Top Savings Plan for Pregnant Woman:

  • Save your money at a safe place for the day of delivery
  • Stay relaxed throughout the pregnancy
  • Systematic way to save funds under the guidance of experts

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What does Ovo Health Savings Mean?

Ovo Health Savings is a savings plan specially designed for patients who feel that they can face financial issues while paying for maternity services such as delivery. This can include both normal and cesarean delivery procedures. The concept of Ovo Health Savings is completely different from that of a basic loan, medical loan or healthcare insurance plan.

How do patients benefit from Ovo Health Savings?

How does Ovo Health Savings Work?

Points to Note about the procedure:

Patients need to fill a form in which certain crucial records are kept for improved transparency in terms of the information related to the issue of the respective Ovo Health Savings Plan. This includes certain basic details like installment amount, expected expenses for the chosen procedure. First and last installment date are also kept in records for smooth implementation and execution of the chosen Ovo Health Savings plan. The payment frequency is also finalized at the time of signing up for the procedure. These details help patients to make sure that their chosen procedure is the right one.

About Ovo Health

Ovo Health is a healthcare facilitation platform, which aims at offering top quality and result-oriented medical treatments in the field fertility, cancer and cosmetic treatments. Ovo Health has an extensive network of more than 500+ hospitals, clinics, and doctors across the world that offer medical treatments at the best possible prices. Each of the hospitals and clinics focuses on the best patient experience right from the start of the consultation. Ovo Health focuses primarily on providing patients with the medical treatments such as IVF, IUI, face lift, bariatric surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Gender selection is strictly prohibited in India.

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Ovo Health Savings Team

Ovo Health Savings team comprises of professionals who serves certain roles and aims to provide excellent service to the patients during their treatment tenure. Here are the roles and responsibilities which the team fulfills to bring coordination between patients and clinics or hospitals.

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