over the scrotal skin and along the vas deferens. The healthier testicle is incised and then using cutting current in electrocautery, further incisions are made to open up the layers of the dartos muscle. The incision is then widened using blunt section with art forceps to expose the tunical layers, which surrounds the testes. In this case, a small incision is then made over the testicular region to expose the seminiferous tubules, which pop out. They are then liberated from the surface of the testes and sent under medium containing herpes for further examination under the microscope to check out viable sperms. A further enhancement to this procedure is to perform microscopic testicular extraction, which is typically done when the FSH levels are at borderline, wherein only some seminiferous tubules are healthy and other tubules could be unhealthy with no sperm production. The seminiferous tubules, which are extracted using this method, can be used immediately in order to perform either ICSI, IMSI or they can be washed and vitrified for use whenever indicated. The incised testicle is then closed. The dartos muscle can be closed using in to in sutures. Then after simple bandage dressing, the patient can be discharged on the same day. The patient is prescribed to an oral course of antibiotics and asked to avoid heavy activities for the next one week.

    Types of Biopsy

    Two different types of testicular biopsy are:

    1. Percutaneous Biopsy:Percutaneous biopsy is also known as a fine needle biopsy in which, a thin biopsy needle is inserted through the skin. The thin needle has a syringe on the end to extract the testicular tissue. Percutaneous biopsy does not require an incision or stitches. The procedure is also performed using a core needle technique in which a hollow and spring-loaded needle is used to extract the cells. In case of a core needle biopsy, a loud clicking or popping sound can be heard at the time of tissue sample extraction, whereas the tissue sample is extracted using a syringe in the case of fine needle biopsy.
    2. Open Biopsy:An open biopsy is also known as a surgical biopsy. The doctor starts by making an incision in the skin. An incision is also made in the testicle. Then a small tissue sample is taken for further microscopic experimentation from the opening and stitches are used to close the incisions. A small, pea-sized amount of tissue sample is extracted. The patient may feel slight pressure and discomfort during the biopsy but it is usually not accompanied by pain.

    Prognosis of Testicular Biopsy

    A testicular biopsy is usually performed to ascertain the cause of male infertility, wherein a semen sample analysis shows the presence of abnormal sperms. A testicular biopsy is also used for fertilizing an egg. Before performing the testicular biopsy procedure, the fertility specialists at testicular biopsy centres in Minsk perform some blood work; they ask the patient about his medical history and conduct semen analysis.

    Semen analysis is conducted to check for the quantity and quality of the sperms. The initial semen sample is generally obtained by masturbation. Semen analysis can be performed to identify the following problems:

    Reasons for Testicular Biopsy

    Testicular biopsy is usually performed in the cases where men have unexplained infertility and azoospermia (absence of sperm). It is done to ascertain obstructive azoospermia in men who have normal size testes and normal reproductive hormones. Testicular biopsy is also performed in men having risk factors for testicular malignancy. It also ascertains the cause and location of a lump in the testicles. The procedure can also be performed to extract sperm in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) procedures such as In Vitro Fertilization, Intrauterine Insemination injection treatments, and ICSI. In some cases, a testicular biopsy is also performed to determine testicular cancer. In this case, it is examined whether the lump present in the testicles is cancerous or non-cancerous. The entire testicle is removed if the test detects cancer. Other reasons for the testicular biopsy can be patients with certain types of pelvic or testicular surgery and bone marrow therapy.

    Testicular Biopsy Procedure

    A testicular biopsy is an outpatient procedure. The procedure can be performed at the testicular biopsy centres in Minsk or a hospital. The procedure typically lasts about 15 to 20 minutes. It is performed by the fertility doctor or a trained health professional. The patient is offered a sedative before the test. In some cases, doctors at the testicular biopsy centres in Minsk prefer to use general anesthesia instead. With either medication, the biopsy procedure remains the same. A testicular biopsy is an outpatient procedure, which generally lasts for a day. The procedure is performed at the testicular biopsy centres in Minsk at Urology department. In the case of general anesthetics, the patient is asked to come to the hospital few hours before the procedure. An injection is given for the anesthetic drugs to numb the area. In some cases, local anesthetics are also given under the skin into the scrotal area in which the patient is awake but cannot feel any pain. The area around the scrotum is shaved and cleaned with antiseptic. The patient might feel a sting a little bit but for a shorter time. In the case of percutaneous biopsy, some pressure but not pain can be felt at the time when the syringe is entered into the testicles and the biopsy is taken. While in an open biopsy, a tiny incision is made into the skin, which is closed with dissolve-able stitches post procedure. The time taken for the procedures ranges between 15-20 minutes and can last up to two hours based on the types of biopsy.

    Prognosis of Testicular Cancer

    Testicular biopsy is also performed to diagnose testicular cancer in rare cases. The testicles are examined for lumps or swelling. Blood work is done to test for certain proteins, also called tumor markers in the blood. These can be used to diagnose testicular cancer. The next step in the process is of ultrasound monitoring to look inside testicles. The presence of shadows in the normal testicles appeared on the ultrasound usually indicate the presence of testicular cancer. The ultrasound can also be performed to measure blood flow to the testicles, as blood flow is usually increased in the area of cancer. The experienced radiologists at the testicular biopsy centres in Minsk understand the anxiety of what infertility feels like and deal with their patients with utmost compassion and care. If the ultrasound and blood test concludes positive results for testicular cancer tumor markers, the patient is referred to a cancer specialist called an oncologist. You can visit elacancer.com to find the best Oncologists who deal with testicular cancer. An oncologist performs a surgery to remove tumor.

    Normal and Abnormal Results of Testicular Biopsy

    Normal results of the testicular biopsy are in the case where sperm development appears normal and no cancerous cells are found. Abnormal results can be an indication of a problem with spermatozoa or hormonal imbalance. If sperm development appears normal in the testicle and semen analysis shows absence or less number of sperms, there can be a blockage in tube through which sperm travel from the testes to the urethra. This blockage is repairable with surgical procedures.

    Risks of Testicular Biopsy

    Although with the advancement of modern medical technologies, the risk factors associated with testicular biopsy have reduced, the patient should be guided about the side effects or risks of testicular biopsy before undergoing the procedure. The procedure usually does not have any lasting impact on the fertility status of the patient. However, there are chances of having bleeding or infection post procedure. You can contact ovohealth.com or can visit the testicular biopsy centres in Minsk if you notice the following symptoms:

    After Care of Testicular Biopsy

    The patient is advised to wear an athletic supporter for several days after the biopsy. In most cases, the patients are advised to avoid sexual activity for one to two weeks. To lessen the impact of swelling and discomfort, a cold pack is advised to be used on the first day of the procedure. Aspirin and other medicines containing aspirin are asked to be avoided for the first week post procedure. To know more about the aftercare of testicular biopsy, you can contact ovohealth.com.

    Testicular Biopsy Cost in Minsk

    Testicular biopsy cost in Belarus is comparatively much more economical than the first world countries. The cost may vary from one testicular biopsy centre in Minsk to another. There are various factors that affect the cost of testicular biopsy in Minsk. The factors that affect the cost can be the location of the testicular biopsy centre in Minsk, an infrastructure of the centre, expertise and qualifications of the doctors at testicular biopsy centres in Minsk and testicular biopsy success rates in Minsk. To know more about the cost of testicular biopsy in Minsk, you can visit ovohealth.com to get the accurate information about testicular biopsy cost in Minsk. 

    When to contact ovohealth

    OVO Healthis among the best verified and trusted healthcare facilitator for fertility treatments like In Vitro Fertilization, Intrauterine Insemination Injection, Surrogacy, and other procedures. In the last three decades, OVO Health has successfully helped a tremendous number of infertile couples to achieve pregnancy. OVO Health has the highest success rate of 99.2 percent in surrogacy, 81.6 percent in ICSI and 79.1 percent in IVF treatment. We can help you in finding the best doctors and fertility specialists based on your requirement. Ovo Health promises its patients to provide them with the best-assured health care service including legal and financial guidance at every step. You can visit ovohealth.com to get accurate information about cost, success rates and the best testicular biopsy centres in Minsk.