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OVO Ferility's Unique Approach

You and Us. One on One: A dedicated Ovo Fertility team member will be assigned to help you navigate your unique journey - at each and every step of the way.

A big selection: Infact, the biggest Ovo Health network of ART Banks gives you access to the largest selection of frozen donor eggs in the country. Ovo Health Partners meet all MSI compliance standards and only accept eggs from rigorously screened donors who go through medical and psychological assessment and genetic screening.more

World class science: Our network of ART partners host only world-renowned doctors and specialists with state-of-the-art scientific laboratories. With an international team of reproductive specialists and access to state-of-the-art, proprietary technology, we are able to offer clinical advantages over other egg donation programs.more

Full-on Access: In conventional egg donation programs, your egg donor selection options are limited to egg donors who are presented “by the program.” With Ovo Health partnered ART Banks, we equip you with all the characteristics information we have about every egg donor from our frozen donor egg database. Once you’ve found your match, there's no waiting to start your cycle. We work around your schedule to start the cycle that works best for you.more

*Please note: Identity of egg donors are kept anonymous and our partnered ART Banks don’t share any such critical information such as name and address of the egg donor.

Efficiency And cost effectiveness: Because of advances in frozen egg technology pioneered by Ovo Health team of hand-picked partner centres, we're able to offer you most efficient treatments than traditional fresh egg donation. This typically costs one-half to one-third less than conventional egg donation programs.more

Meet Your Match with OVO Fertility ART Banks

OVO Fertility Banks are Ovo Health’s Partnered Banks following most advanced techniques to freeze and collect donor eggs. Donors are handpicked from across the globe, following strict guidelines and post medical and genetic tests for each of these Donors. You can browse through hundreds of donors to find your perfect match and build the family you've always dreamed of.

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We believe that finances shouldn’t keep anyone from making a family. That’s why we offer several financial packages and payment options. A financial counselor will be available to help design a financial solution that suits your needs.

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Donor egg IVF Candidate

The donor egg IVF candidate is the one who fulfills all or most of the following criteria to be the recipient of the donor egg for IVF treatment:

Chances of getting pregnant with Egg Donor

The chances of getting pregnant with donor egg are significantly high and it comes around 76%. The egg quality of donor egg is always excellent which ensures higher success of IVF treatment with donor egg.

Who are the egg donors?

Egg donors are the women who donate their eggs to needful couples in exchange of monetary compensation. Needful couples are those who are planning for pregnancy but unable to conceive due to certain medical problems.

What is the cost of frozen donor eggs?

The cost of donor eggs varies between Rs. 36,000 to Rs. 98,000. The cost of donor egg varies from clinic to clinic and also depends upon the required characteristics of the egg donor such as complexion, education, qualifications, height, weight, religion, race, eye color and physique.

Can my relative be my egg donor?

Yes. Your relative can be your egg donor. She needs to pass a certain screening of psychological and medical health to become an egg donor for you.


Can I also go with gender selection during IVF?

No. Gender selection is prohibited in India. Anyone following such practices is doing illegal work and such clinics or practitioners should be brought to government of India’s notice.

Does donor undergo screening before donating eggs?

Yes. The donor undergoes blood tests, medical tests like HIV, hepatitis, syphilis, gonorrhea, psychological tests before finalizing her as an egg donor.

Can I meet donor personally?

No. Usually, this is not possible. But it’s possible if you are utilizing eggs of a family member or relative. The identity of egg donors are kept anonymous and it should not be revealed by the clinic.

Can I get required information on egg donors?

Yes. You need to check with the respective fertility center or hospital regarding the same.

Can I get egg donor of my nationality in India?

This is possible at times. But, you need to have a transparent discussion with the clinic team at the fertility

Baby will be having my DNA or egg donor’s DNA?

Your baby will be having the egg donor’s DNA.

Will the baby be mine? Can egg donor claim the baby to be hers in the future?

Yes. The baby will be yours. Before finalizing an egg donor, it is always recommended to follow all the legal steps to ensure you and your baby’s safety. You need not worry regarding the same. Also, egg donors have no right of claiming your baby anytime in future.

Can someone get pregnant with donor eggs after menopause?

Yes. A woman in her post-menopausal stages of life can get pregnant with the help of IVF combined with usage of donor eggs or self-frozen eggs. So, this is a win-win situation for women who delayed conceiving a baby or could not have a baby due to personal or professional reasons.

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