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    Best Gynaecology Hospitals in taipei

    Below are the Top Gynaecology Hospitals in taipei with options to book your first appointment FREE. Check Reviews, IVF Cost, IVF Success rates, Fees, Address, Contact Number for all treatments they offer. Find details to affordable test tube baby costs.

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    Visit Egg Donor Surrogacy Centres in Taipei for Successful Fertility Treatments

    Egg Donor Surrogacy Centres in Taipei

    Often infertile couples who choose to have a gestational surrogate carry their child, cannot genetically contribute to their offspring, nor do they wish to have their surrogate mother be the genetic mother. Intended parents in these situations usually rely on external assistance via sperm or egg donation. While sperm donation has been around for hundreds of years, egg donation is relatively new but is commonly practiced inEgg Donor Surrogacy Centres in Taipei. In this process, a screened egg donor undergoes hormone therapy (usually injections) over the course of time, which causes her ovaries to release eggs. Around fifteen eggs are usually harvested during a surgical procedure. They are then inspected for quality and are merged with sperm from the intended father or a sperm donor.

    Egg Donor Surrogacy Centres in Taipei have the utmost admiration and respect for egg donors. They understand the generosity and responsibilitywhen one becomes an egg donor. Egg Donor Surrogacy Centres in Taipei are committed to making the experience as positive and rewarding for both donor and recipient.Egg Donor Surrogacy Centres in Taipeiguide the egg donor as well as the surrogate mother through the entire retrieval process, alleviate their concerns, and make it a pleasant and fulfilling experience.Without egg donors, couples who are struggling to start a family would have little hope.

    For helping the infertile couples through the techniques like IVF and surrogacy, Egg Donor Surrogacy Centres in Taipei are largely associated with egg donation centres in Taiwan. These centres specialize in providing egg donors, sperm donors and surrogate mothers that are reliable and compatible. The Egg Donor Surrogacy Centres in Taipei collect sperms and eggs from donors, preserve them and use the same to help the infertile couples in inducing pregnancy artificially. The donated egg is used in those infertile couples wherein the female is infertile. These days there is an increasing need for egg donors, surrogates, oocytes donors due to rise in infertility cases and therefore it becomes necessary for Egg Donor Surrogacy Centres in Taipeito be transparent enough in its working. In this clear-cut procedure of egg retrieval, a fine tube or needle is inserted into the vagina, cervix or uterus during the woman’s fertile time of the month i.e. just after the menstrual phase.

    Why are Donor Eggs Needed?

    There many reasons why infertile couples may need to use donor eggs. Some of the reasons include:

    Egg Donation in Taipei

    At Egg Donor Surrogacy Centres in Taipei, the endometrium of the intended egg donor is prepared and integrated with egg donor cycle of hormones. The eggs are therefore; retrieved from the ovary of the donor after stimulation injections and then these retrieved eggs are fertilized with the intended father’s sperm to develop healthy embryos. Healthy embryos are transferred to the surrogate mother for her to carry the baby during the term. The success rate of this procedure in Egg Donor Surrogacy Centres in Taipeiis approximately 50 to 60% per cycle.

    Egg Retrieval: Eggs are retrieved from the donor when the eggs are healthy and mature for fertilization. A surgical procedure called transvaginal ultrasound aspiration is performed under conscious sedation. Using a tube, a physician guides a suctioning needle into each ovary and removes mature oocytes from the follicles. Sometimes the donor is given oral promethazine to prevent nausea during the procedure. After the egg is retrieved, the donors generally remain in the clinic for 1-2 hours and undergo a general follow-up exam. To prevent infection the donor is given antibiotics such as oral doxycycline. Ultrasound is also conducted on patients in some cases

    Fertilizing Donor Eggs: The donor eggs are fertilized using Artificial Insemination Technology(ART) called ICSI – Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection. This is where each egg is injected with sperm from the male partner, or donor sperm. The inseminated eggs are then monitored for signs of fertilization. Egg Donor Surrogacy Centres in Taipeialso provides options to place embryos in specialized EmbryoScope time-lapse incubators or traditional culture incubators. If your embryos are suitable, they are developed to an advanced Blastocyst stage before transferring to the surrogate mother.

    First step to Get to an Egg Donor: Your first contact at the Egg Donor Surrogacy Centres in Taipeiwill be with a donor programme assistant who will discuss the treatment journey with you. They have a dedicated donation team who are responsible for arranging the process for both donors and recipients.

    Waiting List for Donor Eggs in Egg Donor Surrogacy Centres in Taipei

    Egg Donor Surrogacy Centres in Taipei have a dedicated team who can guide you through the process of choosing a donor and enable treatment to begin as soon as you have found the right donor. The egg donors are aged between 18 to 35 years as they have the healthiest and high-quality eggs. If a match is found and the donor is ready for the procedure, the process can begin immediately.

    How Many Donor Eggs Can You Get?

    You are guaranteed minimums of six eggs from the chosen donor but it in some cases up to fifteen eggs are obtained at a time. If the eggs are fertilized into multiple good quality embryos then these can be frozen and stored for use if you wish to extend your family in future years.

    Duration of Treatment

    Screening an egg donor and matching a recipient usually takes up to 7 weeks in Egg Donor Surrogacy Centres in Taipei, although this may take longer. Matching an egg donor and recipient and synchronizing treatment cycle can take up to ten weeks. Following this, the treatment cycle may take about 8-10 weeks from the beginning of the treatment cycle to a pregnancy test. Frozen donor eggs cycle is a quicker option as the donor's eggs are already collected in donor egg bank and are ready for use.

    Information of Egg Donor

    When using donor eggs in your treatment, Egg Donor Surrogacy Centres in Taipei asks about the preferred features of an ideal donor, and they will match you with anyone that fit the profile. They will help you get to know about egg donors personally.

    Egg Donor Surrogacy Centres provide you with a selection of egg donors to choose from, each with a detailed donor profile to help you choose the perfect one. The surrogacy centre ensures you find an egg donor that has the characteristics you’re looking for – whether that’s a specific ethnicity, hobbies or interests, or physical attributes such as height, build, hair and eye color.

    All of the egg donors are also encouraged to write a personal pen portrait for their profile, describing themselves, their personality and their interestsas well as their physical characteristics. It also includes a note explaining their reason to donate, and a message of goodwill to any child born.

    Egg Donor Surrogacy Centres in Taipei provides you with a comprehensive, virtual ‘picture’ of your donor so that you can choose the right egg donor with confidence and satisfaction.As a recipient or surrogate mother, you will not ever know who your egg donor isunless it is a known donation where you have found your own egg donor. An egg donor remains anonymous.

    The Medical Procedure of Egg Donation in Egg Donor Surrogacy Centres in Taipei

    Step 1: Egg Donor Application and Screening

    Before performing an egg donation, the donor will undergo extensive medical testing to ensure that she is healthy and capable of sustaining a pregnancy. The egg donor will also undergo intensive medical tests and psychological screening. Only the donor applicants who pass all these screening steps are considered a suitable candidate for the egg donor program and can be matched with a recipient couple.

    Step 2: Egg Donor Matching

    Egg Donor Surrogacy Centres in Taipei, can view the pre-screened pool of egg donors online, and select a candidate from the list of donors. A donor egg match is made when a recipient decides to move forward with a specific donor. The IVF coordinator will contact the egg donor to confirm her availability. If the egg donor is available for the recipient's desired time frame and passes the required round of tests, an official match is made and the donor is confirmed. Some donors are selected and matched to a recipient very quickly while others may take months or years before they are selected.

    Step 3: Suppression and Ovarian Stimulation for the Egg Donor

    Usually, in Egg Donor Surrogacy Centres in Taipei, the egg donor is administered daily injections of a medication called Lupron to suppress her natural cycle, so that she and the recipient's cycles are synchronized with the time of retrieval. During the ovarian stimulation phase, the egg donor is given daily injections of gonadotropin to stimulate her ovaries. In a natural cycle, only one egg matures at a time bur with gonadotropins injections more than one egg are encouraged to mature for retrieval.

    During ovarian stimulation phase, the egg donors are monitored closely through medical examination like blood tests and ultrasound. This ensures that the ovaries are responding well and not going into hyperstimulation. These monitoring sessions are generally scheduled early morning in order to avoid interfering with the donors' daily schedule of school and work.

    Step 4: Endometrial Lining Development for the Donor-Recipient

    On the recipient's side, a favorable uterine environment with an endometrium of at least 7 mm is critical for the success ofdonor egg cycle. While the egg donor is developing her eggs for retrieval, the recipient takes estrogen and progesterone to prepare herendometrial lining for implantation.

    In rare cases, some patients have difficulties in reaching minimal endometrial thickness and may be subjected to further treatments. Fortunately, these patients are provided with additional medications to improve the chance of implantation.

    Step 5: Triggering Ovulation and Egg Retrieval for the Egg Donor

    When the ultrasound imaging shows that the donor's eggs are healthy and developed, the donor will be instructed to trigger ovulation with an injection of Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). Two days later, her eggs are retrieved in a short medical procedure, called egg retrieval. While the donor isunder I.V. sedation, the doctor will use aspiration needle, guided by ultrasound, to transvaginally retrieve the eggs. The donor is required to take rest to recover.

    Step 6: Fertilization and Embryo Transfer for the Recipient

    Retrieved eggs are fertilized with partner or donor's sperm. If using fresh sperm, the male partner needs to visit a reproduction centre to produce a sample. The embryos that result from this fertilization are incubated and kept in a contained environment. Normally,Egg Donor Surrogacy Centres in Taipei transfers the embryos into the recipient's uterus on day 3 after donor egg retrieval but can be delayed until day 5 in some cases.

    Step 7: Post-Retrieval Checkup for the Donor and Pregnancy Tests for the Recipient

    The egg donor is asked to return to the centre for a post-retrieval checkup, to make sure she recovers properly from both the ovarian stimulation and retrieval. In most cases, donors can get back to their normal routine in a day or two after egg retrieval, if this is not the case; the clinical team monitors the donor's progress until she recovers fully. From the administration of the Lupron injections to egg retrieval, egg donation process lasts for 3-5 weeks for most of the egg donors.

    Recipients will go through apregnancy testafter two weeks of embryo transfer. A blood test is performed to measures the level of hCG. After two normal tests and ultrasound to verify a pregnancy, the recipient is "discharged" to their obstetricians for further prenatal care.

    Cost of Surrogacy Treatment with Donor Eggs

    You can calculate the cost of Surrogacy Treatment with Donor Eggsfrom OVO Health FTC page. Ovo Health also provides financial assistance for fertility treatments at zero charges. This can help you get multiple cycles of treatment at a discounted cost.

    ovohealth’s refund policy also gives you the reassurance of a money-back guarantee(T&C applied). Patients can also opt for our Frozen Donor Eggs Multi-Cycle package, which offers significant savings. Know more on infertility treatments on .